“9Dragons Impersonator!”

As we said and show in many lines, 9dragons published  by Acclaim is a ‘paradise’ of internet frauds in a lot  of connotations.

“Someone’s pretending to be me on this site called 9Dragons?? To clear things up… that’s not me!! haha…Featuring… Michelle (room mate & Korean best friend) & Elaine (my friend, not my sister) haha”


Is it illegal to pretend to be someone else online? If you are pretending to be another real person, then is call “impersonation” and is illegal.If you make up a fictional person or avatar then often no, but depends. .If the person you are imitating gets in trouble because of this she or he, can sue you for moratory damages. In net gaming world, “Be yourself” is about the worst advice you can give to avatars.

Some people who get involved in this avatars game of ‘pretending’ don’t realize the impact or consequence of what they say online or in a text message. They may feel that saying something online or via a text message is not as bad as if they said it in person. It may even start out as a joke, but the joke can end with tears, because in the end, ‘a lie has no legs’.

In my journey to 9dragons land, I met people who claimed to be someone else because they are afraid that if people find out how they really are, no one will like them.They want to impress another person, be popular and try to be cool.Others are just insecure and wants everyone to like them, so they try to act a certain way hoping people will like them . Others, wants to act cool, but fails and do so, in order to get attention, or to feel a certain way they want, or are too afraid to be their real self.

Also I met people that told me that reality itself sucks. They try to change into someone who is desirable to speak to or have it like friend, lover…because many are seeking the ‘eternal love’.They are not happy about themselves, whant to fit in. Yes, as you guess it, this is another form of escaping from reality.

Many are schoolboys or schoolgirls with a huge lack self-confidence or insecurities about themselves and try to be popular among avatars by playing the ‘pretenting game’.

Others just do it for fun… the ones who pretend to be a girl and are a boy or a boy and are a girl in reality. Or some to get what they want, like items, levels, money & so on.

What finally stick? False friends and friends you have nothing in common with.It is like living a virtual lie. How can you live like that in reality and virtual reality? “False” sense of perfection ? Anyway, there’s no point to it or it is fun to mess with people minds …

Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be, because sooner or later, if you are posing, you will forget the pose, and then where are you?  ~Fanny Brice

29 responses to ““9Dragons Impersonator!”

  1. It is a world of avatars, everything is possible.Take a look at Acclame official team : over 200 pounds of beauty…

  2. Many of the players from 9d can’t addapt with social enviroment they live in, so they live in a game.They wake dreaming at 9d, eat near PC and play lots of hours.

  3. Oh, wu tang man let’s not forget the fact that many boys from 9d pretend to be girls to enter in official team stealing hi5 pictures.

  4. Before knowing others, know yourself ! You have right sedbona, it is a a mass phenomenon in online games to ‘pose’ as something you are not. In the end you are a FAKE !

  5. Stealing pictures from others and pose as a girl to get some items & kiss gay with another kid from 9d is happening every hour in 9d. Nothing new… Acclaim can’t manage the social part of 9d.

  6. In virtual and real life people wear a mask.
    But in virtual life you can see more stupidity than in real life.

  7. I believe it’s not normal behavior and I think it’s really bad to pose. I guess they just don’t like who they are so they wish they were someone else and they try to become someone else. I met a lot of people like that in 9dragons.

  8. It’s not normal to pretend to be someone else … It doesn’t sound like it’s a serious problem. You are mad from my point of you. You have mental problems, and yes 9dragons is full of those people.

  9. It is easy to see who bluffs and who tells the truth.
    There is no ‘pose’ for real, just pretending.
    It is a bad habit.

  10. Who do this, need to speak to a professional psychiatrist, because this kind of posing can lead to social problems, depression, and other thoughts… Indeed, ‘a lie has no legs’.

  11. Official team members of 9d do it all the time to get there or get items… remember the flirts with GMs.

  12. We cannot change what is inside by covering ourselves with a mask.So, if we are really who we say we are, then others will know it simply by our naturalness.

  13. I can’t imagine people stoop to dishonesty. That’s pretty much the only thing that truly pisses me off. 😉

  14. It never ceases to amaze me when someone, when confronted with the truth, still denies doing so… It is both bad and sad at the same time and I hope that those who do it can take a step back and look at themselves and find someway through what is clearly a problem that they have.

  15. We all have something to offer the real world, 9dragons world and those we come in contact with. Why not be ourselves and let it shine through?

  16. On net we have different advices on even how you do…


    If you intend to perform this feat of deception, here are some useful hints:
    0. Do not do this.
    1. Do not-Not-NOT do this if you’re unsure of your qualifications as an actor. You will be discovered, and the consequences are usually negative.
    2. Above all else, be careful! Do not mention the names of your mutual friends, keep to the writing style you picked for your alter ego, make sure your legend is consistent.
    3. Do not be too insistent asking for gossip about your real self.
    4. To quell their suspicions, try to appear online at the same time as your alter ego, using multi icq hack, or two computers, the latter method having the advantage of a possibility to have different IP addresses for your egos (for the benefit of the more suspicious of your friends)

  17. It believe you should never pretend to be someone you aren’t. It is a dangerous game and one that always leads to trouble in the end. It is true, in 9d it is usual.

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