Legend is out and reflects over all – Part 2

“Mr. Conspiracy”, they call me. And with they I mean the Acclaim-Followers. I can just laugh, everytime a person calls me like that. Because I still can remember how everything started.

The things we wrote here about were not known by others. Often only by those which sold their soul to Acclaim (like mods, VGMs, etc…). The people asked themselves “What? Is that really true? OMG… Really?” and stuff like that. But the Acclaim-Followers tried to help themselves, with poor methods like always. Too stupid to even give a good lie. And so, one of those started to say “Uhm… uhm… CONSPIRACIES! That’s only conspiracies!

The other Acclaim-Followers started to call our articles “conspiracies” and our blog “conspiracy-blog”. Just like they call it “troll-blog”, so how you see, they don’t use their brain a lot, to bring at least something new… However; Not a long time after, they started to call me “Mr. Conspiracy”. Just too bad that the people (with brain) could see by themselves that I am right.

Everything have their limits. And so does our patience. After seeing Acclaim peeing day after day on our legs, even if we TRY to show them that their work is like a work from a dipshit (and seriously, it is) and how they could do it better, we lost our kindness. And instead of trying to make it better, they even pee on the legs of their players & customers.

Look for example at this arrogant reply about the catastrophically ingame economy: “I been hearing a lot of people blame the gold sellers and Acclaim for the ridiculous inflation in the game economy. The real problem is our own greed.

“The real problem is our own greed”? Sure… Not the stupid gift system… Not the special promotion items from acclaim which are either very rare ingame or not available at all… Not the gold-farming VGMs… Not the gold sellers from Acclaim itself… No, just our own greed.

Seriously… Is this for real? I mean, just think about it… The gift system from the Item Mall for example… Acclaim doesn’t want to make the Item Mall items tradeable because of the “ingame economy”. So what is the gift system, I ask? The Item Mall items are indirectly tradeable, through the gift system – Just that you can get scammed.

The gift system is a stupid implementation. What’s the difference between the Item Mall gift system and buying Dragon Scales from other people? None. You can get scammed by the seller at any time. Senseless. Pointless. Just make all Item Mall items directly tradeable, and not just indirectly. So at least the scams would stop. Money for goods. Simple as that.

Let’s talk about the promotion items from Acclaim. Blood Bead, Bloody Marble, Phoenix Flag, 7/1000 HP ornament, Rising Dragon Deco… just to name some. These items rock for sure, but they are not available ingame for non-paying players, or very very rare. And if Acclaim thinks, non-paying players have anyway nothing to say, so why not make 9Dragons to a Pay2Play MMO? Know why? Because they would die in the 1st day. But well, now it’s anyway too late, because at September it’s anyway over with 9Dragons. Acclaim will not make a new licence with Indy21. But hey, what do I know… I’m just “Mr. Conspiracy”. Yeah, do NOT believe me. Buy more and more Item Mall stuff from Acclaim. Fill your account with Item Mall items. This will make me more happy when I see the last stupid ones crying, when Acclaim tells to everyone that 9Dragons will not be published anymore 😆

Apropos stupid ones… I noticed that now even the stupid people quit 9Dragons. I don’t mean “stupid” like “stupid”. I mean the really dump ones, which always laughed about anything against Acclaim, or which always said that 9Dragons will be forever. What an irony…

But I would like to talk more about this “Mr. Conspiracy” thing. Just to avoid missunderstandings…

So let’s see… Let me check all my articles… What could have been a true conpiracy…

Oh yeah, the support-only-for-paying-players-on-a-Free2Play-MMO! Oh no, wait, that was true… No wait, I’m lying. In fact, not even the paying players get support.

