9Dragons, in the land of Thailand

Winner Online Co. Ltd., the leading of online games providers in Thailand, organized the official launch party for 9Dragons in Thailand, this june. As you already guess it, Winner Online Co is the publisher of 9Dragons game for Thailand. The event was held at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center . QSNCC is a convention and exhibition hall in Bangkok. Let’s take a look at the day of the event, seems it was a lot of fun in there :


A lot of laugh and fun…

The ‘Emperor’ of Dragons was there too…

The game is in OPEN BETA stage and you can take a look at the Thai net page of game, ‘here‘. They put a promotion video in there. The community forum (press here) unlike the forum of Acclaim has a lot from 9dragons style.There is no room  for comparison, I would say. For now, the game have 2 servers, one server is call ‘Nirvana’ and the other is call ‘Zion’. Some of players already reach level 116 as the ranking is showing. If you browse the events section you will see that 2x, 3x and GMs special buffs are present there too ( press here ). Also they have some original wallpapers, which I like a lot. Good luck for the thai team of 9dragons !

Source of pictures : webboard.game.sanook.com


33 responses to “9Dragons, in the land of Thailand

  1. They wrote D9, intersting. I wish in Thailand, Indy21 gave a better version of the game that Acclaim is giving us. I am tempting to try the D9 version of Indy21.

  2. So, Indy21 is going worldwide with 9dragons.
    Intersting party Winner Online Co. Ltd had for the launch of 9dragons.
    I wish them luck.

  3. They have open beta for a lot of content.I remember the open beta for Acclaim… few maps, bugs and lagg.

  4. Omg sedbona, from where you know so much on 9dragons game? you are from Indy21? You always find the first on what is going on. If not for you, I would never know about this.
    Awesome pictures from the event.

  5. The guy with round hat is a beggar ? Look like it. Nice show as I see it, maybe I find a video to watch it. I will check this version later. I wish I was born in Korea, best 9d ever. Peace !

  6. What is with those monkeys ? Some symbols? As I see it, was a cool event for the launch of 9dragons in Thailand.I think will have succes, there people also love martial arts. But, as many said before me, better don’t have the bugs and all the bad things in Acclaim version.

  7. I think for european players is better that another company buy from Indy21 the rights for this game and split it from Acclaim/Playdom. As Asia region did it with 9dragons game, so Europe should do it, take the licence from Acclaim hands.

  8. What ST said makes sense, than Acclaim studio will be closed. Lots of money for Acclaim came from Bardo, european server. Many people will come back if the game change the provider.
    Cheers for 9d thai team and be way above Acclaim.

  9. Asian people always have a special way to promote what they sell. They did a good job with the event.

  10. There is to many bad things and things that end bad in Acclaim version, but we add them all to Indy21 fault as Acclaim say to us. But 9d don’t end or starts with Acclaim. If the game will be launch in others countrys we will have plenty of options to choose from.

  11. I hope that the Thai versioin won’t have many chineese/korean/thai bot farmers like AION open beta did did…

  12. Fresh start for 9dragons in Thailand.
    After Indy21 experiment with Acclaim and us, some people will stay out of this game even there.

  13. I will try this tonight 🙂 I want to play a better version of 9D than Acclaim one, I am sick and tired of Acclaim childish manner to resolve the problems.

  14. Based on pictures, was a lot of fun out there at the event. Those girls plays D9 thai?
    GL to D9 team of 9d, I like the net page, trailler and walppapers.

  15. It’s obvious that asian countries have a better gaming culture than any others… especially MMO cultureand not only.
    What can I say, I wish I was at that party too.

  16. I am sure soon or later people will find a way to pass the registration.
    The show was cool from the photos.

  17. Wowwww.. i’m impressed.. whoever was there had a lot of fun.. coool.. 🙂
    I wish them gl with the 9D game.

  18. Very creative event! And I particularly found it interesting the wallpapers from the thai site.Someone can tell till what patch they have the updates? What maps ? I want to give a try.
    Thanks for sharing…

  19. I love the style of thai people of 9d, cool wallpapers, cool forum and a cool promotion of the game. Asioan people have their own style whne comes to promote a kung fu game. Way to go !

  20. I found awesome the way they make the show go on, putting those costumes, playing songs, making some kung fu style figures, playing roles, is good for audience. Acclaim should copy their model to promote the game. But, again Acclame only wants to earn money, and spend 0 to invest in this game.

  21. Recently there has been an in flood of Korean/Chinese MMORPGs into the Western market. Asian MMOs are developed at far lower budgets, yet seems to increase in players. Even so, WoW still is number 1 in all tops. Seems good that 9dragons is expending and this should be encouraging, more money for Indy21 to develop the game.

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