Legend is out and reflects over all – Part 1

Dear readers

It is already a long time ago since I joined the Project AI Blog. Everyone who read my older articles, know why.

I have fighted against Acclaim for a better 9Dragons game, like some other people with guts did. And I believed, that Acclaim would learn from their mistakes. But after 4 years, it is totally clear, they don’t.

Yes, I was pissed off a lot of times. But who wasn’t? Is there a player which was never pissed off about Acclaim? No, of course not. But the difference between me and the most other people is, I don’t shut up. I say what I think. And that was always the reason why Acclaim, Hermit aka Steven-Elliot Altman, and Fugen aka Josh Levitan, never liked me. Hell, they even hated me.

However; I got now more important things in my real life to care about. And seriously… I’m really… really… really tired of this endless stupidity of Acclaim…

There was never something like “professionalism” on Acclaim Games. But also David Perry, the ex-Co-Founder & ex-Chief Creative Officer of Acclaim Games, knows that. This may be the reason why he left Acclaim… Well however; I wanted to make an interview with David Perry. But sadly he didn’t want to talk about anything with me. It’s like “OMG, a guy from this bad bad blog, which the cool cool SEA told me about, sent me an E-Mail!

I would have ask him some nice questions… The questions I prepeared were those:

David, you were the Co-Founder and CCO from Acclaim Games. Is that right? When was that, and why did you leave Acclaim again?

We write mainly about 9Dragons and Acclaim Games on the Project AI Blog. Can you tell us what happened exactly with Indy21 on 2007, and why the original developing team from 9Dragons was replaced?

Steven-Elliot Altman and Josh Levitan, two people from the Hollywood background, are leading and managing 9Dragons. Do you consider this as professional?

Is it legal to decline an ingame unbanned player from an official game event, if the player meets the requirements?

Is it legal to take back purchased items from players, if those players payed money for it?

Many players complain about the missing Freedom of Speech on the 9Dragons Messages Boards. Are you aware of it? And what’s your opinion about Freedom of Speech on a game community?

Since 2007, Acclaim Games have the fame to delete and ignore every negative criticism against them, not only on the 9Dragons Message Boards. You were the CCO already back then – were you aware of it?

On an interview with golem.de you said once, on Acclaim’s MMOs one can play for free as long you don’t want to own special items, and when the people don’t like your games, then you will not earn any money. That sounds very human and professional, but fact is, 9Dragons for example is almost unplayable without a Premium Package from the Item Mall. And unstatisfied players are getting ignored, banned from the Message Boards, or disgusted until they quit the game. I am one of those, and not the only one. What can you say about that?

If you take a look on this player here – http://phpbb.acclaim.com/9dragons/viewtopic.php?p=882926#882926 – then you will see clearly an unstatisfied player which deinstalled 9Dragons. As response from Josh Levitan aka Fugen, the Game Manager from 9Dragons, the player get’s a demand to delete his characters. Josh Levitan even say to his unstatisfied player that he would be happy to delete the players whole account. Do you consider such an acting as correct?

You also advice other companies, or at least you did that once. What do you think, how far does a company have to go, until a few players think seriously about to sue this company?

Can you explain us, why Acclaim Games does not have any interest on communicating with their players and other “lower” people? And was this different once, on Acclaim Games?

Can you explain us why Better Business Bureau gives the most bad rating to Acclaim Games – http://www.la.bbb.org/Business-Report/Acclaim-Games-Incorporated-100058529 – and why this entry is old and never changed, while other entries from BBB are getting updated?

Altogether, what do you think is the main problem why Acclaim Games can’t or won’t work with other people together and be fair to their customers?

Playdom acquired Acclaim Games – or how Steven-Elliot Altman said, Acclaim Games “merged” with Playdom. Can you give some hope to veteran Acclaim customers and assure, that this will change Acclaim Games for good, or do you have absolutely no idea?

9Dragons is a dying MMO, that’s a fact. On your Project Top Secret, you wanted to make the person with the best ideas to the Manager of a new MMO. You wanted a person which would bring ideas, where you would say: “Damn, why didn’t I had those?” The one, which would show you really good ideas and game concepts. If I would bet with you, that I could make 9Dragons to one of the most popular games, if I would have the help of the right people, would you help me also to become manager of 9Dragons?

But, of course, David Perry didn’t want to give me any statement. After he left Acclaim Games he made a new company, called Gaikai. His very own website is http://www.dperry.com/ and his E-Mail adress dp@dperry.com. If you think about mailing him to ask for some help for 9D – forget it. David Perry does not have any interest on helping you.

David Perry was Co-Founder of Acclaim Games. After he noticed how shitty Acclaim Games is and that it will die with the way they act, he just walked away and just made a new company. And he advices other companies (!).

When BluFlash still was Game Manager of 9Dragons, I once posted on the old forum (which doesn’t give headache and eye cancer) the following words:

If a moderator says “B!tch” or “shut up”, it’s everything ok.
If a player says “B!tch” or “shut up”, the thread will be deleted.

If a VGM goes off-topic, it’s everything ok.
If a player goes off-topic, the thread will be locked.

If a BluFlash speaks in l33t, it’s everything ok.
If a player speaks in l33t, he will get a Dragon-Warning.

What is wrong?

Old times… But nothing changed… The whole story of Acclaim should get documented and given to FailBlog. Apropos fail… For more Acclaim fails, stay tuned. I still got a lot to tell.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


9 responses to “Legend is out and reflects over all – Part 1

  1. Acclaim only wants one thing :
    they don’t care about nothing else

  2. Only ‘small’ people shut up and don’t say what they think. And to shut up in front of people with superiority complex is something we should not do. A sarcastic person has a superiority complex that can be cured only by the honesty of humility. đŸ˜›

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