Ravenclaw threats us. Uhhh, how horrible!

The GM Ravenclaw threats us with real life stuff. Quote: “Nobody mess with me in real” and “I will hunt you all“. How professional from a “Game Master”. And very interesting… Raven had to save his miserable earning a whole year, just to be able to visit Warda one day (not that Warda would allow him to visit her anyway… But that’s another story), and he wants to visit all of us?

Uhm… I’m not really sure in what world Ravenclaw lives, but it is a broken and virtual one. Oh, and please, don’t cry because your comments gets deleted. Now you can see how your players feel. Makes you angry, hum? Yes, your players are also angry. If you want to talk with us, or post any other comment here, just give the freedom of speech to your players, and I will give yours back here.

If you don’t want to face the truth about your virtual girlfriend, then ok, I don’t care at all. But don’t start a fight because of a person you will never meet in real.

Ravenclaw, now listen very well, because I will just say it once: Stop to act like a kid. If you stop, I will write nothing about you. If you keep going, I will. And we know a lot. Also keep in mind that Fugen and Hermit would not be so happy to know how much you helped this blog.

I will just stop with writing articles about you, when you stop to act like a kid. After every new article you will have the chance to end it. This means, if you stop to act like a kid, I will stop to write more and more about you. But if you just act like a man, and not anymore like a kid, I will stop to write about you. This game begins now.

Play well, and you might win. But don’t try to win, because you will just lose.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


P.S (for the people with a common sense only):
Sedbona promissed you all freedom of speech in this blog. She always believed and still believes that the best way to show the people what they actually do, is to show them that they got here freedom of speech, while they take it from their players on the 9D forum. But I think different. I believe, the best way to show the people what they actually do, is to do with them the same what they do to others. That’s why I only take the freedom of speech from the 9D staff.

I have to apologize to Sedbona. She always wanted the Blog to be something what Acclaim isn’t.


23 responses to “Ravenclaw threats us. Uhhh, how horrible!

  1. Well delete their comments, I got like 2 replies deleted on 9Dragons forum… without warning or without any explanation.
    And the only thing Ravencrap can do is having a girlfriend online, he is too lame for real life… and wtf is this: “I will hunt you all? Sounds like someone has been watching lately a lot of revenge badass movies or kitty porn… 😐

  2. he acts like a small kid, like you give a shit of what he will do. he don’t even have money to drop dead.
    don’t mind him.

  3. Like I care,. he can say what he wants, we live in Europe, not India. We are civilized people and we have the Court of Law. And what he can do ? Come and beat me ? That is lame, like he has the money to buy a plain ticket to my country or like he knows where I live.


  4. That is what happen when Acclaim hire childish people.
    Is allow to have a virtual relation with a player?
    Can you influence the game because of that ?
    Is moral?

  5. In my opinion you are not normal if you that to defend a virtual love. After all, did he sow warda in real life? In virtual life you can all you say you are, but in real counts.

  6. Hmm, like he can do what he say, he don’t have the power and the fact is that he is behaving like a kido. If he is man enough he would flay to meet warda in real life, not bother to threats some people in virtual life. Anyway don’t mind him, he is not a man, but a pussy. What a normal personal threats over virtual love? Is this right?

  7. Loz, as Saint said, is he normal in his head ?
    All over a vitual bimbo?
    Let him live in his small universe, obly real life can wake him up.

  8. I bet he will never meet warda in real life because she is not who she say she is. That is a fact.

  9. Ravenclaw seems a calm person, but you never know.
    I am surprise that he did that. People can change.
    If he did it, he should take all back.

    • Yes, he’s actually a calm person, and that’s why we all here had a good relationship with him. But as soon we talked about his virtual girlfriend, he became angry and threated us.

  10. Only people mentally weak are threatening others. They can’t do a thing in relation with others and start threaten. The fault is inferiority complex.A person with such a complex has a tendency to always compare with those of the entourage of socially, That person can’t determine the fair value and is lacking self confidence. Kane is in a desperate need to feel loved and that is what warda gives him, of course by lies.

  11. I agree with vennus. Kane believes that his love is all what exist in this world and shut down the eyes to the world. In fact, these are only justifications that help to find a way to self, to understand what happens when you lose control.

  12. It is well to understand that it is natural to have flaws, but it is necessary not to lose sight of you. Each is unique and valued by its uniqueness. Kane must enjoy that not a virtual love which is not sure.

  13. Kane is a social misfit. A virtual love, without the real one is zero. And to fight over it is stupid.

  14. Wasn’t Warda with Enigma, than with Phew than with Tunnel, than with Kane ?
    Is this girl deserve what Kane did ? My guess not.
    In my opinion she is false as person.

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