Xapher19 aka Atticus aka LM Inferno

It’s been a while since I entered in the psychology of Acclaim official team.Let’s say we gave them a break. But as always people talk and mail, you know, the wireless phone syndrome. Today we will start with simple facts so I will tell you that Xapher19 on the old Acclaim forum became Atticus on the new forum, than LM Inferno. In fact it is not complicated to find out.

Remember this ?

And now, to show us that he evolved from an anime fan to a serious 9D team member :

Same style…yes, and still a kido style.

Next…well one of our readers told me that mikeguyen aka  humblefist (in Nirvana) the  great “master” of refinament is a VGM (we know which one ofc) and do whatever he wants, like safe zone pk. Many players sent a lot of ss to support, but got no answers in return. Also they called others VGM’s but they said that Acclaim rule is not applicable to every VGM in equal terms. Piuu… like we didn’t know already.And above all, he is not so good to refine as he said he is. In reality, he buys Hermit books and gets many weapons and some goes to +9 or +10. That is his big secret. News for him < I sow this today  : >


32 responses to “Xapher19 aka Atticus aka LM Inferno

  1. So funny how much they try to hide it, but in the end, they still got BUSTED !
    Way to go vennus, keep it up and show us all the team, I want to see the mofos behind the avatars.

  2. Another Acclame kiss @@ and non life person. Sure, if you made an ‘idiotic’ job like the new forum, you have to be promoted. To what ? LM, of course. What a joke is LM Inferno!

  3. More a big joke anon.
    They will be busted again. I can’t wait to see who is who, to make fun of them in game.
    I bet Inferno is under legal age.

  4. I didn’t knew where Atticus went after so many pages of complaints on forum look… He got promoted, great job Acclaim! No wonder the game goes how it goes.

  5. From anime kid to vagabond is a great path. In life you can’t get it so easy, in virtual life, yes…change the avatar. Funny how people can betray themlseves easy.

  6. If I find one guy or girl, man or woman in that official team, worth to be promoted or helped, I would do it, I would write about the good things and all the stuffs and I think any of the authors would do the same, but for now I can’t see it. Maybe I have too many claims.

  7. I remember long time ago on 9dragons forum when sedbona said something interesting on 9d forum, she among few others are the only persons on that forum who ever said something interesting, that people people live this virtual life among limits, types & typos. I guess this is another case.

  8. It is obvious that people don’t become VGMs or LMs to help others ( few exceptions ) but to help themselves.If he wanted so bad to be a VGM why he didn’t choose that from the begining?

  9. Ive worked with Inferno a few times on events on Bardo. The only thing he was doing online was lagging out. So he really couldnt do anything.

    Also it was him that removed my last made topic about the security with the Acclaim recruitement, wich ive tested thouroughly, they failed…..

    Still waiting for a moment to share that here

    • Lolz, welcome to the 9D,
      If you dislike him for that, then i guess you dislike the whole mod team lol. Half the dam redundant opened threads in that forum are about anime and emos. And if ur against that kind of web governing, your post even hinting the slightest dissaproval gets locked.

  10. Can someone tell me the contribution of LM Inferno to 9d ? Did he do something? We so what he did to the forum… all runs 100 miles away from that ‘s…t’ call forum.

  11. Omg marryIn1, how can you ask something like that? You don’t know how much soul they put in this game, how much they do for us players and how busy they are because of this game and after all they are voluntary staff.
    Serious, this guys like others is a nulity.

  12. Never knew I was so popular :]

    Any publicity is good publicity, so please, continue 😀 I’m loving it!

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