Who to blame ?

Now, in 9dragons we discuss only about money and the community gets just reproaches. Nothing constructive, just gargle and exercises of a cruel policy to take more money till extremity. Do not despair, because that’s just their 9dragons! Not  the players! All these things can be seen with the open eye on 9dragons forum :

1. GM Fugen :

There are two ways you can accelerate development:
1) Buy stuff from the Item Mall.
2) Write to Indy21 and tell them you like the game, support it with your money, and want them to create more content for it.

2. Who to blame ?… the players ofc…

I been hearing a lot of people blame the gold sellers and Acclaim for the ridiculous inflation in the game economy. The real problem is our own greed.

With a reference to the past, Acclaim never gave anything free to the players. Now in the twelfth hour, Acclaim has done nothing but … to take more money from us. And then I wonder: who to blame for the state of the game? Us ? I don’t think so…

Certainly, we are a sick community because we still hope.

9dragons is a beta crock, which is based on money making policy. It is still beta, no mistake! So don’t believe in big changes. I thought, until recently we will have few… 4 years of beta ? For more than 3 years, 9dragons was a big lie: all from official team show us that they try to reform the game, reshuffle and even used redundancy measures… all for nothing, NO improvement…!

9dragons is now like a lost sheep, where no one understands what this game is all about. We completely missing in what we invest our time to have fun and money. Because Acclaim said who we should trust, 9dragons community face a virtual moral crisis.Not to mention the crisis of confidence, the economic crisis of game and the psychological crisis of the community. We do not state precisely because of the game lost orientation. A beta game in which pecuniary size became an absolute priority for 4 years is a lost game.Sad, but the idea of prestige, a fundamental variable in a normal online game is materialized only in money for Acclaim.

In 9dragons the values are quite different: money, knowledge, relationships, business with Acclaim official staff, lying, unfulfilled promises and many, many more….In 9dragons is natural that the first question, when you start to play is : DO YOU HAVE MONEY ? Still it is a free game…


17 responses to “Who to blame ?

  1. 4 years beta crock. <– awesome
    Well 9dragons is a lost cause.
    It's a fail since… 2 years now?

  2. Fugen is lost in his stupid mind. The only value for them is MONEY so get used to it, they all do it to get more. Rentability? When that will be around 1 we will have a big problem.

  3. 2 sentence from Fugen and in both I see the word money. “If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can’t buy”.

  4. We still are in economic crisis so spending on an online game is not necessary and spending money for a game that for 4 years is in beta is stupid.

  5. I logged in game (just for a check out) and I had an heart attack. Crappy dodge trinket: 10 mills, SF tomes: 2 mills and i can continue….
    The prices in game are ridiculous. Inflation is too little said. Is an economic crash/disaster that makes this game to not recive new players or players that won’t pop huge amount of money in it.
    Is spelled FAIL as a game and for players and full WIN for greedy company.
    I am still amazed that some still linger around it and have hopes. MY hope was gone and I refuse to play this crap. Are so many good and very good games with a strong/stable economy outhere.
    Are even completely free and noItemMall based games too. And even those who have IM have the decency to keep economy stable.
    What heppens now in 9D is a shame.
    The fault is Acclaim and players alike. Nuff said.

  6. Too many things to say, to many pple to blame….the truth is, 9Dragons is a “Dead-End Salvation”

    -A 19 years old kid makes a new forum to RIP our eyes and avoid pple to vsisit it frequently so we can complain less than before.
    -GMs give event buffs to keep players mouth shut.
    -Players get incredible hours of XP events after an incredible RollBack, they dont see the amount of time and XP cards that they spend.
    -ROC is not fully accepted with-in the Acclaim Team.
    -Acclaim Official Team name changed to run from there responsabilities.
    -Players are not getting there promo items, witch is buy the way “Real Money” and Acclaim dont give an “F”.
    -VGMs are shut down as soon one of them protest or complain or even try to propose a policy.
    -Since 2 years WT cant create bands….and this is only 1 exemple of the 100 of buggs left in there, and the only excuse we got from Fugen is “Acclaim only provide the game, they dont make it”. So why the “F” they dont play with there relationship to make this fix faster ? Because they dont get another “F”.
    -Players IP range is banned because “No Human Being” is checking, only filtered thought suppositions.
    -Support replay is verry absurde, euh inexistent.

    Acclaim+9Dragons= Catastrophy

    • Correct post,the only incorrect thing is,WTs cant create band since 1 year,not 2 years,
      but it shows how much Indy/Acclaim cares about our 9D -.-

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