Our little blog is beating up on 9dragons forum

These days we took a break from posting consecutive entries and I watched random our blog audience. I was surprise how much has increased in audience per new IPs. Let’s take a look :

And now per day this week :

Vs  9dragons forum, General Discussion, most viewed part of 9dragons forum :

On 9dragons forum I sow this topic with a reply by Fugen, referring to our blog  :

That blog is a bunch of malcontents and whiners, some of whom stopped playing the game after having temper tantrums.

I can only laugh. Our little blog with bunch of malcontents and whiners is beating up everyday, week and month the so call ‘pro’ official team of 9dragons forum and game.

Take a look at their team vs ours :

9dragons team :

Game Manager/Community Manager

Game Director and Lore Master

9D GM’s

    Acclaim Smoke – [[-Smoke-]] [Head GM]
    Acclaim Sparda – _Ravenclaw_ 
    Acclaim Nevermore – [Nevermore]
    [GM of Awesome]

9D Moderators


Asura VGMs

Bardo VGMs

Nirvana VGMs

Project AI team :
Story Teller

So, 39 vs 4 ?Average views per 9dragons forum posts is somewhere around 200 ( views/post- 1 person can look at several). Our blog reach almost 1.000 new IPs/post everyday. This is another thing that shows how much competence 9dragons official team have to drow new people or old players to their forum. Well, Fugen and Acclaim ‘followers’ you can say what you want about this blog, the reality is only one  : ‘YOU CAN SUCK IT’ as Historian once said.


57 responses to “Our little blog is beating up on 9dragons forum

  1. who is sane in his mind will not go to 9dragons forum
    that place is full of idiots
    what 9dragons forum has become is the work of moderators > lock/delete…

  2. Congratz, more views, more power ! As Chick said, what become 9dragons forum is the work of a team full of incompetent people. 50% of post view is made by moderator team on 9D forum.

  3. Loz, I can only laugh… this happen when kids with small brain is runing the ‘show’ or anime/manga/vampir bitch is in charge of forum.

  4. On old forums the record of most visitors a day was set in January or April (I don’t remember anymore) !2007! with less than 800 (750 around) registered guests. For such a “big” MMO not really much, but who wonders. The community strikingly decreases day by day since end of 2007.

  5. What Acclaim is missing is BRAIN and STYLE. You need some experience and mind to write something. You guys read what is in our minds well so people read it. Gratz for the views. 10x. Keep it up.

  6. 9dragons forum will die soon thanks to Acclaim policy apply to veterans and players : ban their accounts and lock or delete their posts.

  7. That blog is a bunch of malcontents and whiners, some of whom stopped playing the game after having temper tantrums.

    Haha, that was the most funny answer from all idiots there. Some seems still to have their brains, and I wonder why their posts still weren’t deleted, like they do it all the time.

    Well, Fugen is in a hard situation. With publishing the facts, more and more people open their eyes, and they want answers. Fugen try to calm them down with trying to tell them that we are just retards. But if one takes a look into our old blog articles, one can see why some of us quitted.

    Fugen is too stupid to even give a good lie.

  8. Fugen is raising up the stupidity at comedy rank.
    Congratz AI Project team, good work with this blog.
    9d team need to be born again to compete with you guys & girls . wink

  9. The truth always hurts. Project AI team did a good wotk with this blog. Many people look with admiration at the authors and they inspire from their words. I sow many of your ideas at people on 9D forum. Love you and and keep the awesome work with this blog alive.

  10. Some of us actually stopped to play this game because of Fugen bad management and Acclaim lack of giving us a good time playing this game. Fugen now is the one who should start cry because my money will go to other game. And yes, he can suck it big time. Awesome entry. 10x for you guys.

  11. Only one word for 9dragons official TEAM : INCOMPETENCE.
    Acclaim official team abuses and broken promises to their customers led to this situation. Fugen can say what he wants, he is at fault too.

  12. in 04, 05 and 06 the blog will raise more people than ever, I am sure of that.
    Is great that from 1.000 per month to reach this week 1.000 per days. Keep it up !

  13. I don’t know how come, but our blog still is on first 9dragons forum page 😛
    It is true, on june 2010 we break the records on views till now. We almost reach 1.000 new IPs per day.
    I want to say thanks to all that linked our blog to their net pages, facebook or twitter. Thanks.

