Lin Kim spokesman of “Nine Dragons”

Idols of the past generations are now cultural personalities, martyrs, dictators. No matter how you changed the model “teen idol”, no matter how shallow it became the description of today idols… they were, are and will always be an inspiration. So, who is the SF beauty of 9dragons? She is a korean actress, who  was invited to become “Nine Dragons” spokesperson, responsible for promotion of game, advertising film and so on. Let’s take a look…

So, every sweet has its sour; every evil its good.


34 responses to “Lin Kim spokesman of “Nine Dragons”

  1. Some of the pictures I sow in wallpapers, but didn’t knew they were real, I mean a real person was in them. Many of SF players in 9d are males, gay 😛
    Lin is good looking .

  2. Indy21 should make a kung fu movie base on 9D story, with this girl in it.
    I want her nickname if she plays 9D….. or she plays K 9D.
    Acclaim should have get a girl like this in the team, not all no lifers biches.

  3. If only all players behind SFs would look like this in real life, OMG.
    She is sexy and cool. I like all the pictures.

  4. She is hot
    She is hot
    She is hot hot hot
    She is hot hot hot………

    not like drakenfyre & 9d official team.

  5. I’m on the fence about it…it’s different in a good way. She’s cute so I guess she can pull it off. Nice hair/makeup.

  6. She looks beautiful! I think she is a lovely young lady and very talented too.
    I hope to see in the future a movie with her.
    What about the boys of 9D? A Wu tang male or a HD one? I want to see 🙂

  7. Omg a “Todays Special” 9dragons reference…sexy SF 🙂 all i wanna know is when is this gonna drop the dagger and where…..

  8. Thumbs Up. She wear gorgeous clothes, looks like a SF from the game and it blends with her skin tone. She is prety like a sacred flower.

  9. Maybe she plays in wuxia movies, that is why Indy21 choose her, but she can play a SF very well. Interesting look, I like her costume and her face is pretty. In the future maybe we will see a beggar female too or a BOT one, or even a wu tang one.

  10. If they really have to make a 9Dragons movie, then please with the original story, and not the Steven-Elliot Altman crap story.

    “What about the boys of 9D? A Wu tang male or a HD one?”

    Personally, I would like to see The Nameless One aka The Vagabond 🙂

  11. Good look and nice martial arts fashion pics.
    Legend is right, a movie after the wuxia novel wll hit the top.

  12. When I sow her first time, one year ago, I though she wear those clothes for a China festival. She looks ok from my point of view. I would like to see a BOT in real …heheheh

  13. So hot! lol i want see movie war of clans!
    Also if end of movie will be war i know how gonna over! Will over with full of nukers using AoE and destroing all and warrios/hybrids/healers 😛

  14. She is hot, very hot and looks like sacred flower, too bad in Acclaim version all gay kidos plays SF, rarly a beauty like this will play this game.

  15. Something so different and fresh on the runway. …. She is beautiful… And her dress is stunning.

  16. It is an good idea with the live movie after 9dragons. She look amazing with those clothes on and pretty and I really like martial arts fashion you know the sexy girls with a sword or dagger.

  17. This girl go pretty well with the game itself (in korean version),and is pretty enjoyable to watch. 😛

  18. She is beautifull from Mother Nature, not artificial as 9dragons avatars. Behing them many people who lies are hiding.

  19. I would love a lot to see a movie of 9D with this girl in it. They should make characters for Legend and sedbona too, fighting with the evil Acclame xD

  20. I don’t like her hair in 02 jpg, but in first and 03 jpg she is cool looking. Anyway I like her outfit. Another Paris Hilton in the making….


  21. Just forget about 9dragons and enter in a true world of ancient China.
    Real wars everyday.
    Control NPC in wars
    Refine everything
    Cheap Item Mall
    Free 2 Play
    Super dungeons with bosses that respawn on every 10 min.
    PK everywere even in dungeons

    Have Fun

    and btw .. choose WEI army (not SHU or WU)

  22. hello sedbona,

    nice article. i did a search on her and could not find much. are you sure she is a korean actress?

    where did you get these pictures from? do you have more?


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