Legend is out and reflects over all – Part 5

Everytime the people complain about 9Dragons, Acclaim’s answer is “we are not the developer, we are only the publisher“. But let me ask you a simple question: Why are/were there better 9Dragons versions than the Acclaim one?

It’s not a secret that Acclaim always want something special, over and over again. They wanted an own story, and a run-of-the-mill-author wrote an own one (but that’s only a myth. Steven-Elliot Altman just translated it, changed some words, added some little things, and it was done. And an “own” story was never there. Or did you see it once?). Indy21 updated their gameplay and changed the stat system, but Acclaim wanted to keep the old one. Indy21 made new weapon sets which would replace ALL old weapons, but Acclaim wanted to keep both. Indy21 made a new interface, but Acclaim wanted to keep the old one. And you wonder why there are so many bugs?

How I explained already thousand times: Each publisher chooses what, how and when he wants something. Another example is also the Tibet map. While some other versions already purchased the Tibet map, Acclaim wanted to keep their money (no matter if the players were tired of the same stuff) and wait with the purchase till the mayor bugs were fixed. But still: Every new thing brings bugs in Acclaim’s version, while other versions never had those. And just because Acclaim want to keep the old stuff. How lame do you have to be to tell your players to wait with dungeon runs and weapon refinement after new patches…?

The old Interface gives a lot of trouble and causes many bugs. Also the stats are all messed up. The new stuff just wasn’t made for working with the old stuff. But Acclaim doesn’t care: The only thing that matters is the money. No matter if the players are disappointed or not.

In 2006 Acclaim and Indy21 promissed you the advanced clans. Two of them are neutral (don’t even think about to argue about that…) and one is “black”. But the stuff which was ever made was from the original development team. The “new” one never really worked on it. I can tell you how it originally was:

The Union of Noble Families Clan is neutral. The Disciples of Iron Fist Clan is neutral, but affiliated with the Shaolin Clan (and only the Shaolin Clan). And the Black Dragon Clan is a black clan, but “black as midnight on a moonless night”. This means, the Black Dragon Clan would be not only an enemy to the white clans, but also for the normal black clans and every neutral clans/path.

This is already a long while ago. But will they really appear one day? My bet: No. Before the advanced clans will come ingame, Duke Nukem Forever will get released. And this is a game which is in development since 1997.

I know meanwhile why Hermit and Fugen didn’t let me participate on the Vagabond Event. It was already clear then (for the Acclaim employees) that Playdom will most probably acquire Acclaim Games, and so they didn’t fear any lawsuit from me. And they were right. Since Playdom acquired Acclaim Games, I’m not sure if I shall sue Acclaim Games. A class action lawsuit would be the best for this, but it’s a bit difficult to start that here in europe against an american publisher. But this doesn’t mean that I give up. Hell… Who am I? No way. I will not give up. I gave you my word that I will give Hermit and Fugen a big kick in their asses, and I will!

Also, since this shall be my last part of this article, I shall let you know what “Legend is out” means: This doesn’t mean I’m gone. It also doesn’t mean I don’t fight anymore against Acclaim. This only means, I will not hunt every single stupidity from Acclaim, just to post it here. If somebody contact me and ask me for help against Acclaim, you can bet I will help. When I know by chance anything new which is worth to post here, you can bet I will. And when I got some news about anything else, you can bet I will do that.

Oh no… My work against Acclaim isn’t over yet… I will stay calm and just wait for the right time… And then, when Steven-Elliot Altman and Josh Levitan least expect it, I will kick them so damn hard in their asses that they wish to never have… Oh well, that’s just smalltalk. But be assured, I will keep working on it, even if you don’t hear anything from me.

And for those which call us “Trolls”, I got something for you guys. A little picture which fits perfect in our situation (so don’t steal that too, like you steal our words, dear Acclaim-Followers… Try to use your brain a bit more):


Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


21 responses to “Legend is out and reflects over all – Part 5

  1. True, lot bugs of 9DUS is because GUI. GUI is so old and have already 3 versions no? Mm maybe just 2 with new gui…so indy just code for new GUI. Also old stats just create unbalance because items in-game is for new stat sytem.
    Playdom bought acclaim now is hard to sue acclaim.
    I liked last pic.
    And i made some search and found private 9dragon private server, http://pvpage.com/private-servers/9-dragons-online/connect.php. and here other..i though was impossible create 9dragons private server.

    well im out for AION.

  2. how do you know when 9d ends? It’s simple: When you play, you can choose to “pass”…
    Josh Levitan needs a good kick.

  3. I remember how SEA said that three advanced clans (The Union of Noble Families, Black Dragon Clan, and The Disciples of Iron Fist) will be user-controlled.

  4. The interesting part comes when you have to communicate with players, something that Acclaim is lacking. Conclusion : so it was all very worthwhile, for you Legend >P I bet you had fun.

  5. I like Legend posts a lot, he always have an intersting way to put up the things in a right light. Acclaim should reflect also with reality on their games because Playdom will not accept a non profit studio.

  6. I can’t wait september to see if Acclaim will have money for a new licence, as I know we speak about milions of $$$$.

  7. 10x for the post.If Playdom will let same people on the jobs, like SEA or Fugen or nabs moderators, VGMs, we will not see a change. Playdom needs to change the team and bring pro/s.

  8. 9dragons game in USA&Europe has generally negative reviews. The game looks really good, but the gameplay is bad. Sometimes for me is boring. The gameplay, the inability of the developers, and the stupid item mall just messes up everything. And I didn’t check the new forum, is hurting my eyes.

  9. Too little things glow now in this game, even the community is destroy and players lost all the motivation to play it, it is all about making more and more money, more than a p2p game.

  10. I am in vacation, I log 1 hour per day and I am sick and tired of all the same old things : bugs, stupid content and low life people, who suffers in their homes and try make other suffer in game.

  11. Legend, sorry dude but u became as arrogant as those u complain about.

    -You treat players as stupid pple.
    -Your words have no concideration for either VGMs (poor volunteer players) or real players.
    -Your hate to Acclaim has grown too much.
    -Take a breake of this game it is better for each and everyone of us. Try to breath…

    I m sure that many of us who agree with your words have at least been helped once by a VGM or a GM.

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