Ok, let’s see… Maybe something else… Ah here, the love of Acclaim for money! Oh no wait… Damn… That’s meanwhile more than clear…

Hm… This one maybe? The demonstration against Acclaim which was on the 5th November 2009. Not many people participated. To play was more important than to get a change. But… That’s still no conspiracy… That’s just a demonstration…

Let’s see… Oh yeah, this is surely a good article… The future of 9Dragons. Let’s see what I wrote there… My opinion… My opinion… My opinion… Hell, the people should learn to read between the lines… Ah, but I see, I wanted to leave the blog then. I remember… I was forced to stay because of Acclaim’s stupidity. But – No conspiracies here, so let’s look further…

Oh, this one is good. Legend reflects over The Hermit. Yes, it’s true, I had a big respect back then for Steven-Elliot Altman, and I thought, like every other author and veteran player, that the SEA from our little talk was Historian. But seriously, who wouldn’t? Those who know how SEA was back on 2006, they know that he was different. He was a good person, liked to help the players, to inform them, to work for a good game. After he returned, “The Hermit” was an arrogant piece of… was an arrogant guy which just wanted one thing, and only one thing: Money from the players. And that, without to give anything. Without to help the players, the game, etc etc etc, he wanted just money, and still wants. I could write now soooooo much about SEA… But that’s not the point right now. So fact is, this wasn’t a conspiracy either, it was just a mistake. A mistake from me and other people.

Let’s see further… Hm… What else… Oh here, the unjust bans from Accl… Ok, let’s skip this…

So, what else…




Oh here, the ex-VGM Dexter which sold his account for awesome 1,50 EUR! But not a conspiracy either… damn!

So… What else… Oh here, The Story of the Servernames. But wait, that’s just about the buddhistic culture… No conspiracies either…

Hm… Let’s see… Oh, this one is good! Maybe we got now something, Ladies and Gentlemen! The bankruptcy theories and other rumors from Acclaim. I think, this was when it started with the “Mr. Conspiracy” thing. But wait… Meanwhile we know, it is true. Acclaim Games had money trouble, that’s why Playdom acquired Acclaim Games. DAMN! We were so close on a conspiracy now… Oh well, let’s see further…

Ah, here. My Marry Christman article. This IS a conspiracy! Well, at least for some religions… For others, Christman is real…

What else… Ah here, The credibility of the People. Where I say some things about the “upcoming” Vagabond path. But what I said the whole time was what I knew about the original plans from Indy21. Meanwhile, a lot shit happened, and everything has been changed. So, to be honest, I don’t know if the clanless vagabonds will get an own clanbase. And to be honest, I don’t care. Hm… But is this a conspiracy? I doubt that. It’s more like “telling informations of outdated plans”. Please, excuse me. I didn’t know back then that all plans were changed. However, no conspiracy here, so let’s see further…

Hm… Ah, this one maybe… Legend reflects over The Historian. Let’s see… Opinion… Opinion… Fact… Opinion… Fact… Oh well, let’s see further…

Ah, here: Nukers – The Fallen Gods. I said here, the nukers will not get their power back. But I was wrong. Well, that happens if you trust Ravenclaw… I remember his excuse… “It was Phew, bro!” Whatever…

[GM]Fugen meet his angry players – Part 1… Just opinions and facts, no conspiracies…

[VGM]Olix & chrisp0wer – The dreamteam strikes back… Just opinions and facts, no conspiracies…

theanalyzer aka SacredChick… Just informations, opinions and facts. No conspiracies…

Legend is back – with a lot of thoughts… Many chances for Fugen for a co-operation, opinions, and facts. But no conspiracies…

[GM]Fugen knows no professionalism… Many opinions and facts, no conspiracies…

The Person behind the avatar [GM]Fugen… Many informations, facts, and opinions. But still no conspiracies… *sign*

9Dragons – The Original Plans are not the target… Informations, facts, opinions. No conspiracies.

How to ban someone… Informations, facts, opinions. No conspiracies.

Acclaim and the Item Mall issues… Informations, facts, opinions. No conspiracies.

A lying Fugen… Informations, facts, opinions, and a stupid Game Manager. But no conspiracies.

Shameless stealing of Legend’s knowledge… Informations, facts, opinions. No conspiracies.

Hermit & Fugen – The Brothers Grimm… Informations, facts, opinions. No conspiracies.

Acclaim Games – An “F” from Better Business Bureau… Informations, facts, opinions. No conspiracies.

Bored drakenfyre, stealing of guides, and the new Freedom of Speech… Informations, facts, opinions. No conspiracies.

Ravenclaw threats us… Informations, facts, opinions. No conspiracies.

Angry 9D Staff… Informations, facts, opinions. No conspiracies.

How to hack a 9D Account… Informations, facts, opinions. No conspiracies.

