A Community At War, part 1

This article is recommended for +18.

Another debate on 9dragons forum and a post on a community blog ( Restless Hero League), BlooM vs Smooth show us again, a great example of how ‘stupid’ the official team of 9dragons ‘mods’ can be. Today I will make a general introduction about the net ‘age’ of moderators and tomorrow I will point particularly to the 9dragons mods team. Few days ago, I was reading on net some great lines about ‘moderators’. Below I will insert some:

“In the world of Internet fora and messageboards, “moderators” (often abbreviated to “mods”) are the equivalent of policemen. Except they have no real athority except over their web sites. Ranking somewhere below administrators, they are assigned the task of ensuring the rules of the forum that they “moderate” are rigidly adhered to by the rank-and-file board membership while at the same time willfully ignoring these rules themselves. Given special powers by the board’s administrators to assist them in this endeavor, it is common for these powers to be abused at a whim, and when the inevitable howls of protest follow, to use these same powers to silence dissent. In a nutshell instant fagatory. Moderators usually delete illegal stuff that we upload, show, etc.

The Moderators’ Creed

Almost without exception, moderators will operate under the following guidelines:

What’s good for the goose is definitely not good for the gander – in short, established board members are allowed to rip the piss out of n00bs but should the n00b under fire actually fight back and start winning, a mod will step in (often by locking the thread, see “Mod powers” below) before the established member starts losing too much face.

Law of the Post Count – an unwritten internet law that states that the likelihood of a poster being moderated, regardless of the merits or otherwise of their post, is inversely proportional to their relative post count. The Law also states that the truthiness of any post is directly proportional to the post count of its creator. (However to those in reality, the higher the post count, the bigger a loser in real life the person is and the less worthy their opinions are. But mods and admins like high post count people as they’re basically minions in their army.)

This Is Not A Democracy – a phrase invoked when a moderator has been seriously pwned for making a crap decision, and will not (or, more likely, cannot) justify the decision in public.

I’ll see how I feel – a decision made by a moderator does not have to be consistent, but instead will often be arrived at through gut instinct and with absolutely no regard to whether or not a forum rule has been breached. Can often result in double standards, a basic requirement for any self-respecting forum.

Lets just take this to PM – When a moderator has been called out for being a faggot and a Nazi. Rather then face the masses and actually admit to being an epic failure, they hide behind the cozy barrier of a PM and hide from the public like ‘bitches’.

You Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Thick Skin – Since every mod (especially older ones with high post counts) is an ‘asshole’, there is often a rule in a forum that you should bring your “thick skin.” Moderators however do not need to adhere to these rules. If anyone is being an ‘asshole’ to them, they can simply throw a hissy-fitand ban you without recourse.

Mod powers

There are a variety of tools that a moderator can employ in order to carry out his or her duties efficiently. These range from the basic (editing of posts, maybe even deleting of posts) to the advanced (locking of threads, avatar and signature alteration).

These powers are there to be routinely abused; for example, a thread can be locked yet some moderators will still post on it regardless, denying a basic right of reply to the OP or the poster who apparently caused the thread to be locked in the first place.

As a result, moderators are often some of the worst (or best, depending on your point of view) internet trolls, which doesn’t stop them from accusing others of trolling at every opportunity. Should a moderator start losing an argument on a thread, they will often use the aforementioned powers, like deleting everything, in order to attempt to beat a dignified retreat. Either that, or go running to the admin.

Forums are easy propadanda machines

It is very common and easy for a moderator to use their powers to turn their board into a propaganda machine. They merely have to take a bunch of insanely absurd lies and propaganda, the more absurb the better, and then remove any dissenting viewpoints. When people complain about the moderator doing this, remove these complaints and keep all the content saying the moderator is doing a wonderful job. Bonus points if you do this while proclaiming your forum to be a place of free speech. Even more bonus points if you criticize other forums that do this while doing it yourself.

This is very common on forums and if you have the attention span to bother reading the TL;DR drivel, you will find each forum has people living in completely different realities.

Moderator Induced Necrosis

The law: – “The older that a forum becomes, the more reasons that Moderators find to ban the members”. Eventually so many people have been banned and so many posts inevitably produce hair trigger responses from the forum administrators that the dreaded condition “Moderator Induced Necrosis” begins to set in. Moderators become more concerned with their own status than the health of the forum and posters begin to drift away to other places where they can speak their minds without having to kowtow to a bunch of people who have been overcome by their own self-importance. In the final stage, all that is left in the forum are :

(a) the Moderators

(b) the occasional newbie who has wandered in by mistake, soon to leave

(c) the forum ‘lickers’ and

(d) one or two trolls with the energy left to be entertaining.