  14. What is going on now with 9dragons is call a bad management as someone said before me. They wanted lots of money with zero investition and with a team with amateur form by kidos with bad temper and behavior problems.
    People stopped on spending money on this game because of bugs, non balance & others stuffs we all know.

  15. Congratulation to your team, you raised from small audience to big one.
    Fugen should open his eyes and see what counts to raise up something in time.
    He should learn from you and lower his voice when he speaks about this blog, as we sow, his forum is dying and this blog is more alive than ever.

  16. For Fugen : If you ever feel too good about yourself, we have this thing called ‘AI blog.’ You can find a lot of people here who don’t like you… so SUCK IT ! Don’t mind Fugen, he show us with all his team what can do for 9dragons and that is nothing.
    Love and peace for Ai bloggers 🙂

  17. Acclaim was the one who kicked us from 9D forum by constant harassment and stupidity. I went to where I can talk and speak my mind. I quited that bunch of anime, vampire freaks to talk with people who have something in their minds. As me many did the same.

  18. Fugen skipped something : that bunch of malcontents and whiners gave or give money to Acclaim and he forgets to point why we comments so dramatically about him and Acclaim :

  19. I was here from the beginning and I will read this blog till will be closed.Don’t change and keep the high spirit. I wish this blog to grow more and more and become something that Acclaim community is missing : debating and sharing ideas even they are critics.

  20. This is how I started on this blog …

    …………………..I will not reveal my identity from official team, but all what OP said in this rubric is true. I am on players side so I will say that many abuse their power and talk to GMS to help their friends.They show a lot of hate when comes to people who oppose them.They are 16 years and few above, that is why they act like that.

    Now it is on the wave that BLuFlash will be fired.

    Someone who cares about 9Dragons…………………………………………….

    Than :

    ……………………………… sed said it in your face official nabys XD
    we all know what is going on behind Acclaim close doors
    we know how you all steal from players and get cover up
    we know you get free coins
    we know you help yours friends
    we know you farm moneys from VGM characters
    we know you use first the bugs that players report you
    we know you shared accounts
    we know how your true face looks like…………………………………

    What I said is still valid.

  21. Hello comrades

    I am still here after so much time and I want to say gratz to the people who put a lot of soul for this blog to grow up like this and first is sedbona who is the founder of AI blog. Gratz to Legend, vennus and Story Teller who wrote so many awesome articles.

  22. once I said that I am sick and tired of old things. we have to thanks Acclaim. puting up such a nice show on the boards shows me that only kids watching anime all day and long are good to moderate a forum. this is why people left 9d forum. as for the game, Acclaim is the only responsible because players left to other games.

    gratz for the good work on this blog.

  23. I don’t post so much on this blog, but I read it everyday so count me as a fan. I think this blog brings always something new and have a unique perspective over events, official team, it is ablog that open your eyes to see the entire imagine of 9dragons game and community. I am not surprise that has grown so much latly.

  24. ahhahaha nice!
    i check this blog almost everyday’s to see if have new post’s
    While Acclaim forum i don’t visit anymore.

  25. In my opinion Acclaim will always choose people who are lower in mind and easier to control to lead the game because they can’t face an intelligent man.They will always will feel complexed by people who can freely speak their minds puting on the table logic and arguments. If you are not a master in sociology, psychology and social sciences you will fail to control and develop an online community. That failure you can see it with the open eye in 9dragons community. Congratulations for all people that breaks free of Acclaim censor. Only speaking free we can create.

  26. Since so many people already posted and said congratz I will do it too. Even I follow the blog from the shadow and choose not to post, I still am the biggest fan. I also quited to see 9Dragons forum because was a place that don’t characterize me at all. There is too much stupidity and ignorance which pisses me off.

  27. Thank you for your great posts week by week, it is a great blog and 9dragons players can find usefull informations on it. You made it a breeze.

  28. Seems like there are a bit more unstatisfied players than just “some”, how Fugen said 😆

    But for Fugen these are all just comments from me and Sedbona, like the unstatisfied players on their own forum, even if none of us two visited the new ugly forum since a big while… 😆

    Stupidity + Paranoia = Not so good for a human brain

    However… Also I have to say a big Thank You to all our readers. The nice 9D players are the reason why we keep this work up.

