Steve Elliot Altman, the party boy vs the buddhist practitioner

As we are accustomed, in statements Acclaim leaders say a lot and promise a lot … but practice is different.As many of you already know, Steve Elliot Altman is playing the role of ‘TheHermit’ in 9dragons (publish by Acclaim), the one who glorifies himself as the ‘ President at mind over matter & SuperGenius’. In many interviews he always have a favorite line to serve us :

I’m a student of Zen, and my belief system is predominantly Buddhist.

For those who don’t know what that means, sneak in * here *. Largely, buddhism system and religion have some rules, rules that S.E.A. just proclaim in statements only, because in reality he is something else. Seems that, after ending his meditations as zen student, he levitates directly to a party,to start meditate on the rhythm of  Groove Armada as we found out from SuicideGirls Radio blog :

Copyright SuicideGirls Radio

This week us ladies of SuicideGirls Radio were shakin’ our ass to Groove Armada, who were in town for a Sunday night gig at the Henry Fonda. (Unfortunately we were unable to make the show ’cause we were in-studio broadcasting live withGram Rabbit.) The next day the GA’s boys, Andy Cato and Tom Findlay, stopped by the SG Radio studio to talk about their new album, Black Light, which features vocals from Bryan Ferry, among others. The interview was pre-recorded on Monday and will be broadcast for the first time this Sunday. Later on Monday we headed over to the new W Hotel at Hollywood & Vine, where Groove Armada were dropping a DJ set for a select group of dance music fans. Among the crowd we bumped into our buddySteve Elliot Altman(see party pics above).

After the party, Steve Elliot Altman, spoke on that radio about his new book promotion, the book you all know, ‘The Killswitch Review ‘ ( Acclaim congratulates The Hermit for his latest Tome!, the old topic keep up artificially in General Discussion on 9d forum). If you have patience you can hear him at

N1TE0WL /id be suprised if that book even sells…

saboniukas3/ And what exactly this has to do with 9dragons

Seems that Steve, followed the Immoral Monk of Shaolin from 9dragons. In an interview by Dave Bonnewell we find out the mystery behind that monk :

The “Nine Dragons” of 9Dragons refers to the lost heroes of each of the clans. Characters like The Immoral Monk of Shaolin, who broke just about every rule of Buddhism there is (he ate meat, drank, killed ruthlessly, frequented brothels, so they say), is called a “Dragon” because he was the champion of his clan.


60 responses to “Steve Elliot Altman, the party boy vs the buddhist practitioner

  1. HaHaHa!
    This is one budhist monk right here!!!
    “I’m a student of Stupidity, and my belief system is predominantly 2nd hand Beer” o_O

  2. you guys&girls on this blog are the best of the best. right, a true monk drinking Bachus liquid 😛

  3. This happens when you want to be something or pose as something you are not. In the end you get PWNED by yourself !

  4. Student of Zen my ass, he wants fame like all Hollywood people, that is why he is there, yet if you pretend to be something you are not, people will remember you as you are.

  5. I can’t stop myself from laughing. He is dressing like a gay, put that is my personal point of view. As some pointed out already, it is bad to pretend something you are not.

  6. Laugh and laugh all over again. I think he is drunk in that picture.I tried to listening his interview but is too boring. I catch a part where he said he sold his book and publish it first for 9dragons players. What is that?

  7. Maybe even when he speaks with 9dragons players he is drunk… grasshopper.

    “What is Zen? Zen is looking at things with the eye of God, that is, becoming the thing’s eyes so that it looks at itself with our eyes.” ~ R. H. Blyth
    “Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye.” ~ Bill Hicks

  8. Who can be jelous on such a nerd who can’t even pick up a girl? People should from time to time to look in the mirror. Hahahaha, 10x for the post.

  9. He needs a face change operation With that face what girl would look at him? Maybe the emo mods from 9d team. No wonder they all are like that…
    -1 for the monk.

  10. He might not realize how pity he seem; and if he do, he should ask inside him “Is something wrong?” … This gives people more reason to believe the criticisms against him or Acclaim.

  11. If you want to describe a feeling of comfort and satisfaction, by all means… you say you are “content”. This made my day. Show us how different in real life the people behind avatar mask can be.

  12. And SuicideGirls radio? Nothing more serious ? I mean there are so many local radio stations and some worldwide, why choose a emo one? His avatar looks better than him.

    • And I have two questions for you:
      What’s your real name? And what’s your adress?

      Conclusion: No one will answer my or your questions.

      • i am not asking anything that can help people stalk her in real life. Those are just 2 simple questions. The only reason s/he wouldn;t answer is, because s/he doesn’t follow the code of the religion either. This article is all so hypocritical. I’m pretty sure 80% of the posters if not more are Christians. Are you all virgins unless married? Do you go to church every week? Do you atone for your sins? Ofc not. We live in the 21st cerntury. Religion is just for show in 99% of the cases(3rd world countries excluded).

      • Sorry if I have to be honest now, but the most christians are stupid. Believing in something which isn’t there and praying to someone for forgiveness instead of face their own sins… But well, that’s just my own opinion.

        And seriously… Telling in the church to not have sex before marriage but having sex anyway is not christianity, it’s bullshit. They are not real christians, but only people with a big mouth.

        Same goes for Hermit. Pretending to be a real buddhist without to follow the buddhistic rules is stupid. We don’t have to discuss about this fact.

