Legend is out and reflects over all – Part 3

After The Hermit aka Steven-Elliot Altman came back to 9Dragons, I had a lot of respect, and I really thought “This man will change 9D for good!” But I was wrong.

Before he left in 2007, he gave me his word on something. I guess, he forgot it already, or he gave his word to too many people. However; when he returned, I gave him many hints, who I am. But that guy didn’t get it. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid… *head -> wall*

He answered my first few PMs and gave me his word (again) to make 9D better, and, yes, to contact me on some cases. But, of course, he never did.

The Steven-Elliot Altman I know since he came “back” is a guy without honor. He gives his word to everyone, just to keep the people quiet. But he never really intend to hold his word. I was one of the many which were disappointed by him.

But not only that. He betrayed me. And I will not keep that. He will get his payback.

Fugen aka Josh Levitan is a frustrated man. He rarely get any job in Hollywood. And when, then he is like a “slave” which have to do what other people say. After he became the new Game Manager of 9Dragons, he putted his frustration on his players, which pay his salary.

His unbounded cheek can be seen as best here. Hm… I wonder… If Acclaim would make a 9D-con, and the players would be invited to come, and Josh Levitan and Steven-Elliot Altman would be there… How many people would visit it just to break the teeth out of them? Hell, I bet everything I have, that a damn lot people would try that.

Josh, don’t think you won. You’re still on my list. BluFlash had to go, Historian had to go, and believe me, if I would want, I would make sure that you would have to go too. But there are some reasons why I don’t keep fighting against your stupid arrogance. The main reasons are, that I am tired of your stupidity, and that 9D will be gone soon anyway. Why keep fighting for something which is doomed anyway?

The most funny thing I have ever heard from Josh Levitan was, when he called my nice advices (in a matter of fact, they were all very nice) “threats”. And why? Just because I informed him what would happen when he would not stop the shit work he does. But people without common sense (and in fact, Josh Levitan doesn’t have any) don’t get it, that such things are just informations, and not threats.

Let’s take an example… If you don’t pay a bill, after some days or weeks you will get a new one, with the information, that if you don’t pay it, you will get trouble with the law. I wonder what Josh Levitan makes when he forgets to pay a bill… He probably call them and ask “How dare you to threat me?!

Another example… I don’t know if Josh Levitan smokes (I think he smokes weed, but that’s another thing…), but imagine he does, and then his doctor tells him “Stop to smoke, or you will get cancer.” I wonder what Josh Levitan would do… He probably would ask the doctor “How dare you to threat me?!

Another example… A hacker tells him to stop to take the Item Mall items from the players back, even if they payed for it, or he will hack the Item Mall big time. I wonder what Josh Levitan said… He probably asked Steven-Elliot Altman “How dare they to threat me?!” (And then Acclaim had Item Mall hacking issues… :lol:)

The human stupidity is, how Albert Einstein already said, infinite. It’s a matter of common sense to recognize a threat and… just the reality. A realist would see the difference. But Josh Levitan is, like Steven-Elliot Altman, not a realist, but an opportunist.

You two guys will get a big payback from me. I can swear you that.

Stay tuned.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


21 responses to “Legend is out and reflects over all – Part 3

  1. It is summer so it is vacation and no new people is coming to play 9d. Why ? They should ask themselves, people who play 9d are still the old one…This game will die out of money.

  2. On 9d boards, everytime it is a comment from the players that sounds > 9d will die …. and that is not Sedbona or Legend, it is every players that has a brain…

    ‘Now they did the patch 115 many people say that the 1/5 xp suck i don’t know if you noticed that but GM/VGM are ignoring us, and i don’t think they will change something.
    So the ptq are useless we better have to grind and for that we need dxp card to grind fast well for non coins user we can say we will grind 2x harder…
    The game at the home page say it’s the best pvp game online GM and VGM it “WAS” the best pvp game online and again one coins user can buy 4 slot weapons +25 all stat but anyways unbalanced.
    So the message is clear for non coins user “your place is not here”
    As soon as a game like “project 9” or any game with better graphism and shop cheap if you know what i mean but same game as 9dragons you will lose many players.
    So here the result you think you are making a good profit ? Well asura is slowly dieing nirvana start to die and bardo will soon die…
    ===>the game will die…
    I know that VGM and GM you will ignor this topic but i hope you will remember about this topic, and if nothing will change one day you will say “Dam the guy was right…”
    That’s all i wanted to say and sorry for my bad english…’

  3. Acclaim try to invent and reinvent, bring back into existence or use :

    In the end all is the same, that is why people are out of this game.

  4. 9Dragons is a great game, with a lot of potential, the problem is with the poeple who manage this game.

  5. Well anyway soviet, 9d is a griding game… and pvp has no balance at all.
    As for Josh Levitan and Hermit I will use the F word.

  6. In the end all will pay for what they did, this is life.
    Fugen and Hermit reward will be no job !

  7. like a FOOL, I still believe this game will change somehow…
    maybe with another team and another publisher

  8. Acclaim don’t like people who tell the truth on their faces.
    Acclaim will lose 9dragons because of bad human resources.
    The fault is in with Acclaim team and not with Indy21.
    And 2010 is a year of crises.

  9. People over net communicate with others and Acclaim can’t control nothing outside 9d forum, so people talk about how the things are in real 9d and is better not to try it out, you will have no fun and will pay a lot for a game in betha. That is my opinion and I would stand for it.

  10. ‘If Acclaim would make a 9D-con, and the players would be invited to come, and Josh Levitan and Steven-Elliot Altman would be there… How many people would visit it just to break the teeth out of them? Hell, I bet everything I have, that a damn lot people would try that.’

    I better choose eggs to throw.

  11. The only pictures that come from games are screenshots, and the memories that are created from playing those games are ultimately meaningless. You know what I mean.
    Acclaim is basing on people dependency.

  12. In the end all players will see the reality. Why some people since 2007 still play ? They are either bored or they got used to it. I know people who has 5-6 Ps + characters and keep playing. They said, they used to it and hope one day all will change and we will get a better game. I am not so sure.

  13. Wow, I wouldnt think Fugen would stoop low like that.maybe the eye drops were to clear his s…(censored word…:)…) up, all that smoke…

  14. Bugs are fixed? Tibet map is full release? We have PVP balance? Fugen should lower his voice since he didn’t do nothig. We are in same situation as we were with BluFlash or Historian. I don’t know how Acclaim gets the same kind of people.

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