FTC Report to US Congress, Finds “Violently Explicit Content” in 9Dragons

As some of us already know, Acclaim games are monitored by authorities in some critical key points to online communities.

Federal Trade Commission released the results of a congressionally mandated report looking into incidence of sexually and violently explicit content in online virtual worlds. Its Virtual Worlds and Kids: Mapping the Risks study, a nine-month investigation led by FTC attorney Phyllis H. Marcus, was critical.

The FTC found that despite the “educational, social, and creative opportunities” virtual worlds offer, explicit sexual content exists “free of charge, in online virtual worlds that minors are able to access.”

In response to the report’s findings, FTC chairman Jon Leibowitz was himself explicit. In a statement accompanying the report’s release he said, “It is far too easy for children and young teens to access explicit content in some of these virtual worlds…The time is ripe for these companies to grow up and implement better practices to protect kids.”

In the FTC report made for American Congress ( ‘here’ ) we find the below statements about Acclaim games :

The Commission observed five instances of explicit content when registered as a child in Bots. Four of these observations were of sexually explicit content, and one was of violently explicit content. In addition, the Commission observed two instances of explicit content, both violent, when registered in Bots as an adult. All of the explicit content observed in Bots was text-based.

The Commission found only sexually explicit content in Dofus and Neopets; only violently explicit content in 9 Dragons, Adventure Quest, and My Diva Doll; and both sexually and violently explicit content in Bots and Stardoll.

Again, the only child-oriented world in which the Commission observed explicit content when registered as a child was Bots.

In visiting each online virtual world studied, the Commission’s researchers did not put themselves in the place of an average virtual world user. Instead, the researchers were specifically instructed to search for as many different types of explicit content as possible in the time allotted, performing key word searches using explicit terms, looking for explicitly-themed discussion forums and chat rooms, and observing explicit avatar chat.

Directed to explore for sexually explicit content and violently explicit content for set amounts of time, utilizing any means possible, the researchers did so registered as adults, then registered as teens, and finally registered as children. They recorded their efforts using Camtasia software and in an extensive Access database form, then their findings were replicated by another researcher to ensure a “99.5% accuracy.” Findings are reported in text accompanied by charts and tables, with screenshots of registration screens and more.

The commission made five recommendations to virtual world operators to “reduce the risk of youth exposure to explicit content,” which were:

1. Use more effective age-screening mechanisms to prevent children from registering in adult virtual worlds;

2. Use or enhance age-segregation techniques to make sure that people interact only with others in their age group;

3. Re-examine language filters to ensure that they detect and eliminate messages that violate rules of behavior in virtual worlds;

4. Provide more guidance to community enforcers in virtual worlds so they are better able to review and rate virtual world content, report potential underage users, and report any users who appear to be violating rules of behavior; and

5. Employ a staff of specially trained moderators who are equipped to take swift action against rule violations.

The Commission vote to approve the report was 4-0.

Scored no? The authors of this blog, debate and wrote in many lines and terms – critic, ironic, libel, humoristic- about 9Dragons problems when comes to communicate, moderate and master an online community. FTC report  only strengthens what we said in many posts in here. Let’s remember some of my favourite titles : ‘Mods, the bugs in the system’ , ‘Manipulative shortcuts on 9D board’, ‘drakenfyre & the trolls: part 1 &  part 2‘ , ‘Psyche the…team’, ‘ Acclaim Communication’, ‘BluFlash in 10 steps’, ‘Where you find help on Acclaim?‘, ‘drakenfyre75 : love, anime & vampires‘, ‘Puppet’s Revenge’, ‘Survey the community’, ‘Bored’, ‘Official Acclaim products : primates’, ‘The future of 9dragons’, VGM Policy&Standards (what we don’t know), VGM Affidavit of Eligibility and Release, not legal?, Unjust bans and others issues, Disrespect to old players, ‘The credibility of Acclaim’, Acclaim the land of all…. , Acclaim bureaucracy… Fugen meets his angry players, 1 & 2, The hate speech against romanians part 1 & 2 Fugen knows no professionalism, Easter Bunny brings veterans war with Acclaim analphabets, azninpo harassed by smoothru, drakenfyre75 vs grammar ninja, Vagabond event…, Hermit & Fugen, the brothers Grimm, Acclaim Games an G from BBB…AND MANY OTHERS.

So, let’s say congratulations to 9DRAGONS OFFICIAL TEAM for how  ‘professional’ they manage the community, ending as  negative example in US Congress. Only Hermit, Fugen (let’s not forget BluFlash and Historian, Fugen is ‘new’, but he do the things in same way), drakenfyre aka 9D Bleez or whatever she calls herself now and the full bunch of anime, manga, vampire freaks aka the ‘muppets official team’ can have such a performance. Clap hands for you all, you deserve it!

