Febus aka 9D Philosopher

Today we will start with another simple fact so I will tell you that Febus is 9D Philosopher, the moderator. Who is this Febus ? How he has been noted? On old forum he did forum signatures

He liked to call himself an artist on old forum… yet a febus after urban disctionary is :

A physically repulsive cunt-faced female co-worker. A febus always has a distorted self-image. Above all else, she believes she is the most attractive woman in the office and that every guy that works there wants to fuck her. In reality her gut hangs over her belt, she has bowcankles, stupid hair, and a mud flap chin that goes from her mouth to her chest. All the guys at work call her a disgusting pig behind her back. She also believes that she is the most intelligent person in the office, that everyone else is incompetent (all men especially), and that that somehow entitles her to be a fucking cunt to customers and coworkers. Even though she may have a boyfriend or a husband, she is always a man-hater. Her typical workday consists of sitting with other febuses and comiserating about their man woes, eating 4 or 5 full meals in 8 hours and washing it down with non diet soda, planning her diet which is always going to start “next week”, changing her maxi pads, and nursing her yeast infection. When she actually does find time to work she is complaining about how stupid customers are when they ask simple questions that a lay person should not know the answer to, and being a twat to coworkers when they have to do twice as much work to compensate for her incompetence. Management is aware of what a fucking cunt she is but due to some unknown phenomenon they refuse to discipline or fire her, usually just laughing it off and saying, “Oh that’s just the way she is… hahaha.” Febuse…

Let’s see some of his ‘pearls’ before becoming a moderator :

And now is so call ‘ unintelligible pearls’ from a point of view from a person who has some culture…

Let me try some enlightenment… To undestand that you are stupid, your mind must ‘work’. A stupid person is tainted by bad philosophy. 9D team gathers stupidity, not common sense. People like this guy, are a classic example that someone can’t ‘fly higher’ than his real condition. Trying to show something you are not, bubbling some words that suppose to be ‘old english’ and use some words from ‘google search’ to impress, near some others that make no sense is funny like hell.Without a real cultural ‘base’ and a knowledge, you only embarrass yourself when you try to overcome your ‘place’ .I bet people like Arthur Schopenhauer,Friedrich Nietzsche,René Descartes,Martin Heidegger,Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and others that he can’t even spell would ‘turn around in their graves’ to know that 9D Philosopher has same title as they.

As Albert Einstein said once :

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.


40 responses to “Febus aka 9D Philosopher

    • First I haven’t said anything about your mother.

      Raven was Febus,
      Philosopher is Hoodwink,
      Fantasy is caliox2
      Venom is MarkIzOnFire

      Third, I am right. You should check your fast better next time.

  1. Acclaim don’t know who is who so how you know John Bacher ? Proove it. This guy wants to be smart but is idiotic stupid.

  2. People often sells their accounts like 9D Fantasy aka Kyrina. You guys know who is behind Fantasy ? The one and only noob from Asura > A……..
    Raven is Kane lol.

  3. From where all the official team anime freaks have the new sets of avatar and signatures if not from Febus. Loz…He try to be smart but in the end he embarrass himself.

  4. Has the cutter cut the bone ? I can’t stop myself from laugh. All this team is so pathetic, just noobs with no culture and literature reading.

  5. They all are limited to anime, manga level, can’t do more and can’t ask more.
    This guy seems to be the buffon of official team, makes other laugh.

  6. I am sick and tired of official team, they all “smell” as stupidity, that girl, non lifer anime freak drakenfyre took only freaks like her in there. Look at this guy above, no logic in what he said, but he wants to show that knows psiholosophy. He has no idea what that word means.

  7. @vennus9d I’m almost in total disagreement with you on this one regarding his/her style (to use non-common words. Why is that stupid? I think that the ones who don’t know those words or have no idea of the words used in british english and not american english (that is easier and poorer in term of words), those are the stupid or perhaps ignorant ones. And for me is not funny eighter…
    On the other hand, from his stage to a philosepher stage….is, indeed, a loong way !

  8. Well, you don’t have nothing to talk to them except anime, manga & kids cartoons. They can’t have a decent conversation about a normal thing.

