Angry 9D Staff!

It’s just two days ago when I started to take the freedom of speech from those, who take it from others: From the 9D staff.

The MOST funny thing is, they are much, much more angry than their own players! πŸ˜†
How funny. They love to delete every single “bad” post on their forum, but they get sooooo angry because they can’t comment anything anymore, on a simple non-Acclaim blog. πŸ˜†

I found some funny comments. One, for example, accused our “mods” for lying. Well, first of all, we don’t have any moderators here… lol
However; the comment was “The mods here are lying! They delete every comment they don’t like!” *cry* *cry* *cry*

Seems like you didn’t understand me. So I explain you again:
I DO delete every comment from the 9D staff. And I WANT everyone to know it. If this blog is really so important for you 9D staff guys, then just stop to take the freedom of speech from your players on your forum.

Another funny comment was from myste. She (?) writed something, don’t know anymore what, was anyway just complaints. But then, I found another comment from “another person” (name was different), with the exact same words as myste used and then added “you said you will just delete comments from the 9D staff, but i’m not from the 9D staff!” πŸ˜†

Who doesn’t know myste? Was and is an Acclaim-Follower since a few years. But moderators which don’t know how to use their moderator rights and just know the “delete” and “lock” buttons try to kidding us. Well, common sense is a rare thing…

But, yes, Ravenclaw stopped to try to spam us with comments. At least I didn’t see any comments from his IP since my last blog article. And I appreciate that. I hope, he will keep that way, so we will be all happy.

As people which LOVES to ban and take the freedom of speech from innocent players, the 9D staff went very, very fast angry. They claim to have a real life but get so angry because they can’t comment anymore on a simple non-Acclaim blog. πŸ˜†

Irony, guys. Irony. And I love it.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


25 responses to “Angry 9D Staff!

  1. Freedom of speech is imporatnt for every person, because of it, you evolve as person. Maybe they need a lesson to learn how to communicate with players.

  2. What is going on in 9d boards is call dictatorship.
    Hope you guys will not bring that to this blog.
    Peace out !

  3. GM Kane or Raven is pretty much clueless about the game. I wonder how many times he actually plays the game. If the GM is that stupid, how you can expect the game getting better.

    Also, they lock or delete all the posts that they don’t like. Like that dumb kid coolmanx2 (wonder what is the new name he hides under now), banned my account for racism which he couldn’t explain. When I asked them publicly, they either locked or deleted it.

  4. You know why they lock or delete the posts on 9d forum?
    Because they can’t raise to a higher intellectual level to actually have a conversation.
    What a smart avatar would call himself coolmax? It is stupid.

  5. at one point you will have to pay everything you did with same coins and maybe that time came for moderators and official staff of 9dragons. go, go Legend.

  6. A fulfilling existence means to be in agreement with the world and yourself and especially to discover your mission. And the mission of moderatos is not to cut off the freedom of speech but to stimulate it.

  7. Good lesson for Acclaim, they think they are GoDs, but are simple humans after all, and what humans…low brain !!!!

  8. Acclaim’s virtual world is a sick world and give birth to ‘monsters’. It’s a world where values have no place, and the fundamental principles of a democratic society are not applied. A virtual world is made in the image of human creation … and those from Acclaim can not handle such a challenge because in real life, most are also some non-values people in what they do or what they are. They have no substance.

  9. 9d will go down soon, I wonder in what game they will go… I want to stay away of them, I don’t like kids with nothing in their heads.

  10. Yeah go Legend.. Block all Acclaim comments.. It’s time they got some of their own medicine..
    To onto others as you want done onto yourself..
    They treat all their players as if they are little children, but their is lots of players that is actually not even children.

    People wanted to post video’s onto forum, but they just decided all players are kids and will post junk or porn and scrapped idea without any discussion..
    They have filthy minds and think all players are same as them..
    There is many other examples on their forums of them either treating players as kids or just blocking whatever they want..
    I’m so glad that someone is doing this to them for a change

  11. Guys did you see any project from 9dragons official team to where to say WOW ? They can only fool the kids.

  12. When comes to speak your mind and you say something negative, the comments get deleted. I am glad that Legend trys to show to 9d mods what that means.

  13. Like someone said, to think is to practice brain chemistry. A fool’s brain digests philosophy into folly, science into superstition, and art into pedantry. Hence University education. That is the TEAM.

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