  29. Fugen see in this blog the imagine of his catastrophic disaster to lead the community of 9dragons players. I see Fugen as a weak man and saying what he said about you and sed only show the imagine of a man who can’t fulfill his duty due professional inability.
    This blog is great and give big class to 9dragons ~impost~ team.

  30. The reason why this blog grow up so fast is because Acclaim is ignoring the players and forum readers.They try to find answers in another part and this blog is one of info source of how Acclaim 9D is doing. Why to go to the forum when nobody answers you, when nobody have the decency to tell the players the truth? Why to post in there when all you write is deleted because they suppose you call up a F… staff member.

  31. I post on this blog for a long time and I can say ………. this blog rocks !!! Good job on the blog and on all posts. Most of us veterans are already in here and we have a space where we can say our opinion using our freedom of speech and not with fear that after we put some efforts in writing a documented topic it may be deleted or move to trash or locked or whatever.

  32. At one point it supposed to happen such a growth in views . This blog has become some kind of counter-pole at Acclaim forum. It seems that the number of discontent players exceeded the number of the content players. Anyway as Buddha said the vast majority of veterans have migrated to this blog and I am one of them because 9dragons forum does not meet my requirements. There all things are the same, nothing changed, same old stupid topics and same old people in 9dragons staff with new names, people who are under kindergarten level of discussion.

  33. Omg, was so long time I didn’t post in here… but this post somehow make you do it. My first post was at 2009/07/19 – 08:14… almost one year and I am still here reading the blog. I never get enough of it. sedbona, Legend, vennus, ST, you all are a great team. I believe if you guys would help Acclaim maybe now all would be different and some people would not have quited the game. I remember the great times in 2007 when all community was happy and we all talk so much and share so many things over this game. We all were friends, but I don’t know why, all of that is lost now.

    Many people I knew since 2007 have quited. I also play random and once a week because the spirit of the game died and also the great community that was in 2007 died too.

    Take care my friends and have a great time playing 9dragons or other game.

  34. Awesome time back than Thunder, but Acclaim greed destroyed the game and the community, also Phew idea to make VGM team. From that point the hate, envy and unfairness divided the community of players. Anyway, I visit the blog from time to time since 2009 and I love it.

  35. I have this blog saved in my favourite files for a long time now. I found it ironically and funny. This blog is all that is left from 2007 community. Many people said it before me, 2007 was the best year for 9dragons. Community and the game has regressed because of incapable people who posted as the ‘big bugs’ of 9Dragons.In 2007 I played this game with fun and now just out of boredom. Nothing motivates me to play it and I think I will quit it soon. I am sad to see that a game with such potential is going down into ruin.

  36. Well, you know, yellow press prints only crap and still has more readers than serious press xD So, gratz, I guess

  37. Posted ..two maybe three times in total,reading / browsing it from time to time.
    Anyway,i cant believe this blog has more viewers than 9D’s Official forum lol

    Erf i Also wonder ..whos standin behind “vennus9d” and “story teller” ..
    By saying whos standin behind X person i meant whats his/her ign O.o

      • Ya nobody knows my ass ..u guys know who they are for sure but seems trying to hide -.-
        Anyway if u are pointing me by sayin “acclaim-followers dont know how to make research”,
        Tell ya what ..i dont really care thats why i dont bother with research,that simple.

      • Actually I didn’t ment you, JuG. I ment the 9D mods/vgms/gms/whatever. And as far as “I” know, you’re not an “Acclaim-follower”.

  38. You won’t post this, but you have 1k views/post because you have 1 post every day. The Acclaim forums have 200 views/post because it has hundreds or thousands of posts per day.

    Duh. For someone who claims to be smart, you sure don’t know the difference between total and average.

    • Here you are wrong. You want to know why ?
      If you look on 9dragons forum at General Discussion you will see 397 posts, if it will be as you claim, hundreds per day, that would be how much again ?…
      And one member on forum can see many posts in same time and that will be counted as 100 views/100posts for e.g.
      People on this blog, don’t read only one post per day and we don’t post everyday. We counted the new IPs view per day.

      You need to pass elementary school to understand math.

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