Soon after that, like a sun collapsing of old age, the forum dies, with only about ten members talking to each other about the same things over and over again, stubbornly soldiering on out of sheer inertia or perhaps even nostalgia. The irony is that if only the forum founders — who have often left a previous forum in disgust at the lack of freedom of speech – remembered their origins and removed the collective sticks from their ‘censored w’ then the forum would probably have survived. ( more, at http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Moderator )


45 responses to “A Community At War, part 1

  1. Oh no, they jumped on another community member now, very sad. They never change, same old Acclame team, with another anime – manga names.

  2. HAHAHA i laughted so damn much at those quotes. Everything fits so perfect to Acclaim 😆

    I bet this will be another “conspiracy”, posted on Encyclopedia Dramatica by “Legend” or “Setsuna”

  3. This applys perfect to Acclaim forum & team. So wonderfull to see them back with their stupidity at 90x power.

  4. This happens when the great minds works together, it is so damm funny to embarrass in a positive way ‘the internet generation of mods’. Smooth is arogant and full of himself, but in reality, face to face on a normal conversation with arguments is ‘zero’.

    • Like every guy (or girl) in there… Im quite sure, no one would have the guts to face me in real. And if I´m wrong, then I would love to see the converse.

  5. Legend, how do you believe that they can speak, when they don’t even know to write? If you look on how they put the words on forum, you will understand than 90% are illiterate. Above all, many stay and go to school in America. As for BlooM she or he must get used to it and start laugh at their stupidity.

  6. How can they behave like this all over again and we all sow their idiotic and stupid behavior since 2007. When Acclaim will follow the FTC recomandation to hire trained moderators?

  7. They are bored again and start to “show off”, but if you have no brain, what to show off except stupidity…as you guys said before me.

  8. Well, their stupidity it’s entertaining. Being fed up and fucked up are sometimes two of the only ways your body can keep itself entertained in a boring and frequently uncaring world that is often apparently suffering from a major deficit in Equitable Happiness Distribution… they suffer from that, you know no life people.

  9. As GBS said once, “When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty.” Like 9d mods, ofc it is their duty to lock up posts that they can’t answer and posts that they don’t like. They don’t have the right IQ to answer them.

  10. All has the start point the fact that 9D mods team is not a trained moderator team, but a gather of people with a lots of frustration, arrogance & childish behavior.

  11. Geez, they are again under the spell of anonymity and want to do something to get out of it. New forum, same old moderators and practice. The forum quality is minimal as the quality of mods team.

  12. I don’t agree with you vennus9d in any way and this post can only be applied to Acclaim mod team, in my opinion.
    I’ve been moderating and administrating several major international and national forums for several years now and NONE of the forums I’m in have that “mod power and guide lines” as you describe here.
    However, I do agree with you ONLY if you are referring to Acclaim mod team as I said in the beginning of the post.

    • Of course not every forum acts on the same way. What vennus wrote was about the standard professionalism. If we would write about every possible way to lead a forum professinal, it would take a lot of time and Acclaim would not listen anyway, so we mostly stick to the known standards.

      I was some years ago an Operator on switzerlands biggest IRC network, and if I would have just kicked somebody without reason, then I would have been kicked out of the team. That´s professinalism from the leaders. But the Acclaim staff doesn´t know such professionalism. That´s why they also kick (and ban) people out of their “uber cool” IRC channel, just because they don´t like what the other people say. I remember I had to stay neutral and not join any conflict, to avoid that the people may dislike me, and with me the IRC network.

      We always refer mainly to the Acclaim team, since we write here about Acclaim & 9Dragons. It may apply to other people/companies/communities/whatever, but it doesn´t have to.

      • I can relate on what you are saying Legend. I was also an IRC developer and also and server provider/ircOp. 🙂

  13. As you know, truth is not always shown correctly, especially when players talk about 9D of Acclame.While those mods that vennus speak about exist, Acclaim mods are manifestation of those, but in diversity …

  14. I swear to my life that not every forum is like this. I am on game forums where the community practicly loves their mods and they have a huge respect for them and the mods there deserve all respect.

    I am visiting 9D forum only when you guys post here a link towards it for more info. I must confess tho that today I regretted that i clicked it.
    The discussion between the 3 mods (Anatomy, Bleez and Reven) and community was scary. Players were making legit posts where they were clearly explaining their opinion and the reply of those mods, especially Reven, were beyound any comment. His way of replying and the way of treating the comunity (no matter how bad the community is) is not something that can be overlooked by any meaning.
    I would request myself if someone would EVER listen the removal of that person from forum boards as a moderator and a poster. His language and replys are way below any sense of decency.
    It made me really sick but, in same time glad that i do not need to confront with this anymore.

    Anyway, any of Acclaim staff that visit this blog see my reply, please do remove 9D Reven from moderators team/staff. This request come from a moderator on other game forum board, I am not a child (i am a mature person) and I reached the conclusion that persons like him are not a good image for any of Acclaim games or any game no matter what company owns it.

