A Community At War, part 2

I promised a good portion of laughter. Let’s start with some grammar posts, which deserves the cyberspace Nobel Prize:
This is our Acclaim super-moderator, who answer, edit, lock or delete the topics of community, or worse give a red card or a ban… a moderator whose level of basic english knowledge is -2, from my point of view. A language has around a quarter of a million distinct words. Amazingly, these can be divided, grammatically speaking, into just eight kinds of word, which are known as ‘parts of speech’.I don’t see them on this kido post. Building a community takes a lot of work.  Like all things though, it takes a lot of time, hard work, and dedication, but not like this, no way !
If you can do it in everyday in the outside world why can’t you do it in here alos? or do you all think you are above the rules in here since it’s cyberspace?
Simple, because outside we don’t have ‘idiotic’ rules and the judges are not kids with no preparation or kids who don’t even know how to write. In cyberspace there are no code courts that can determine if a forum as Acclaim one, violates the rights of the public. Cyberspace is somewhat different from real world jurisdiction problems because in the real world you can’t be in two places at once. Not so cyberspace. And here we have one of the ironies of this virtual world with no government: there is no legal body there to argue for the jurisdiction of cyberspace. And so on… And right, I am above Acclaim rules, because Acclaim is not a legal authority to make rules or laws.
And now let’s be serious…guys&girls from 9d mods team, did you look in the mirror?  Do you expect from someone with a basic training like college, let’s not speak about faculty or master to take you all seriously and not laugh? And when I see the sentence, ‘ mods are always right’, I laugh even more. There’s always room for improvement. And how to learn if nobody (the community) tells you?
GM[Fugen] :
And I’ll weigh in here.
As others have said, this isn’t a democracy. It’s a private forum run by Acclaim for the discussion of 9D.
If it is private, keep it private as a club, don’t advertise it on the net and don’t bring new players from the net ‘public’.You already enforced the conditions from the setence ‘As others have said, this isn’t a democracy’. Apply to this : “you’re either with us, or against us”, meaning the implied consequence of not joining the team effort is to be deemed an enemy. You replace ‘Acclame’ with the ‘idea of the creator’, yet we have so many binary codes. Acclame in real life and even in cyberspace is in connection with so many ‘social, government, human’ relations, so you can’t say that. Also democracy applys to a governmental system and not to a lousy forum.
Whether or not individual posters have problems with some of the mods and some of their attitudes, that doesn’t change the fact that we have forum rules. The rules say not to post flames, not to post OT stuff, and not to dupe post or repost locked topics. The bulk of our warnings and bans are for those things (and profanity).
That change the fact about enforcing the rules. And another thing, Acclaim don’t define ‘flame’, neither limits or expend the meaning. Also, try put the rules according to the real laws, maybe than players would respect the forum mods.
You can have a discussion about anything — even perceived failings in the game, bugs, issues with management — without swearing or insulting people. Not only does that make for a more civil discussion, it also assures your post won’t be locked, you won’t be warned, and makes it far more likely that someone on the management team will read and respond to you.
That is why Acclaim should have a team of ‘public relations’… A civil discussion is apply to a civic society, or the forum is not one. You have more ‘ wanna be’ civils who wants to have a discussion. What are we talking about here? We talk about  the ‘educational mission’ of games companies.
And reposting locked topics or dupe posting just clutters up the boards, making them less useable for everyone else (who may not care that you really feel like you deserve a response or that you should post again for whatever reason).
Ask the mods to do the same… I mean stop posting repetitive remarks.Why we have a feeling among community groups that Acclaim made a practice out of that?
9D Philosopher
The world is but a stage, and all the people in it… props. Ah I see what the people are saying.
Well, here we talk about the world of cyberspace, so we talk about avatars. While we’re in a room in front a PC trying to figure out what it is, avatars are living a ‘net society’.
*There is a grievous lack of communication between the mods as a whole and the community. Therefore resulting in occasional misunderstandings and sometimes uncouth behavior from both sides.*
‘Psychology (from Greek: ψυχή Psyche = soul λόγος logos = science) is the science which studies human behavior, including psychological functions and mental processes as intelligence, memory, perception, and inner and subjective experiences such as feelings, hopes and motivation, processes are conscious or unconscious. Under an avatar you want to be another ‘you’. That’s just human nature .. and an avatar let you be who you want … without hesitation and without restriction … you can create your perfect look and world …
Of course leading to the creation of this, new rule. Which appears to agitate the community’s trust in the abilities and or virtues of this game’s camaraderie between company and player. There is no need for this mistrust to exist. Not all of the mods will act as one, and sometimes mistakes are made.In which case it is always more suave to deal. Contrary to making excuses of course.
