Where is 9D going?

I don’t want to speak so much, so let’s see some screens took in one week in game.After a long time, I started the grinding training again.I must say is boring.

The map talk on Bardo is the same as before. Kids without 7 years ‘from home’, impersonating  GMs, insulting others players, using strong language ( when in reality they can’t even put 2 words together in front of a real person +18) and swearing… are like a day routine in 9dragons.

Informatorul, hope you enjoyed your chat ban, next time, again with big pleasure.

TGW drama is going on since eternity. So after the bugged war, TGW is spawned by GMs. Nothing changed, nukers always taking the epithet or drops (Ks/ 65.000 dmg) and if not that, some ‘backstage deals’ between non life kids, who raise the 3th or 4th character and wants in on that one too don’t allow the others players to have access to it.

Helping a nuker to get it… what else warriors can do ?

Tone of roars with complains about the situation…. same since last year… nothing has been done.

Helping a band member…

After, I went to Hefei market, to test the market and sell old items for exorbitant prices. The new fashion in 9dragons is the prices over 1 kkk. If you don’t sell or buy an item over 1kkk you are not from the ‘noble class club’.

Above is Bones income made in few days, from my old items… can’t add more than 4. 000. 000. 000 on a character.

The last thing to do for a healer is to go in BP to buff the ‘white’ fellows. Don’t do it, Fugen words and rules of punishing the safe zone pk-ers are just words in the wind, they don’t care . And of course, support is down…

Let’s see…

The name of the safe zone pk-er is Saliimander…


51 responses to “Where is 9D going?

  1. Informatorul is a kid who can’t even go outside to have friends, he has none and wants to be in front of attention, in a bad way ofc. He can’t even carry a decent debate. If you start ask about Eminescu and eminescianism… ‘he will run’. That is his kid level. FenX and po1son, Kalzion and kids from NoMercy all are the same.

  2. Even you start ask about 9dragons & some of the story behind, he will run…
    I love the post, cruel 9dragons reality.

  3. 9dragons became too much of a ‘telenovela’ and will not have a good ending. don’t mind the kids, you only can laugh on their stupidity.

  4. Players who starts this game and don’t have money for Mall items have no chance to get a decent level of gear and relics. So sad, but true!

  5. Nuker Victim Wei, I love that roar. It is true. They shouldn’t spown it till they get the balance of roles done, the others roles have no chance to get it. And btw why all clans deserve TGW if no fight over it ? Onl;y for the same person to ks 10,20 TGW?

  6. I reported to support safe zone pk and nothing, was 3 weeks ago. Maybe they leave alone some players because they are from 9D noob team.

  7. Ignore the stupidity of those people and you will be a happy girl! I always do like that, give them ignore, can’t put your mind with the kidos ones, they are limited to understand that you can be nice to people and help people.

  8. lmao thats what happens every event on mapchat,flames and bragging..
    Well its entertaining to watch em flamin while grind xD

  9. Good Work sis! Yes BBoE helps nukers if they want to KS bosses specially TGW, as you all know i m a professional and BBoE is my favourite relic, I use them for PvP too. They are Epic.

  10. Yes sis! BBoE helps nukers if they want to KS bosses specially TGW, as you all know i m a professional and BBoE is my favourite relic, I use them for PvP too. They are epic.

      • Well… Arslaan used my name to say this T_T

        But i ❤ people who waste 3 years lvling a vagabond.

      • Let the vagabonds be. It´s their decision how they play this (indeed crappy) game, not yours. Or are you their father or something..?

        BTW, I love people who waste their time with the easiest role and choose to be a nuker. And yes, that is sarcasm. I mean, why do you play anyway if you just can get everything you want? You don´t even have to fight to get something as a nuker.

  11. Same old replys and sentences from NM members.What can we ask them at 14 years old ? Because they don’t know how to negociate and speak with the leaders of others white bands became allies with blacks. Big ego and big words, nothing much.

  12. The level of education in 9dragons (see the mods, VGMs) is low because they instead of reading a book for 2 hours they play the game 12/14/24. You can make both, play to have fun and read to get educated. As GW said, you can’t ask them much, that is their level of education, they can’t overcome their condition.

  13. I heard No Mercy and Destiny members bought from viets the new hack to pass Acclaim new “Age 13” Restrictions. ;P Awesome post sed.

  14. Well, 9D have mass marketing. It’s not marketed by satisfied customers and maybe this is the only thing that keep the game going on. When those people will find another game to go to, the fun will end. Awesome post, reality WTF!

  15. For us gamers, I would define 9Dragons as game we don’t enjoy playing but get used to it. Arguing under this criteria, however, is rather pointless because the elements are completely subjective. 10x for this great post.

  16. If 9D will have enough appeal to return a positive f2f MMO after the new negociation with Indy21 by Acclaim or a publisher for US & UE players, 99.9% of the gamers will come back.

  17. After half of NM players were banned for using hacks, stealing others players characters and buying gold from gold spammers they made new characters in Destiny. End of story. Many from Destiny have alts in NM and other way around.

  18. It will take me few days to talk about Des and NM. Important :
    1. NM & Des were allies for a long time, but they hide it. People talk about it and they still said it is not true. Remember the posts on foruma nd here ? They all said is a conspiracy 😛 Now seems to be true.
    2. All that was bad in NP went to NM, so we have now a bunch of kids who swears only. All taht was abd from UF went in Des, same…
    3. They all will go down and that is a fact!

  19. OMG! I see some impersonators of me above… Very funny what can i say 🙂 Anyway as this kids who like to play pretend games say, yeah, i use bbos in pvp, as they die as easy as mobs and i get the feeling i am grinding. Anyway, please IP ban those tards who post under my name.

  20. i’m on fire!

    ooh and wu-tang-man… why are you trying to kick my ass now?

    You always KISS my ass with buffs and heals :O

    and since your in NoMercy now… GET USED TO ME that i pk in safe zone ;D!

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