  9. unu’ that is not William Shakespeare languange but a mongrel. All what was vennus put in red are aberations of the terms used in a wrong logic and sentence form. For eg. render void is verb as discharge, annul, discontinue.Arguments can’t be characterized like that. Or, ‘I postulate’ you can find it on absurd intellectual network.

    pos·tu·late (psch-lt)
    tr.v. pos·tu·lat·ed, pos·tu·lat·ing, pos·tu·lates
    1. To make claim for; demand.
    2. To assume or assert the truth, reality, or necessity of, especially as a basis of an argument.
    3. To assume as a premise or axiom; take for granted. See Synonyms at presume.
    n. (psch-lt, -lt)
    1. Something assumed without proof as being self-evident or generally accepted, especially when used as a basis for an argument: “the postulate that there is little moral difference between the superpowers” (Henry A. Kissinger).
    2. A fundamental element; a basic principle.
    3. Mathematics An axiom.
    4. A requirement; a prerequisite.

    Also if we deal with hypothetical statement you can speak of valid assumption… just conditional verb forms, like future conditionals versus hypothetical conditionals. Than how can you defame a rule? 😛 . In old english is “hearsay” rule or group defamation rule.

  10. I don’t even bother. The only thing to learn from this people is to lie and to be a bad and non life person in real life. They can’t teach you anything.

  11. Meuw, Febus said he still plays the role, reborn as another avatar as sedbona said.
    So funny how they want to hide all.

  12. Febus is 9D raven and philosopher , creative artist put together a project of extraordinary mediocrity and colossal stupidity. Otherwise, it was great.

  13. I see vennus likes Arthur Schopenhauer . So, “The doctor sees all the weakness of mankind; the lawyer all the wickedness, the theologian all the stupidity.”

  14. Not to forget that Febus gave away is avatar. I think it’s obviously a form of stupidity what is going on inside official team.

  15. I like the cover up. John Bacher you think that somebody believes you if you say so ? Who are you ? Fugen or Hermit ? or Playdom ? There is a tradition on this blog, you know.

    • I’m sorry, what tradition is that? They say something, and you blindly believe everything because they say so?. This time venus is wrong about Philosopher. He’s not Febus. You have so many resources as you said, dig it up, and you will see who is who. I told you who are those mods, and soon I will tell you who is 9D Emerald.

  16. Coming up to waht sedbona said :

    “If what you say is true, you know that 9dragons forum now, is only form by alts…posting like sheeps !”

    Indeed, nothing more than stupids sheeps.

  17. This guy, 9D Philosopher makes me laugh till I have tears in my eye. ‘I postulate’ that official team of 9dragons is the sum of all stupidity 🙂

  18. Dudes just take a look at the way Febus was typing and how 9D Revan types,Full of XD’s and such same as 9D Revan.Philosopher is different person and no,they didnt add Philosopher as Febus’s “back up plan incase he gets rejected on Revan” doh.

  19. As Albert Einstein said once :

    Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

    Humm…Funey that was the qoute i had for many years in the old forum…

    hehe i was in Fact 9D Revan.. who ever wrote this article has faild miserably.. XD cant you even tell by all my misspellings? and no i did not hide i retired from the forum ther was Just too much stupidity on the part of the players.. the mod staff did not hire me Just because… They saw all my dedication and work i did for the community as well as my behavior.. i like the qoutes you have of me ther they were all happy times with my friends 🙂 and the discription of my name XD you may ask anyone i am not anything of what it says ther XD lol well im sad to see how you gys think the mod staff did not hire good people. id like to see you guys do a better Job :/. well im out i actually got a life XD rather than bashing people and finding who is who haha.

  20. Febus what you did for the community ? You did something for me as player? I don’t think so. If you don’t know english how you was selected to 9D moderator team? Who wrote your application? Or was selected on friendship patterns? This is why 9d forum mods never evolves, they are selected like that, not for quality .

  21. Febus is not me. I am the real Febus. He only imitates and copy what you guys said. He try to look like 9D Raven, but fails. The real Febus, me is 25 years old. Who I am on 9d forum ? Try to guess it if you didn’t do it yet.

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