Abilities and/ or / virtues are two different notions and you can not define them like something qualitatively to avatars. Ability gives you the strength to cultivate the virtue. To err once is human, to err a lot of time is the height of stupidity. And there is: ‘Think before you act!’
9D Fantasy ‘Just a few things; maybe it means something to you, but not to a lot of people; age. People should not always be judged simply on their date of birth, more on the fact of their mental capabilities and mature level. I have seen through many years that age is not much at all, 20-30 year olds acting like children, while young teens/pre-teens acting more like adults, civil, then a great amount of the community.’
Indeed he failed to see why…
9D Anatomy
Considering the fact that you’re using the word “transparency”, I’m going to assume you mean it in a behavioral or social sense. In the behavioral sense, you would be implying visibily in contexts related to the behavior of individuals or groups. To that I will respond : “And what good will you knowing the Probation mod process do? They will still go about doing things the way they do. At the end of it all they will find out whether or not they are being kept by us, the mods. Not the community at large.”
You add ‘behavioral or social sense to “transparency” notion? You have no idea what the notion of “transparency” means. Transparency is crucial to the ‘credibility’ word. The lack of transparency in Acclaim policies is one of the communication errors. Acclaim is happy to promote their money making games activities, without telling us clearly what, why, when and with who .
In the social sense, you would be implying that there is some kind of social value related to access of information held by centers of authority. Once again, what do you need to know the process for? You knowing the process won’t change the rules. Nor will it get a individual to stop. It won’t give you any leeway, nor will it make that particlar mod any more/less lenient with you and all the other forum users. If you have an issue with a mod because of something they are doing you can bring it to that mods attention via PM. Or you can contact one of the other mods and have them do it for you.
Knowing the process means to try stop the experiment of the new ‘mods’ on the community and on  you, as avatar and part of the community. In real life we have a transparency law and in the center we have the autority. As the judges are bind to post public their declarations of wealth, marital status, family wealth, statement of interest,CV & so on, why not the mods posts something like that too… in fact they are the ones who judge the posts no?
Knowing the process for new moderators, won’t help you in any way/shape/form. Also, considering that you aren’t affiliated with the Mods/VGMs you have no reason to worry about such a process. It’s not hiding, it’s keeping it to the people who need to know it. And currently, there is no reason for you or anybody else to know besides the people who are accepted as probational mods, the admin, and the mod that do the voting.
After such a copy paste from ‘What is Ethics in Research & Why is It Important?’ all I can say is that if you want to ‘post’ as a ‘educated guru’, learn it and use your brain, not ‘google search’.
Because I like to debate, there are more than two forms of government or administration in the world. Just because something isn’t a democracy doesn’t mean that it’s a dictatorship. Is McDonald’s a dictatorship? Is Blizzard? No, they’re businesses.
Now onto On-Topic stuff, the greater transparency is in providing a reason for warnings (and bans) and for locking topics. That makes it easier for users to correct behavior that could result in a ban. That does not mean we have to explain every single aspect of how the business is run (including how moderators are picked).
Nah Fugen, if we don’t count, than explain to FTS and US Congress. A remainder of  no5. : ‘Employ a staff of specially trained moderators who are equipped to take swift action against rule violations.’
I have maintained and will maintain until my head explodes that you can express whatever you’d like about 9D if you do so in a civil fashion. Don’t use profanity, don’t use flames or personal attacks, and don’t clutter up the boards by reposting or dupe posting. Like anything else in life 9D has its problems. We’re aware of many of them, and you’re certainly entitled to discuss them — even saying things like you don’t think management is doing a good job — as long as you can be civil about it.
If you are aware, why don’t you solve them? Locked?
Conclusions :
After they changed their name, the team of 9dragons moderators are trying to convince us that they changed… to think, write, that they become more ‘intellectual’. Maybe that ‘catch’ the guys more ‘common’, but not the fine connoisseurs of ‘knowledge’. Well :
1.It is not enough to call yourself 9D Beez avatar and people obey you in cyberspace like a judge in real life.
2.It is not enough to call yourself 9D Fantasy avatar and to have a ‘fantasy intellectual orgasm’ and start philosophize about knowledge and age. In fact there are patterns in age and knowledge and if you skipp one, you will catch the other one.
3.It is not enough to call yourself 9D Philosopher avatar and start apply on 9d boards, Plato’s ‘ theoretical ideas.In philosophy we operate with abstract notions and in psychology with studies and social experiments.
4.It is not enough to call yourself 9D Anatomy avatar and start posting the dissection report of ‘human behavior’ without cutting the human body. You know, that body it is not transparent.
5.It is not enough to call yourself 9D Fugen, the game manager and only be ‘aware’ of the problems and not solve them.
6. It is not enough to call yourself ACCLAIM STUDIO and players pay for your stupidity and put up with your wrong ‘attitudine’ towards them.