  13. He looks the worse for wear, different than in pictures taken few years ago. Pretty came down dude …

  14. I think I will have some nightmares after I sow that picture. Nightmares may be upsetting, but lucky they are not “real” and can’t hunt me. Better stick with his avatar !!!

  15. He needs a face-lift and some botox to be in trend with those party people.I see many young people, maybe Hermit wants to live is childhoold on his maturity, you never know. I read on that blog that he run away from home as he said in an interview. Maybe he tries to bring those times back.

  16. If you are a public person, you should assume your imagine. He can have a better imagine, he has a lot of mall money from us .

  17. We aren’t ,in general, ready to face up to the fact that we’ve become a society in which the ‘applauses’ go to bad actors, a society that lavishly rewards those who exhibits and lie a lot.

  18. Hermit theater is in one sense cheap beyond words. In another sense, it is costly beyond words… the real world. WHY A POOR PERFORMING ? You all guess it. That it !

  19. I truly believe we have wasted billions of $ on SEA and he is a lost cause. Not only that, but the ammount of money that goes to Acclame for nothing we will never see it again. They take a good chunk of our money to fund their own lifes…

  20. I am applauding to vennus courage and all the authors of this blog to be “black sheeps” in expressing a different opinion than the choir of kissing Hermit a@@ to promote in some official team. This is just one example of a public mess.

  21. I like a lot this post, first because it’s all true and second because it says the truths we’re socialized to be afraid of. By taking a step into the realist world, we found that out there are many people who are threatened by reality.The truth will always be to much for some to digest.

  22. I applaud you vennus on laying these first stones on the path towards clarity who we deal at Acclame.

  23. V from vennus… :)….makes a valid point. What is really entertaining is viewing the picture and reading all of the comments.

  24. S.E.A. in that picture creeps me the hell up! It’s about time for him to contributed with something to society… Guess with what!

  25. I’m pleased to report that your blog has ‘enriched’ my relationship with the humor. In fact, while I read today’s post and sow that picture, I had to push my chair near bad to don’t fall down … eh-yeah, thanks for that.

  26. Hermit doing inspiring things like ‘drinking’ and showing it, after he said he is a ‘ascetic’ is just wow…a nice role model for the kids.



  27. No, you don’t Ziyi 😦 Unless you want to become a moron and suck in whatever you do.
    “How could he do this to himself?”, that is the question.

  28. Guys lol why you give so much importance to acclaim staff?
    You all say you stopped playing and don t care of them but still you take them as VIPs.
    And anyway i think everyone is free to live his own life how he wants, and no one can judge it.

    Moreover what s so bad with him?He s buddhist and?He can t pty? So you never heard of Richard Gere,Tina Turner, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Seagal and Uma Thurman. I dun think they re tied to their own houses 24/7..

    • Hello troll.

      I just want to inform you, that your lovely Mister “Steven-Elliot Altman” aka “Hermit the party-sucka” is not a buddhist in real life. For more informations, please take a look at our other articles about “Mr. Cool”.

      Thanks for reading our blog.
      Legend / Project AI Blog

      • Hey Legend
        I never talked with or about the hermit cos i don t give this importance to him nor i ever defended him.
        I m sorry if you can t get over your 9d traumas, but well…
        Anyway even if he was buddhist or puritan, does that matter?
        Btw you know sex is not allowed before marriage in christianism? Anyone who respect this?
        Anyone who judge ppl cos of this?
        Let the guy enjoy his life how he wants and you try to get one.

      • Dear troll

        If you are bored, please visit the famous failblog, any other interesting website or go troll to Acclaim’s 9D forum. The last one is an old tradition you may enjoy.

        We can also forward you to a “Get-A-Life-HowTo”, if you wish so.
        We ask you now to stop trolling with your “I don’t hate anything but everyone sucks anyway”-attitude before I start to delete some comments again.

        Thank you.
        Legend / Project AI Blog

      • Anyway i m just saying my opinion instead of you who s just insulting freely.
        If you want to read only “nice article”, “i love this” or so then it means you can t be a writer.
        Plus you re not the author of this article.If venus has some problems with what i ve written i can stop writing right now.
        But he/she s not like you, he/she lets ppl express their own opinions.

  29. 1. I didn’t say I stopped to play. Who is ‘we’? I still play 9d, not a lot, but still…
    2. If you don’t have eyes to see, I don’t take them as VIPs, because they never are, I take them as avatars.
    3. Hermit is ‘buddhist’ only at declarative level. There is a a big discrepancy between who he is in reality and who he wants to be or show… in my opinion.
    4.We did as Acclaim said ‘ if you don’t like our boards, you can start a new one’… seems that they don’t like this one too 😛 too bad for them.
    5. Instead of writing to 9d forum I write here, so same thing.

  30. Wow very nice attitude against Gradd there Legend……..i thought i share my insights with you about Acclaim security and backgroundchecks of VGM’s, i tested this recently, but nvm with that attitude you dont have the right on my facts instead of the gossipblog this turning into.

      • Lol “grasshopper”……..

        Your just an even more arrogant person then the Acclaim people are, maybe they have a job for you, you would fit in nicely with them. [GM]Legend 🙂

      • Interesting to see how fast some people react here. But on the Acclaim forum, many were just silent for years… and the most still are.

        Stupidity never ends.

        BTW, it’s “you’re” (for you are) and not “your“. And it’s “than“, not “then“.

  31. wow,,,,for people who apparantly don’t personally know someone, geeeez, you all have so much to say,,,well,,,i haven’t seen steven in like 17 years,,,,but he was a great guy,and a good friend,,and NOT gay !

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