    The attitude of mods towards the community is as worse as it can be. None of them are helpful, none of them has decent , friendly behaviour. You might say that they are there to moderate not to entertain but you forget the fact that they are not robots and if we all (as players) are subscribed to the laws of TOS, they(mods) are subscribed also to the laws of common sense and a decent reply/language usage is a must when any of them address to community or to a specific player.
    The entire thread was a failure, not from OP or the players who replyed to it but from mods attitude point of view. Shame to them.
    Thank you.

  15. Sometimes I wonder if the attitudine of mods & VGMs is not a copy cat after Hermit, Fugen arrogance towards community.

  16. 9D Fantasy, 9D Venom, [LM] Inferno, FKA-BSER, hippie, Keiho, Lik, Righteous and 8 guests
    Only these people?

    It is 9Dragons forum visits right now.
    This should say something no?
    Who still visit 9D forum with those mods?

  17. I have to agree with vennus. Some forum moderators and in particular, 9d ones are no more than cyber bullies synonymous with that of a playground bully. They have no real power in life other than their cat or what animel they have, that I’m sure they mistreat as well. They like to flex their “muscle” but are in fact cowards using keyboard power.

  18. The only time we need one mod is when people start calling people names ( like the n-word). I believe 9dragons mods couldn’t moderate in real life could they? I am putting a bet on it.

  19. When mods are ‘assholes’ like 9D mods are, we have to find ways to make their life hell! It feels good to throw the headaches they give you, right back at them!

  20. Since u linked 2 of my “chats” with some of Acclaim’s member, let me tell u something.
    1st of all, don’t make it sound like u want. The forum debate was started as a decent chat, with questions for Fugen. 9D Revan screwed it and it became a personal war between me and him, wich, I won. Check Bleez’s post for Revan. At least it looks like. I hope i won. He’s more idiot than anyone can handle.
    My IRC chat with Smooth was a fight, indeed, because what he did was non sense. Wich was an useless chat anyway if u saw the blog post.

    But, u should make a difference on mods. There are Philo, Bleez, and 2 other mods wich are indeed good mods. On the other hand, Revan & co are a lost cause.
    My experience of more than 1 year of being super mod on a national game forum with more than 2000 users is usefull when i post at the bottom line of a warn. Still, Inferno made me pass that line and i got 2 warns already :))

    Anyway, my point is, that u have a guerilla with the entire acclaim staff, wich is different with what i was doing. My purpose is just to be able to post on forum with the standard rights for every user, w/o fear of being warned/banned with no reason and the main ideea, is the undeserved power of mods on that forum. Wich will be down sooner or later (check Fugen’s posts on that)

  21. I love Acclame mods from 9d boards because they are a good source of laughing out loud. It’s funny because 9d actually tries to get people to pay $ for a premium account– who in their right mind would pay for having such people as mods?

    But incase the geniuses at ACCLAME haven’t yet realized, banning banning people or locking/deleting posts because a mod feels so will contribute to a bad image of your game. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons why this game begin to suck and no more new people is coming in.

  22. D9 team on Acclame boards from my point of view are FORUM NAZI. What means?

    A person who seems to think that s/he has to the right tell others where their posts go.

    A Moderator of a forum that takes it upon himself to randomly delete posts with no forewarning, or locks threads without any explanation.

    An Admin or Moderator who is very small in their non PC who abuses the trust and power given to them in order to direct discussion, traffic and post to suit their personal agenda. Actions include locking, and/or editing post that contain information that is contrary to their own opinion.

    An Admin or Moderator who often tries to police a forum, big or small, so that it bends completely to their will. Often this includes when sections, posts, and topics are removed when there really is no need for it to be done.

    A moderator with no power in real life so they compensate by volunteering as moderators on the internet.


  23. I agree with many comments in here. I can’t wait until these idiots of mods I see on 9d forum join an Internet forum with ‘others’ moderators. I would guess they’ll be banned for life in two mintues.

  24. 9d Acclame forum moderators job description, might make an interesting read:

    1.Must be mini-hitler
    2.No social life beyond internet
    3.Bullied at school
    4.Not fit enough to make anything in real life
    5.Power hungry

  25. BlooM, there are some things you assume when you work in a team, meaning all the good things or all the bad things a member of that team do or did. It is not about only one imagine, but a sum of imagine from all. If you don’t like to be ‘ charged ‘ as that ‘one’, the leader of the team should kick him, or you simple leave, because that is not suppose to be… As 9D Revan manager, the leader of 9d mods team had a choice to make. Before I delve into that, let me ask: if you were 9D Revan manager, what would you have done?

    Let’s face it. People screw up — some more than others. Screw ups could be a result of poor choices, bad planning, insufficient skills, unexpected circumstances or simply bad luck.But should your first reaction be “I’m going to ring their neck?” or should it be “Let’s get the facts?” SO what are the facts till now, we have about 9D mods team?… Think about it.