39 responses to “A Community At War, part 2

  1. And another knockdown for Fudgen and his horde of orcs.
    I can’t wait to see you will knock them out.

  2. And now let’s be serious…guys&girls from 9d mods team, did you look in the mirror? Do you expect from someone with a basic training like college, let’s not speak about faculty or master to take you all seriously and not laugh? And when I see the sentence, ‘ mods are always right’, I laugh even more.


  3. Even they change their names, you still can see their stupidity. Revan is a rare foul and still ask why he is childish.

  4. Indeed, it is not enough to call yourself ACCLAIM STUDIO and players pay for your stupidity and put up with your wrong ‘attitudine’ towards them.

  5. As you said it vennus, even they want to be more ‘intellectual’, they don’t have the basic to do it. I bet 9D Philosopher don’t even know how to spell Friedrich Nietzsche, let’s not mention René Descartes.

  6. The great thing about watching these ‘mods’ is call free entertainment. I’m going to stick with the word “morons” .I think is more complicated who is to blame.

  7. One of my favorite insult is “illiterate”, but we are not on 9d boards.Presented with apparent nonsense, all of us do our best to make sense of it; that’s just what the human brain does, just that with Acclaim I don’t see any.

  8. You had me up until your final point. I think the article makes a lot of good points and I agree with it entirety. I think they are illiterate, and I am not 😛

  9. We like to read 9D forum, many of us because we find it comic or interesting — not just because we like reading things, but to inform yourself or get some free entertainment like van down said before me. But, I can’t explain why 9D mods team is like this.

  10. After numerious bans, mainly for “staff harassment”(meaning I told LM Inferno that he failed as Bardo TL, that I know he missed the VGM event because he was too busy with the forums, which he was trying to explain with personal problems, L-O-L), I realised that the 9Dragons boards are a waste of time. If I ever wrote the truth about the “free labour” of moderators(for example, 4 slotted wd weapon, 4 slotted ps hermit, tgw spawns), it got deleted and said that mods don’t need to answer at those. 9D Revan basically told me that they are volunteers thus they don’t have to do it. So, if I create work for them(by posting about the weapons for example) they have every right to harass me. After complaining to the Game Manager that I am being harassed on the forums, mainly by 9D Bleez(deleted posts, mocking, outing my VGM name), his answer: go complain to someone else. Later on he told me that since I’m not nice to him I can’t ask him for help when being harassed by his staff. I should just go play an ohter game. Which I did too. Aika. Nice gameplay, cool mods(who actually have high lvl chars – 50++ with 60 being cap), unlike our dear LM Inferno with his FC or SmoothRu with his GB(you guys should have seen his VGM application: How well do you know the game? 10/10…yeah, right, with a GB highest char I have no doubts…)

    PS: I don’t want any “glad u finally agree with us” answers. Only reason I’m posting here is, I think the community has the right to know how free the mod labour is and how much those ppl play. If you want some more details, you can hit me on my mail. Depending on my mood, I might give u some nice stories xD

  11. great read and very informative, you make a lot of good points but I doubt anyone would listen to you from the 9d forum, they are too caught up in their arrogance and ignorance.