I bet the next nomination for Acclaim, 9Dragons in US Congress will be for ‘DISCRIMINATION’ award. Browsing the 9dragons forum I sow some nice posts in which romanian community leaders points fingers to Acclaim because they don’t take enough measures and are passive against romanian community discrimination : ‘Romanian community of 9d’, ‘Romanian people are not rotards’. The answer from 9dragons official team in those posts was ‘0’. Fugen didn’t even bother to give an answer in General post and start a campaign against that kind of ‘hate speech’ against the players of a nation. In february 2010, our blog wrote about this… ‘ The hate speech against romanians’, ending up with official sorry from the player who started this on 9d forum. Since february 2010 seems that the ‘hate speech’ is not fought at all, but let it multiply.


43 responses to “FTC Report to US Congress, Finds “Violently Explicit Content” in 9Dragons

  1. They should have apply as moderators & VGMs and then tell us… would ahve been a hell of experience. Congratz to official team !… hahaha.

  2. Well, as I see it, few unique players visit 9dragons page/forum. 267/30 days is a low number of players and was in 2009. Now the numbers is even lower.
    The report is not a surprise we all know how Acclaim is manage 9d and who is in official team.

  3. I remember I wrote in here a long time ago ./.. i tell you how mods posts : Historian sings happy garden Acclaim song with you all :
    post from your alts
    pray acclaim from your hearts, delete & lock
    we will feed you with coins & virtual friends
    we all are a happy big family,my kids

    now make dady pround…

    marvelous post!

  4. I don’t believe in the intellectual capacity of Acclaim official team to something good or do the right thing for the community or for the game. They will go even lower. I am against the hate speech, but one more time, what players think is not important…maybe the US Congress see the things different.

  5. So now, the indication of Congress are official : Acclaim HIRE REAL AND PREPARED MODERATORS.Or they were blind and didn’t see the report or don’t know to read.
    The moderators of 9d boards don’t have any capacity and any vision, nothing at all, just NON LIFERS anime freaks. Take a look at draken, over 30, anime freak lol. What can she understand from moderation?

  6. Acclaim should start put in practice the recommendations, if not they will have sanctions. now, we have a law point to complain about Acclaim official team abuses : send reports to FTC.

  7. Like this a door is open, now I found they have a FTC…. to send all romanian authorities conclusion about 9d discriminations against romanians. Awesome post, 10x.

  8. The sites that have been made popular by millions of people have recently come under criticism for offering violent and uncensored content that has been blamed for inciting similar behavior… that is virtual life ‘circus’ and 9d is a part of it. One way or another even not for players, for authorities sake they need to change the customers system, inclusing the way how moderators & VGMs bahave with players.

  9. US Congress or FTC must apply money sanctions to Acclaim Inc or now Playdom, because they will never change in the way they do the things. This is a start, but customers deserve more.

  10. If FTC members had digged more, they would find more bad things. Acclaim had a filter that counted : pay system in game and there you need to put the ID of master/visa card. It is a good thing that FTC trys to make some light in virtual words and stop the bad influences for kids. They didn’t know that Acclaim is using kids to moderate the forum and game.

  11. ………….So, let’s say congratulations to 9DRAGONS OFFICIAL TEAM for how ’professional’ they manage the community, ending as negative example in US Congress. Only Hermit, Fugen (let’s not forget BluFlash and Historian, Fugen is ‘new’, but he do the things in same way), drakenfyre aka 9D Bleez or whatever she calls herself now and the full bunch of anime, manga, vampire freaks aka the ‘muppets official team’ can have such a performance. Clap hands for you all, you deserve it!…………….

    Say it all !

  12. Re > Gene had a good point in his post about RO community, but as usually the official team have no answer ( or only childish A) and lock the post. Send the ss to who ? 9d support who is never on… they need 90 days to answer a mail.

  13. awesome post sedbona.
    when I started to read this article, I wanted to explain to all that is a herculian job for developers to make an almost perfect system of authority regarding explicit content, but I don’t have the time necessary to write about all (or almost all) the things about this matter. the easier way is for every parent to limit their underaged kids access to the internet all-together; there are many and various software that can filter any kind of explicit material (websites/online games/virtual chat rooms/and so on…). Also I believe when a minor registers as an adult, it is only his fault and the parents/legal guardians are the ones to blame.

    regarding the second part: the FTC report to Congress, well… I’m glad that, at least, at their end a system of control works and keeps an eye on Acclaim.
    also I would like to congratulate you and the other authors of this blog for your never-ending work to improve gamers experience on 9D forum and also in 9D game (even though I still believe that 9D is going down due to poor management and lac of communication skills from all the members of the official team (some exceptions may apply).

  14. Old Dragon they can close all the forum, they still are incompetents.Even FTS said it. Let’s see if Acclaim now will hire a team of moderators.

