Where is 9D economy going?

Do you remember this ?

…After these days, when the XP cards will run out of the market, those who will keep the tradable cards for ‘black days’ probably will be able to sell at 5x price than they are now, because XP cards will become rare objects…

I said it then. So, I will be either be happy to say I was wrong, or be able to say: “I told you so”. What you think ? Let’s take a look. After a long, long…time I logged in 9dragons and…

So let’s test it…

1 minute… 33.374,698. Let’s add more…


So, apparently 9D is hit by old Chinese curse, and players live in interesting $$$ times.I believe that 9dragons is facing a big crises period, unlike any of the players experienced since 2007. As I see it, there is one major cause for this , but there are a few engines that are fueling it. The major cause that I see, is one that unfortunately can’t be controlled. At least not in the short run. That’s why this crisis cannot be averted. I talk about amateurism to manage an MMO. Even Fugen post on 9dragons board, call ‘Economy Suggestions’ show it. What players thinks about it ?

What I think ? Well, it is time to call an economist friend…

To Be Continued…


35 responses to “Where is 9D economy going?

  1. What suggestion is better than hire and economist. Acclame can’t do nothing because they are under the level of a MMO staff. That is the only truth out here.

  2. Better make XP card tradable again and the price for exp cards will drop back down to few milions.

  3. 9D economy is going DOWN and DOWN…
    Acclaim don’t care.
    Players don’t care.
    Nobody cares.
    I want a new provider for this game in Europe.

  4. The economy is on the ground because Acclame can’t stop the gold farmers sites, maybe as many believes, some are theirs.

  5. Bones is still rich, after so much time… the items values 10x more, maybe 20x…
    Fugen should quit his job, he is not capable to manage the economy as a game manager.

  6. The game needs a real economy.All resources are gathered from the world.All items are created by players. (A few npc items are ok but not relyed upon).Players have to work with each other to be able to survive.

  7. Economy Suggestions’…
    WELL, stop to pay Hermit & Fugen salary till they fix the game. Best way to save it.

  8. ‘The goldseller/economy thread got closed down due to excessive flaming.’

    Ofc, because they didn’t do nothing. Why ? They are unable…

  9. ‘If anyone has suggestions of things that Acclaim can do — giving out items, selling things for a certain price, an event that might bring inflation down, etc. — we are totally open to suggestions. Please post them here.’

    Yes, I have one, but can’t be posted on Acclaim forum. Fugen & Hermit resignation letters.

  10. Acclame needs to increase the droprate of some items like Blood Essence, decrease IM prices, tradable XP cards and more XP events.

  11. 24 pages of suggestions and no action. Too much talk there without any action from Acclaim part.Like always, they talk and talk and do 000000000000000000000000.

  12. Quote by Sweet Angelita:
    “How to save 9D economy ? Stop the gold sellers, lower IM prices & fix the bugs.”

    That´s totally right. But there are some problems with that:
    1. The gold sellers are from Acclaim. I said that already a few times like others did.
    2. Acclaim will never lower the IM prices. If they will change something there, then just higher it. They are too greedy.
    3. The Acclaim staff doesn´t have the knowledge to fix anything. And even if they would, they don´t have any interest on doing it… “we are not the developers”

  13. Agree with SA > Sweet Angelita:
    “How to save 9D economy ? Stop the gold sellers, lower IM prices & fix the bugs.”

  14. I love games with solid in game economies. Seriously,the things Acclaim did can mess up a game drastically. Anyway, thanks for the write-up.

  15. What economy? What I see in those screen shots is ridiculous.
    Because of tradable item mall things this happened. Because of lower and with no value drops this happened. The game cannot be sustained by itself.
    I am sorry for those who spended $ in 9D (I am one of them too) and I pity more the ones that still do.
    And no worry. The rich ones (some of them) are still cracking players accounts ripping them off all valuable things (be’s, plates, BB’s, etc).
    Shame on what became of 9D economy, shame on players and shame on us cos we still spend time and money there.
    Seriously guys, stop “financing” this fiasco. Is a piss taken at all veterans players and all players that play this game and most of all the new ones that want to start playing it.

    I made a test. I presented the game at one of my friends (a dedicated game player that never tryed 9D). He logged in, he spend 2 days, he saw the experience, the drops, the economy, he logged out and uninstalled saying is a joke of game , too bad of lore and graphics.

  16. – to continue- sorry for double posting –

    How to save 9D economy? It cannot be saved. Period.
    They allowed gold sellers. They didn’t banned, they worked with them. EX- GM’s/VGM’s sold things on internet with real cash. They duped weapons, they duped accounts (see Omega’s and Yoink account duping under ridiculous pretext), they shared disclosed info, they announced closed circles of players about all chances that were made so some could “prepare”. They gived player account info to “hackers” so they could clear most of accounts (see Omega’s account cleared- he never shared account once, he never purchased gold from goldsellers, neither did I !) And they clearly knew what acccount and what player has the “goodyes”. Pls, do not blame this all on the viet players who moved from other closed 9D’s.

    This i like Wall Street except there , the revealing of info means JAIL.
    The staff and their politics of greed allowed this and players CANNOT save it.
    The disrupted economy works in their favor and they are happy with it. Players spend more and more to be able to survive and this is perfect. Goal achieved.
    They will never do nothing to help you (as players) to reestablish economy like it was in 2007-2008.

    The only method for it is NON-tradable IM things or a 3 months of IM crash. And this will NEVER happent cos they loose money.

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