  12. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes if is a fast button pusher but the form of “speech” presented by Reven on forums as a moderator is plain ridiculous and insulting (and this is the reason I asked indirectly for his removal)
    Giving a reply like he did is lack of respect towards players (in writing only not even going into the meaning of his words yet).
    When I see their replyes (the leet speech, the capital letters throwed away everywhere) it makes me thing that they cannot care less about the way they project their thoughts /image on forum.
    Reven specially makes me think of the letters written by criminals when they kidnap someone, composed from newspaper word cuts …
    First i laughed but after I was angry. The communication staff-players not only keeps degrading but also is encouraged to…shame.

  13. As Aki said, I also stick with the fact that 9d mods team is degrading more than ever. This is also a question of recruting people. Many mods locks or delete the posts because they can’t face the debate, they don’t have the ‘level’ to do it.

  14. Can someone tell me how Revan pass the filters of recruting? He was recommended? Or did he pass it because the others, who recruit him are the same? They don’t see that they become the mocking of people?

  15. …/….Of course leading to the creation of this, new rule. Which appears to agitate the community’s trust in the abilities and or virtues of this game’s camaraderie between company and player. There is no need for this mistrust to exist. Not all of the mods will act as one, and sometimes mistakes are made.In which case it is always more suave to deal. Contrary to making excuses of course…../…

    That is a good eg. of twisted logic and incomprehensible content from logic point of view. That guy or girl wants to put abilities and or virtues ( it is and or or, different states of the meaning) to the game’s camaraderie ( a spirit of friendly good-fellowship ), when abilities and virtues are attributes of a person not of a relation.And…’suave to deal’, omo, that is ‘gay speech’. Suave is adjective.

  16. At least they tried crow, but when you don’t have the basic it is call self-embarrass.It is not enough to force yourself to try a speech that don’t ‘bind’ you, because the result is catastrophic. Makes others laugh.

  17. Am I mistaken on did Fugen start to tell that everyone can “criticize in civil” after the FTC report?

    In a matter of fact, the 9D mods and Fugen himself locked and deleted already many posts and threads which were very civil and which hurted noone (except for Acclaim’s ego). And it still happens – with poor reasons.

    What they still don’t know is that they are been watched. By people which look like normal players, but in fact they keep records of what happens. But oh well… That’s just a conspiracy… isn it? 😆

  18. The sentence ‘mods are always right’ is the most stupid thing that I ever heard. They have the absolute truth or what ? I don’t understand, I am an ‘ignorant’ and ‘innocent’ player.

  19. Only blind people don’t see how low Acclaim mods team is and why they are like that. The ss speaks… They desearve a comedy show.

  20. Why the internet don’t have a wall of shame? Acclaim will stick to 1st place… to much stupidity in one place.

  21. Just… as someone said once,’when we sail in oceans of stupidity, intelligence requires the aid of good taste.Fools worry about nothing but spelling and forget syntax.’

  22. I like a lot a quote that from my point of view describe the state of Acclaim people ” Anybody has the right to be stupid, but not to demand that we revere his stupidity. So, when we accept our mediocrity with good humor, the disinterestedness with which we take joy in another’s intelligence almost makes us intelligent”.

  23. I keep question myself : why is that Acclaim never learns from the past mistakes? I mean you can see with the open eye how dump and how idiotic they manage the community in game and on the forum, why not once for all, hire prepared people ?

  24. I believe that Fugen only at declarative level loves to “debate” with 9dragons community or likes to do it in a “civil manner”. In reality, he don’t give a s..!

  25. It is funny to see that, instead to evolve, 9D moderator team, degenerate.Natural, species are in evolution, but here, the ‘net’ species becomes primates … as was an article on the blog.

  26. How come from all the brightest minds from community, the ones who don’t shine always are picked? I suppose a fool is disturbed not when you tell him that his ideas are false, but when you suggest that they have gone out of style.

  27. Refusing from Acclaim part to consider what community wants and to answer us ‘civil’ or fixing the problems we said 10000…times is the most serious limitation of stupidity.

  28. I said it many times, I disagree less with Acclaim because they do not think. A player from community usually, in a debate with a moderator or Fugen tends to fail because he does not dare to believe in the true extent of human stupidity.

  29. As always Acclaim don’t care, yet their public imagine is going down, year by year and keeping those moderators on forum will keep players away from forum and game. Nice job Acclame!

  30. Loz and again loz, how old is Revan? And now some philosophy because I sow a 9D Philosopher on the team…”In Acclaim forum, where they publish endless stupidities, the normal player is defined not by what he knows but what he does not know. “

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