    As for the ‘Community war’, it is not only your war and I never said that, in your post on 9d forum, you wasn’t the only one from 9dragons community to post about mods 😛

  26. Why 9dragons moderators team always screw up when comes to community ?Another consideration is their training and experience. Did they have the skills and training necessary to accomplish the task? No, they don’t have in my opinion, even FTS said it, for US Congress and that is an authority.

  27. There are some things on Restless Hero League forum that makes me laugh.

    14 July 2010 14:07
    Anonymous said…
    That war can not be won due the one single fact. Fugen. He gave draken a free hand, at picking and managing the mods and forum. Doesn’t matter what you say, she will kiss Fugen ass and he will do as she says. Even some VGMs and GMs are in conflict with them (draken, smooth, atticus). And the new mods, are the Artists team.

    15 July 2010 02:29
    BlooM said…
    Anonymous, the “war”, as u like to call it, it’s not a war. But it will end with a victory. Players victory.

    LOL, 9D Acclaim will close down soon and maybe that is the only players victory we can get it.

    15 July 2010 12:42
    Arashi said…
    … I would however appreciate it if you kept your obsessive anti-Acclaim-at-all-costs campaign to your own blog. This is not what this blog is about.

    Arashi , we all know you was a moderator of 9d RO section because sed said ‘NO’ and kiss Acclame ‘ass’ for some power, but get the things straight : If your forum is not about that, why you let that convo up and running? Sure, let’s blaim the freedom of speech. Right now I can only laugh on some Acclame people ‘integrity’.

  28. Seya that is call fatality. Those who should not give lessons in ethics and morality because they have averse past, are those who give. The mods of 9d, as usual, overreacted. Who gave these morons this power? Another moron ofc.

  29. The 9d mods are that way because their reality sucks. I don’t find another reason or logical explanation. It is time that Acclaim hire trained people and not let the destiny of the community on the hands of anime, vampire freaks.

  30. I believe mods team of 9D is facing a paradox. The only exception when they don’t ‘suck’ is when the moderators disagree on what sucks…

  31. You all know me in here, I was since day one on this blog. I just want to clear some things out. In 2007 the forum was a very constructive and supportive environment. Then in their ‘well intentioned aspiration’ to promote 9dragons, the moderators turned into fascists. I don’t use that term fascist for effect. It’s really a shame, because there is so much good about that forum, but yet, it is run by a clique of control freaks.

    Will this ever change?

    I don’t know what the answer is for now and I don’t know who BlooM is, and I don’t know all the details. What I do know is, the people who moderate and administrate 9d forum now are out of touch with reality, and if you make them mad, or express views that they don’t agree with, or criticize one of the Acclaim Studio ‘head’ , they will use any excuse they can to erase your posts and eventually ban you.

  32. Me and Blur are some old veterans of this game, playing since beta and we know some of the stuffs. In fact, 9dragons community is a small one, people are talking and in the end you get to know who is who, what they did and what they want to do.

    In this spirit, maybe it is time for everyone to face their demons. Arashi, for eg. typing that, only makes the people like her for me, a pest to the community. She thinks she is something in the community ? No, she and her blog are a big nulity to the Acclaim system. In fact, even in game, she is a wanna be ‘girl’ who plays a guy character, because ‘a gay’ character give her more power and autority. She or he have some credits, like writing guides & stuffs, yet the ‘proclaim’ morality after being a moderator is lame from my point of view. And yes, me like others sow her pictures… the perfect 200 pounds mod. But, let’s say that it doesn’t count as you look.

    As for BlooM, hey boy are you now affraid to back-up your own words? You only show your muscle to Acclaim and than buzz off and go back in your own words. What is with all of this nonsens and interpretation of your words? Are you a man or a pussy?

    At this point I’m not interested in participating in what has been revealed to me to be an extremely authoritarian and close-minded system as Acclaim one. I hope that some other site rises to take it’s place. And maybe this blog is doing that and that is why so many people are not so happy with it… You take their power away.

  33. On Acclaim forum of 9dragons all goes like this now :if you go along with their noobish line of saying that all is good and Acclaim staff is the best, all is going well or you even get promoted. If however you contradict the ‘line’, then you will be confronted by a mod. If you intelligently and IQ oppose the moderator, even while being respectful, then depending on what moderator feels threatened, one will be banned, suspended, the thread closed, or the thread removed entirely without discussion.

    That is an underhanded way of ‘winning’ an argument, while defending one’s status, authority, or position. Of course one is always free to leave. That is the intent behind the banning. If you can’t be perverted/converted “then go away, you are not welcome on 9d forum”. Who suffers really, are the newbies, who are under the impression that they are learning something about 9d, while in fact they are learning something stupid.

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