Legend is out and reflects over all – Part 4

What is this all about? This is about anger. About vengance. About what our readers want.

The best thing is, when people try to comment “Legend, get a life, homes! Yo!” and stuff like that. But dear trolls, why are you visiting our blog anyway? Of course because of such articles where we write how stupid Acclaim is.

But why do our trolls try to fuck anyway with the authors? Because they want to be “cool”. As soon their “hard” comment appears on our blog, they give the link of their comment to every other Acclaim-Follower in their MSN and say “Look how I owned them big time, homes!

I told you Acclaim-Followers guys, your comments will get deleted here all the time, until you stop to delete and lock posts/topics on your forum without reason. I don’t visit your forum (gives me damn headache and I fear to get eye cancer if I look too much on it), but as far as I hear, it’s still like that.

The most ironical thing is to hear “get a life” from exactly those people which just live in 9Dragons. A no-lifer tells me to get a life. Get it?

Whatever those little trolls may say, the most people know the facts. And the fact is, Acclaim sucks. But let’s explain why:

On the 9D topic about my little “How to hack-HowTo“, the Acclaim-Followers wanted to start again to laugh about us, trying to be funny with lines like “I love conspiracies“. Yes, you see it right. The Acclaim-Followers went off-topic. But hey, that’s alright for Acclaim-Followers, and the rules don’t count for them. But they were fucked, or “owned” in geek-language: Disappointed players came back and told them that we were right. Some even say, they don’t like this blog, but this is true. I’m quite sure, for Fugen they were all just “Legend” and “Sedbona” on many accounts. But fact is, the most players are pissed off.

One comment was very funny. It was something like “This stupid blog gives too many bad ideas to the people.” There would be nothing to worry about, if there would not be any security leaks, you stupid idiots! 😆

But I got something more: Comments from people neither from the 9D forum nor from our “little” blog. An article about Playdom acquired Acclaim Games.

Let’s see at some comments:

According to Wikipedia, Acclaim Games got an ‘F’ from the BBB.

Sounds like a great purchase. ::eyeroll::


All they’ve ever offered has been poorly localized Chinese MMO’s in North America with little success.


Since when did Acclaim have any MMO experience? All they’ve ever offered has been poorly localized Chinese MMO’s in North America with little success.


RockRiot (RockFREE on Facbook via Slide, Inc), which was done by slide had 1.5 million monthly active users before Acclaim pulled the liscence and pushed RockFREE out. Also, that place is a revolving door for resources. Good luck on your investment Playdom. Bet they didn’t really look at true operations numbers, and settled for rhetoric. HAHA!


The original company was called ” Acclaim Entertainment ” which made some of the best arcade, and home console games including: Mortal Kombat, South Park and the Simpson games throughout the 90’s. Unfortunately the company went bankrupt in 2004 and sold off all of its assets INCLUDING its Name.. So the “NEW” acclaim isn’t much of anything but a tiny browser based game company..

It might look like a huge purchase because of the circumstances in which the “Acclaim” name is famous for but in actuality the sale is pretty meaningless..


I had no idea Acclaim was in a bad possition. Well their most popular game, bots IS becoming a hack-fest.


All I can say is Playdom advertisers should be aware, they are losing players because they do not live by their standards…Many gamers questions remain unanswered for months, they don’t have the common deceny to reply to messages, forum posts or emails. Yet, they are happy to take players money. Personally I havn’t spent a cent on games online, but some are passionate and supportive, but it works both ways…

Zynga is their main competiotion, well I know where I will be going now, and what games I will be avoiding.


All they’ve ever offered has been poorly localized Chinese MMO’s in North America with little success

I’m sure (again… :lol:) Fugen thinks this are all just comments from “Legend” and “Sedbona”, but Acclaim Games is known for their stupidity in the whole world. If somebody, who plays an Acclaim MMO, wants to invite a friend, then this person will get most probably an answer like “An Acclaim MMO? Hell no, go fuck yourself! I know Acclaim! I know how they act! I know they just want money from their players, that they don’t make their games better, and that their games are almost not playable without real money investment! No way, I will NOT play an Acclaim MMO!

…or why do you think, there aren’t any new players coming on Acclaim’s MMOs?

Stay tuned.
Also our trolls 😆

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


25 responses to “Legend is out and reflects over all – Part 4

  1. Acclaim GMs and VGMs have done a lousy job in making any kind of improvements towards this game. Fugen and Hermit is also at 0 point, only asking for money and nothig more. First offer services at A level than come and ask for money. F level is their level.

  2. After we all sow what Acclaim did with this game since 2007 I would be ashame to say a word pro Acclaim, the only people who like Acclaim are either VGMs, mods or wannabe staff member.

  3. Fugen has Paranoia

    ”’Paranoia is a thought process heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs concerning a perceived threat towards oneself. Historically, this characterization was used to describe any delusional state.”’

    If people thinks like that it is Acclame fault.

  4. This game changed a lot compared to old times, that is why veterans left.
    I still love the game, but not the people who are in charge of ruling it.

  5. Fugen and Hermit will do everything to keep their jobs, but to hate players is a shame and is childish.

  6. “Look how I owned them big time, homes!“

    Makes me laugh 1000 times, so stupid. Only a kid would think like that. I forget 9d is full of anime, vampire fans.

  7. I think you guys and girls as authors make a great job, indeed you make Acclaim look idiotic, but that that is only Acclaim fault… no brain. They should keep you on their side 😛 devil smile…

  8. Acclaim even aquier by Playdom can’t compete in MMO market, will be a failure.
    Playdom will invest on facebook game the rest will die in time.

  9. New players don’t come because of the name that Acclaim did it for itself, a bad name. No customers services, only bugs, no new content on games and a lousy communication with players. who to come ? And the most important thing, they will never change.

  10. In this game, many have things they would like to do in life, but they never get around to it, because they spend so much of their time playing . Maybe they are the only ones who still likes 9d. Addictive people with no real life.

  11. Legend you know why you are on Fugen list ? Because he don’t have b00ls. He is acting like a little girl.

  12. As you guys said, Acclaim care only about money and no about customers or players opinions. They don’t even try to be nice to people, they are arrogant, even we give our money.

  13. Acclaim possibly the worst game company ever made. You’ll simply hate them or despise them after you play their games.That is my feeling.

  14. It didnt even matter what Fugen and Hermit said. the show must go on and it did.
    Cool Legend, keep up the good work.

  15. My opinion is that 9dragons instead of evolving is devolving and official team always transfer or pass on (duties, responsibilities, etc.) to another or others.

  16. What to say more than Legend allready did !

    -Acclaim is not delivering players items to make them quit, they dont want to be sued when they ll close on September.

    -Not making any improvement because they know that 9D future is a dead-end.

    -About duties and responsabilities ? Acclaim dont know those words, they know what “screwing” mean tho.

    -Remeber what Fugen said, “we dont develop the game, we only deliver it” Nice way to say you get what you get and if you dont like, go away.

    -Iis it so hard to understand that:

    1-Good service = happy customers.
    2-Staff presence in-game = pple know that the game is going well.
    3-Fair and true answers = ok now we might trust you.
    4-Listening to players = might bring more players.

    Since many years Acclaim did not listen he players….I they wanted 9D to be a success they should have used a bit of there relation with Indy to mave things. The did not because they dont care.

    Old Dargon

  17. Hi guys,

    sorry for the mistakes in my previous comment. Plse fix it.

    I have 1 thing to add to “all people who are realy tired of Acclaim customers service.”

    Since Acclaim is not giving a good service, why still complaining to them ?



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