Bored drakenfyre, stealing of guides, and the new Freedom of Speech

People from the 9D staff (and only from the 9D staff) come here and cry. That’s funny, really 😆

But we have to keep it going. We can’t play with you all the times. So here’s a new article from me:

Drakenfyre75 is bored!
Yes, that’s right. The “bitch”, how she called herself (I’m not even sure if this is really a she… I saw her real photo once on the old forum…) is so bored, that she gives random cards to innocent players. And we all know what happens, when the anime freak get’s bored: She shows her arrogance. Probably because she’s still jobless.

“She” carded two people on a topic for an off-topic reason. Before, you would have get at least a PM. Apropos PM… This is off-topic and should have been a PM, according to the Acclaim rules. But, well, you know the Acclaim Staff… They never have followed their own rules. The 9D moderators can say “shit”, “fuck”, “bitch”, etc, without any problems, while the players get carded for a simple “wtf”. Well… Some stupidity is endless… But what do you expect from a team of anime, vampire, and emo freaks?

Acclaim steals guides from players. Again?!
Of course again. They always did that, so why should they stop now? Already the first vagabond guide ever was stolen by a GM (which was on 9D back then) and Warda. We wrote already about that.

Warda keeps claiming to never have stealed any guide. The new (and ugly) forum shows something different.

When the Advanced Vagabond Lightfoot aka Peng You Lightfoot came ingame, not even the GMs knew what that was, and why it was implemented. Not that they would know anything from the 9D content anyway… Like the old clandecos without slots, they are still implemented ingame…

However; Since not even the GMs knew what this Peng You Lightfoot was, and if it was really ingame or just a rumor again, I searched the answer with my Vagabond Army. As soon we found the truth, I posted a guide on the Vagabond Army forum about it.

Since I was still kind and wanted to help the unthankful 9D players, I gave to “daemonruye” the permission to post it on the 9D forum. Only him. But the Acclaim Staff would not be the Acclaim Staff if they would not steal more guides from the players without to ask.

(Before you open the following link, be warned: It may give you eyestrain, headache or cerebral hemorrhage)

They didn’t ask me if they can post my guide. How’s that called again? Oh yeah, “stealing of intellectual property”.

Well, at least they had the respect to write below “ originally -Legend-‘s guide. I was really surprised. I never saw any respect from the Acclaim staff. But maybe they just wrote that because otherwise it would be too easy to sue them because of it.

New “Freedom of Speech” rules on the Project AI Blog
We are, or rather I am introducing new rules for the comments on our articles. But this will only effect those, who take the freedom of speech from other people on the 9D forum. In other words: From now on, the comments which I don’t like from 9D moderators, VGMs or GMs will be removed. If you take a look on our Comment Policy, you can read the following line:

by posting your comments to the blog you are granting me the right, in perpetuity, to use, alter, and/or display them however I see fit.

If you guys (only the 9D staff, of course) want your freedom of speech on our blog back, then you just have to stop to take the feedom of speech from your players on your forums. Simple as that.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


Haha, this really makes me laugh. The guys which takes the freedom of speech from other people on the 9D forum are sooooo upset, that I am deleting every stupid comment. What an irony, hum? 😆

@Ravenclaw, don’t upset the truth. And before you threat us again, think wisely. I’m not sure if Fugen would like to know some things…
In other words: You don’t really want a mess with us…


27 responses to “Bored drakenfyre, stealing of guides, and the new Freedom of Speech

  1. They all lie. They change the name and now steal players work because they are so low in mind that they can’t do it.

  2. draken = virtual bitch
    warda= virtual sex babe
    Acclaim mods = anime, vampire freaks
    Acclaim officials = amateriush

    All in in = disaster

  3. I think intellectual property is too much for those illiterate.
    Many players already refuse to transfer their guides.

  4. All are like others in Acclaim, nothing special.
    They dig more and more the people who wants to do a good job.
    draken say she is a bitch but warda did virtual sex with Tunnel, at least he said so to Bardo players.

    • HAHA yes, she did. I know that since a few years. And not from Tunnel himself, because I don’t like Tunnel. But she didn’t made it just with Tunnel…

      Furthermore, Warda gave some pictures from her in the bikini to GM Phew, while Ravenclaw, her virtual boyfriend, never saw them.

      According to Raven, she’s a spanish muslim… Don’t know who would ever believe that, but Raven does.

  5. I think warda needs special attention from this blog.Draken cried that she is discriminated and we only write about her. There are some things we keep them quiet for many reasons, yet some people don’t know their limits.

  6. a muslim in bikini? it is against the religion. that is a lie, she is not muslim.
    anyway, like always Acclaim people sucks.

  7. here are some guidelines for Muslim women dress guidelines:
    Conditions of Muslim Dress Code

    1. Clothing must cover the entire body, only the hands and face may remain visible (According to some Fiqh Schools).
    2. The material must not be so thin that one can see through it.
    3. The clothing must hang loose so that the shape of the body is not apparent.
    4. The female clothing must not resemble the man’s clothing.
    5. The design of the clothing must not resemble the clothing of the non-believing women.
    6. The design must not consist of bold designs which attract attention.
    7. Clothing should not be worn for the sole purpose of gaining reputation or increasing one’s status in society.

    The reason for this strictness is so that the woman is protected from the lustful gaze of men. She should not attract attention to herself in any way. It is permissible for a man to catch the eye of a woman, however it is haram (unlawful) for a man to look twice as this encourages lustful thoughts.

    That is the true, I know it from one girl who live near me.

    Coming back to the post, 10x.

  8. I will give you the answer : now is Playdom board. Was easy no? Seems Legend keeps his word on the new freedom of speech in here…

  9. UGH
    before you type it anymore
    its not
    “What an irony”
    irony is not a noun
    you say
    “how ironic”

    • How shall I ask if I am banned on the old forum?
      How shall I ask if I get cerebral hemorrhage on the new forum?

      This article is enough reason to take it away again from the forum. At least for people with common sense. And we all know the 9D staff does not have 1 of them.

      • First, the old forum is null and void. You have to re-register for the new forums anyway *shrug*.

        Second, if it is yours, take it and claim it. Cerebral hemorrhage or not, if it is yours it is yours. If the only thing stopping you is the forums format, than it should be a piece of cake.

        Third, I personally wouldn’t know if they have common sense or not. So I’m not qualified to say if you are right or wrong on that one (not my business anyway. You know what I mean?).

      • For your first point: Seems like you’re pretty new to 9D. The reason why I quitted 9D was because the leads didn’t let me participate on the vagabond event (i would have leave the event anyway, just boring and idiotic ideas…). In other words, they dislike me. In other words, they would ban me again. In other words… Well, you should be able to count the facts now.

        For your second point: That’s what I did with this blog article. It is pretty clear that I do not like to see my guide there, and the Acclaim staff reads this blog every day. In a matter of fact, some of our most loyal readers are from the Acclaim staff. But my guide is still there.

        For your third point: What makes you qualified to say if they have a common sense or not? The answer is: A common sense. Maybe you’re too new on 9D to understand it. But if you keep watching Acclaim, you will be “qualified” soon enough to say that.

  10. I think warda lies whne comes to muslim, no woman who is muslim will show his body, but this is my opinion only.

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