Awww come on! Are you fucking serious?! I mean, I’m the author… But imagine I would be just a reader. I would just have searched ALL MY ARTICLES for “conspiracies”, just because some people call it like that, and after all I would not find ANYTHING! Do you know how upset I would be now?!

Stay tuned.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


14 responses to “Legend is out and reflects over all – Part 2

  1. lol man, you don’t give up putting these donkey suckers from acclaim in hell, you throw them in the worst place imaginable.(dunno which that is, but I know it exists… o.O)
    I like that.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Europe is in full crisis, nobody will give money on games now…I believe 9d will go down this year.

  3. Good post. You showed all articles posted on this blog, happened or going hapen.
    Well i leaved 9dragons 2 or 3 months ago and tried WoW but i don’t understad nothing about WoW >.<
    So MMOFPS is now my game like Call of Duty 4 and Call of Duty 6

  4. Add the lie that they said that Playdome will take Acclaim domains on forum, but in reality they took a cheaper forum and a cheaper host. Lies and lies all over again.

  5. Mr. Conspiracy everything you said are facts and reality.
    Only a dump player will not see or a mad one.
    Maybe people are like that in virtual world, frustrated

  6. Evil aliens and extraterrestrials took Legend away and put in mind a big conspiracy againts Acclame, the non existencial game company of the year.


  7. As you know, God is usually on the side of the big squadrons against the small as someone said. Coups d’état against Acclaim or? 😛

  8. As I see it, Acclaim will never change that is why the players are leaving the game in a great number.

  9. Hallo everyone,

    i just want to add some points on few things. I m enjoing this website and all actions, comments and revolutionary thoughts that might make 9D better (even tho i think it is to late for Acclaim to fix it).

    -Gold Sellers vs. IP banning; Acclaim is allowing GMs to bann players IP when they find a hack on an unknown IP who is not supposed to use a hack. As well they could use it for the Gold Sellers, but why not? Because it is from a recognized IP address who s supposed to stay there to make more profit. Beside all, they don’t care about banning dozens of players instead of picking them 1 by 1 from a single IP address.

    -Item Mall users vs. Non-Item Mall users; since last 2nd role update(few years ago) item mall was mostly used for cloth and premium. With the over powered Nukers Role, it is the ideal to find a way for more profit….I let u imagine the rest (kg, more item mal…without forgetting the XP Cards (wtf is that).
    GM tools are found in players hand, someone tell me how the hell they were able to replicate the exact GM tool, even better designed. Is it me or there are GMs or programmers involved in such a breach?

    -Legend- wrote “Today the VGMs can’t help the players. They don’t know facts and don’t have the knowledge. If you ask today a VGM anything… let’s say you ask about details of an event, they have to ask a GM first. If you ask them some system questions, let’s say what kind of content a patch will bring, or what’s on the way for our version, they just don’t know it. They can’t: Just GMs know those facts.”
    Sorry to say that, but you don’t know the players behind a VGM character. Neither Acclaim know the purpose of their presence in a VGM role. Players tell bad words to them, but they don’t respond…not because they couldn’t, because as u said…Acclaim don’t like players with a lot of knowledge. So they better keep low profile.

    – VGMs are not all pieces of junk players or Gold Sellers. Some are real 9D lovers as you are as well. Some have same problem with any kind of issue in this game and are not better treated.

    -Legend- wrote “The Game Manager is David “Historian” DeWald. He lifes in Jacksonville, Florida. He is a 45-49 years old and divorced man which were not able to manage his own childs. But he is also the Community Manager of 9Dragons. That’s quite ironic. Or in other words: That’s retarded. That cannot work”
    Yes, this is exactly the image of a disliked father who cares more about internet/games/virtual life than his real life in family.

    -About “The only person which could change our 9Dragons version is The Hermit Steven-Elliot Altman. “ Hum, is it me or he left Acclaim in 2007?

    -About the real “Hermit”, you said it. IT IS NOT the real, not anymore. Head VGMs log him to add comments and post things in the forum…Who ever reply to you and pretend to be “The Hermit” could be a 17 years old child all excited behind his computer enjoying his supremacy moment.