  15. “Employ a staff of specially trained moderators who are equipped to take swift action against rule violations.”

    Hahaha, Acclaim must do this for real now.I think first Hermit and Fugen will cut their hands…all starts with money.

  16. “Protect the kids”?!
    Sorry but I must say that me (as a 31 year old player) must be protected FROM kids. Seriously.
    The mature/adult players are using bad words rarely as their maturity allows them to argue in other style whan they do. On the other hand kids….no need to say more…
    The kids of 9D on the other hand are toxic and heir language extremely offensive.

    Every time I see this policy of “protect kids in MMOs” i feel like laughing. Ofc we can protect them with 13+ announcements, bans, language restrictions/chat restrictions but the protection end up when a 12 years old tells you “fuck you and you mom”.
    And this abuse from them (the kids) towards others is highly and more frequent then abuse of adults toward kids.
    Nuff said.
    I demand protection against kids abuse.

  17. For the Acclaim team, we were always just a bunch of whiners and trolls, saying all the stuff without reason…

    I wonder… Is Federal Trade Commission also a bunch of whiners? Oh no, I know… It´s a CONSPIRACY! 😆

    After 4 years of 9Dragons I can say, Acclaim will never change for good by themselves… They have to be forced.

  18. Congratz to Acclaim, they are well known now ! In a bad way, but that is good in their thinking, so WTH, gratz drakenfyre with your vampire freaky noobs team.

  19. As Legend said, Acclaim can only be forced to do a good thing, I mean Playdom now. This must not be a surprise, too many customers already complaint about Acclaim services. They don’t want to say, but I think they will have to do what the FTC said in the report.

    Oh no, I bet they cry….. because this post already is in many leagues forums and players speak about it.
    They are such a big failure and that is a fact.

  21. If 9D official team will have to leave, I will cry, they make ma laugh so much… so many posts and so much stupidity to make fun of it.
    Anyway, nice find 😛

  22. Only 270 new people in may 2009 ? From where they took the number of 15 milions subscribers? A lie? Someone give candys to official team for their performance. I believe drakennoob deleted A FTC member post.
    Hmm…All is this blog conspiracy ?
    Maybe Legend and Sedbona are part of FTC…

  23. From my point of view this is call official failure or real life failure. As for the kids, anime, vampire and others animals from Acclaim official time…….IS TIME TO GO HOME !

  24. Guys, someone should post this on 9d boards, just for fun.
    The acclaim of failure seems that is starting.

  25. Read what Fugesn said in here :

    ‘There’s no conspiracy here. We didn’t close down just the Romanian section — we closed down all of the language sections.If trustworthy native speakers want to volunteer to mod their sections, we can revisit opening them again. At the moment, we don’t have people to do this, and the results were evident.’

    No trustworthy native speakers want to volunteer for Acclaim boards? OMG, WHAT A TRAGEDY. As Acclaim team said, people stay at doors to enter in official team. Funny no?
    Nice post, in their faces.

  26. Acclaim Games Inc, now Acclaim Studio must be propose to be posted in ‘Management book’, on ‘how not to lead or manage an online MMO community’. A lot of people would learn from their eg. and maybe in future, our children will have better games.
    10x for the blog entry. Oups, they did it again, or how was a title in here.

  27. When the authorities say you do wrong things, you must correct them. In this case, not a non name institution, but FTC in a report for US Congress say it, so Acclaim need to read it and make the right things if they want to survive in the future.

  28. FTC didn’t investigate in vain Acclaim, they had some informations on what is going on there. I am curious to see how Acclaim will respect FTC recommendations. As for romanian people discrimination, must be stopped. I am against it and players who insult romanians… baned them all.

  29. I like the part where providers should employ “a staff of specially trained moderators whose presence is well known in-world and who are equipped to take swift action against conduct violations.” In real life we call this a Police Force but the FTC seems to think that “trained moderators” sounds much more politically neutral.

  30. Is anyone really shocked that 9Dragons rates in the report of the FTC’s violently explicit scale ? Me no, near ‘violence’ we have ‘sex’ too, and too much from my point of view.

  31. There needs to be a group that moniters and enforces the rules as to what minors can see, hear and interact with in virtual games and 9d don\’t have it. In fact, 9d uses minors as \’slaves\’ for official team, at least they used them in the past.

    As J.L. said, \”The time is ripe for these companies to grow up and implement better practices to protect kids.\”…So, Acclaim, grow up !

  32. Just forget about 9dragons and enter in a true world of ancient China.
    Real wars everyday.
    Control NPC in wars
    Refine everything
    Cheap Item Mall
    Free 2 Play
    Super dungeons with bosses that respawn on every 10 min.
    PK everywere even in dungeons

    Have Fun

    and btw .. choose WEI army (not SHU or WU)


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