31 responses to “How to hack a 9D Account

  1. I never trusted Acclaim staff in their stupidity.
    Couple of weeks ago I logged into my account and all was fine. In the say or in the 2nd day (4 days later after I logged) when the forum was changed I logged on my account again to find it stripped.
    I do not share account, i have an hard password and in 3 years I have no problem at all (no keyloggers, no sh1t in my pc)
    But now it happened. Lost pretty much all.Just like Omega.
    Was someone who knew that we are on a long brake and that someone knew on what account to go for as he has no reason to “hack” a LM account (mine) unless he knew he can find some plates, BB’s , XP tradable cards, BE’s etc
    Same with Omega but he was actually stripped nacked , at least they let me my clothes and my weapon…

    So I am sorry If i blame staff and their “leaks” for this. I sent mail to Acclaim to BAN /IP BAN the person to whom my char made last transfer (as I never transfered anything from january) and they IGNORE everything. This is what they do, cos they can easy check last transfer (and that is the hacker). Even if was a vaga char, that char has an IP….case closed.

    I am sorry to say this but all those “big” accounts hack is staff fault and they are share info with specific persons that make real money with this (selling stuff in game for real money).

    So FU Acclaim! You will end up in a big filed of shit where you will harvest your abusers, hackers and exploiters. Good job!

  2. *typos: ” In the say or…” = In the next day
    “end up in a big filed”= end up ina big field

  3. PPS: ASnd good job Legend. As someone said… “It still works”. Some of ppl didn’t quit yet but you sure help them to. Providing such info at large scale really helps stealing accounts with Acclaim stupid minions help. I thought you hate acclaim not the players.
    Anyway, teach them some more…we will be greateful to you.

  4. I never trust Acclaim that our accounts are safe. Many happened already.
    Nice piece of info 😛

  5. I think this trend is sparked partly by us coming up against the wall of Acclaim system’s vast limitations and partly by the realization that we can’t just keep going like this. Acclaim has grown so they should invest more money to give us a safe enviroment.

  6. This info requires us to talk to and not accommodate with this situation , as well as sometimes to state and defend unpopular opinions.
    This is called sharing and cooperation.
    It’s something we all learned in preschool and it’s hard work.
    Acclaim should take a look at this and fix it.

  7. Big hole in the security of Acclaim…. all is Acclaim staff fault. It’s becoming a trend to hack in Acclaim system. Maybe did and show it.

  8. Some advices for ACCLAME >
    There are a number of things you can do to protect your company and mitigate the threats:

    Implement an IT security program with sound policies – Adopt or update your existing Acceptable Internet Usage policy to inform your employees on what types of information they are allowed to post online about your company to reduce the possibility of spear phishing.

    Implement the right technologies – At this point, you should already have anti-malware/anti-virus software installed on every corporate computer to attempt to cover your end users. In addition to this, you should consider investing in data leak prevention solutions, to help enforce your corporate policies on what is acceptable content to post online or even be allowed to leave your network.

    Continually educate your employees – a lot of cybercrime relies on an end user’s lack of knowledge. Continually update and performed user awareness training sessions or “brown bag” events to teach your users the common threats they will face, as well as update them on the latest attacks being carried out.

  9. i dont get this.. how you supose to hack account if you dont know its ID?? actualy noone is sharind account info anymore. its kinda inposible :/

  10. Acclaim will never recognize how weak they are in front of a hacking attack. We have many eg/s of that.

  11. I don’t want to remember how many times the hackers laugh in Acclaim face and hacked accounts of VGMs, players and even breach the forum security.

  12. Hi guys,
    Ok so, or this isn’t possible at the moment or I’m doing something wrong.
    What do you fill into the boxes at constumer support?
    So far I got no email back from them.

    Best regards, please relpy

  13. What a funny guy you are Legend.
    To give those brainless kids that reading your blogs a step by step instruction how to hack the last few ppl in 9D that still might have fun with it.

    Weren´t you supposed to be ” Acclaim Enemys” and not enemys of their customers?
    This post will only damage the players not acclaim…

    Gratz for this ….

  14. You guys (authors) should keep trying to ” convince ” the 9d customers to leave acclaim like you did in all the posts before and not trying to force them in a…. lets say indirect way.

  15. I expected a reply like that…. just suprised that it camed so quick :S

    Well then, good luck with whatever you trying.

    P.S. After you done with acclaim, you go for world domination? >_<

  16. Wanna bet you spent more money on 9dragons in a few months then i spend in the 2 years i played it?^^

    And if you already started talkin about something like that, why don´t you tell us with how much money you authors gaved acclaim before you started to complain about them.


  17. Well.. I never knew theres even a blog about my work 😛
    Who cares guys.. AkiSakura was it your account with the GL +9 Sword?

    And yeah.. I hacked Omegas account too 🙂 Was pretty fun PKing in BP with a PS warri ^^

    I hacked cause I was to bored to play a char high like that on my own.. and with acclaims help and some knowledge it worked awesome ^^

    Tran1234 was CS1 when I hacked him and he had a pretty kewl FC +9 staff ^^ I stole it.. 😉

    Well… I am an asshole I know many ppl hate me or quitted game ^^
    I could give you guys more then 100 id`s and pw`s with FC+ Players..^^

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