    -Oh, before I forget…do you even know that some VGMs/GMs/MoDs are blocking each others on MSN? Look like some don’t have a social life or are have a lack of education to communicate between each others. WoW , what help can they provide to the players if they can’t resolve their own “Staff Team” issues.

    -Now let’s talk about “Vagabond” role (I use the “Role because” it is often used). I like more “Vagabond Life”. Since the Immortals and Dark Hermit events, they recognize the power of a real Vagabond in what you think? In the YY buffs. Let me tell you that the Immortal Vagabonds will have access to all clans YY buffs as we experienced in the past Immortals events. The worst mistake is the “Active skills” they gave after the Vagabond event. What is a Vagabond when you give him clan skills? He’s no more a Real Vagabond. Of course some players enjoyed the Vagabond event…But almost all of them stopped grinding just after.

    -Rare items should not be given or sold in item mall; it kills the game balance for bosses fight. None goes ever in CC for any relic

    -Let’s talk about the “Gift System”, other word for scamming, but legal scamming. That’s it !!!
    I have more to say and I will make a new relay. I hope you enjoy my comments.

    • – Gold Sellers vs. IP banning
      Uhm… Well… Sadly I have to tell you, that Gold Sellers use open (or sometimes closed) proxies to change their IP as many times as they want… That’s the excuse of Acclaim since years, why they “can’t” do anything.

      – GM Tools
      What do you expect? Do you really think the GMs keep the GM tools for themselves?

      – VGMs can’t help the players
      Oh, I know very well what people are behind the VGMs. If the GMs don’t know the VGMs purpose, then what is that? That’s unprofessional. The GMs, how I said already, have nothing under control. There were indeed VGMs with knowledge. But they all left. If you take a look on our old players interviews, you can find some. But those were good people. And good people always leave something sooner or later they can’t help. The VGM remain are just kids which find it cool to be a VGM, with a lot of arrogance. But no knowledge.

      – Pieces of junk
      I (or we) never said “all VGMs are bad”. What we said was, the good ones left. And that’s a fact. If a VGM just shows that (s)he got a problem with an issue of acclaim, they will get kicked out.

      – Historian
      Uhm… And tell me… Is this a good thing to be a “disliked father who cares more about internet/games/virtual life than his real life in family”? I know that he cared a lot about his website, his twitter profile, Call of Duty, 2Moons… But NO 9Dragons. There was no love for 9Dragons. He loved 2Moons, but not 9D.

      – Steven-Elliot Altman
      Yes, he left in 2007. And he came back in… when was it… 2009 I think. We wrote about it.

      – The real “Hermit”
      We already wrote about that other people use “The Hermit” on the forum to write posts. Historian did it already, Fugen does, and yes, it seems like some VGMs do that too. But fact is, Steven-Elliot Altman is a 9Dragons “leader”, or how he calls himself, a “LoreMaster”. He got “too little time” for the “stupid players” because he have “to work hard” on… translating 9Dragons text and other crap… Sorry to disappoint you, but yes, it is the real SEA. Ask him on facebook or any other private shit he have.

      – VGMs/GMs/Mods blocking each others
      Nothing new. Drakenfyre is the best example of an anti-reallife person. 9Dragons is the world for such people. This makes me even more happy, because I can’t wait to see them all crying when 9D will end. But that’s another story… However; seems like you don’t know who we are. We had (all) already contact with GMs when you just dreamed about to become a VGM.

      – Vagabond role
      Uhm… dude… These were Vagabond chars, yes. But the skills were set by the GMs. That got nothing to do with the originally vagabond path. A clanless warrior with clanskills is retarded, yes. But what do you expect from a retarded publisher? Clan skills were just rewards from the so-called “event” they made, but this whole clanskill and YY-buff crap will not be available ingame for clanless warriors. Maybe in the Item Mall one day…

      • Hallo Legend,

        first thx for your replay. I hope you did not missunderstood me. I m backing you guys 100%. I ve been too long in 9D and each sentence i read on this blog reminds me situtions i allready experienced.

        One thing i can say about this “However; seems like you don’t know who we are. We had (all) already contact with GMs when you just dreamed about to become a VGM.” you are putting your frustration on the wrong guy. Anyways, as a descendent of “Wu” i know the way of resistence.

        Thx alot

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