New events for 9D Korea

While we get stupid & emo events like ‘Dog of The Lore’ with Xp 3x and no discount to Xp cards (Acclaim better close the studio than actually make something in players advantage  ) and sentences like :

We had some technical issues last night. So two things:
1) Because there’s no sale, we’ll leave it at 40% off refinement gear for a bit and turn this off later today.
2) DOL is actually this Sunday, 8/1 (our designer was drunk apparently).

9D Korea is moving on again. 2000xxxx in ‘light years’ and they go this for ‘august’ event :

What is with the giant CHICKENS ? You want to know ? Let’s take a look in 9D K game :


22 responses to “New events for 9D Korea

  1. looks like a lot of fun, fun we will not get any time soon.
    if we will get the event, again we will have BUGS !!

  2. Nukers will get them in our version before any other role so pointless to make any event. They will enjoy it, the rest no.

  3. Cool event, I want to start to play on korean server or Indy21 move to Europe.
    Anyway we are sticky to Acclame land.

  4. Do you guys see the 300 dmg relic ? Acclaim took it from this event and sold it with money, IM item before . What losers they are!

  5. ‘DOL is actually this Sunday, 8/1 (our designer was drunk apparently)’
    Apparently all 9d team is drunk on how they manage the game. We have to wait one year to get this event or maybe never.

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