9dragons Acclaim servers are down

It’s Saturday night and few time till my party will start.9dragons servers are down people, so go on with your life. You can check 24/24 the status at load-O-meter forum . And for the people who don’t have a life, I will preach something today.

Paradoxically one of the least publicized problems of the Internet era is the computer game addiction. Of course, many will contradict me, saying, with arguments, that there is no such dependence. How otherwise than dependents you appoint those persons whose occupation begin with a “daily” game until it no longer can get separate from monitors for hours ?

In computer games, the players have always the action in their own hands, and the apparent happiness of achieving a particular goal within the game  contributes to the increasing desire of reveninre in cyberspace. From here until the addiction is a single step. Eventually, the player gets into a vicious circle which can hardly get out, consuming more time

On the other side we have the supporters of the hypothesis that computer games are those that do not cause addiction…obviously the people in charge of the produce of games. The main argument that would support such a hypothesis is that the games produce harmless fun, and any form of entertainment can not be regarded as causing addiction.

But if we look at things from this point apparently positive, we can not help but make a comparison with narcotics, that  produce a euphoric moment. So what is different between the drug and PC games?

Psychologists at least, if not even the general public have begun to consider the possible treatments for such ailments. Although research is just in the preliminary phase, they already registered cases that hardcore players have been helped to overcome their obsessions by psycho-pharmacology, psychotherapy and rehabilitation programs. So far, only few countries like South Korea, China, Netherlands and United States have begun such programs, but expect the number of “patients” and that the remedies to multiply in the coming years.

There is therefore a game addiction? Probably yes. But like all issues related to human personality and its mode of expression, if diagnosed in time this addiction can be overcome.

So take care,vennus out. ( Comments off ).


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