The new 9dragons forum looks horrible

My first reaction was : ‘WTF is this?’ What is this monstrosity? It has no aesthetic, more, as it is now, the forum don’t have anything of that special note of 9dragons game. And then I remembered … Acclaim is working with volunteers who nobody knows what they do in real life … may even be mentally ill. And from the way they combined the colours maybe they are.

Let’s take a look…

It is a blend of colors and shapes which is in my opinion stupid.I think some designers would make a heart attack if they would take a look at the forum.I remember Fugen saying that he must say ‘thank you’ to drakenfyre and warda for the new forum. Omg, two girls in real life, at least they claim they are,with not even a minimal notion of how to match the colors.In Chinese tradition, each color is a representation of one of the five essential elements: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Colors of each element are used for a specific area or to convey a certain state.

Also, colors are  divided into two categories, belonging to the feminine principle of yin and yang of the male. Ying&Yang are opposite creating a supreme balance, but of course this is a lesson that some people don’t understand.

Again OMG,what about this new ‘shit’ of forum? Even the fans have beautiful, creative and imaginative forums. Take a look at this forum and you will understand the level of 9dragons ‘official team’ : ‘0’ with /. It is an embarrassment to talented players of 9dragons who knows to design a forum.I do not understand why not let those who know how to design a forum to do it.There is nothing creative on it, buttons are trivial, no bit of imagination is used on content and the color fusion is unfortunate. It gives me a feeling of vomiting when I look at it. What do you think?


53 responses to “The new 9dragons forum looks horrible

  1. You said good vennus, it looks like a big shit and makes you vomiting when you look at it.Can you ask for more? I guess not.

  2. Indeed looks horrible. They could remake the buttons in 9dragons style and put 9d colors or keep it, those new buttons are normal ones. They took a simple interface from net and put it with no theme. It is amateur work.

  3. lololol… Even my forum looks better than this. And I didn’t need more than 5~10 mins for it. What the hell did Drakenfyre and Warda do the whole time??

    And seriously… the perfect 2 guys (yes, guys) for this job. Drakenfyre, the ass-kisser and “bitch” number 1 from the 9D staff, which loves to give random forum cards, and Warda, the girl which was once know as virtual b… ah well, let’s just talk about that she stole some guides from players.

    Historian was arrogant as hell. But I’m pretty sure, as ex-webmaster he would dislike the new forum too.

  4. I laugh 10 minutes on how the forum looks. Like a monster strike it with a ugly face. Hearts my eyes only by looking at it.

  5. And the team change the name… why ?
    9D Bleez [Head Moderator]
    9D Anatomy [Second In-Command]
    9D Atticus [Third In-Command]
    9D Ventus [Fourth In-Command]
    9D Legacy
    9D Loki
    9D Shoki
    9D Atlantis
    9D Shorinji

    Maybe vennus can write one day from where their name came from. Stupid move, we still know who is who.

  6. Freaky ugly…The forum is soooo ugly.. ugly or freaky.. ugly or freaky.. ugly or freaky??? I don’t know.

  7. The background have the shit color all over it and serious, is LOL. WTF ? WTH? What is that ? Looks like, I have no words to describe it, but it is ugly.

  8. I will say it as a gentleman: the muse has left them. Anyway, is terribly ugly, without matching the colors, the theme, the lines, the wallpaper. It’s a total mess.

  9. The knowledge of those who made the forum are minimal, even I did one more beautiful. Looks like hell, let’s simply say is grotesque They threw a box on a forum template and that it is all.
    They didn’t work on buttons or lines because they don’t know how to do it I guess.

  10. I don’t want to imagine how those girls dress in real life.
    There is no sense of colors in the new forum.
    It is barbaric fluid and cut the ax.
    It is disgusting when you look at it.

  11. Guys & girls let me laugh… HAHAHAHA… Of course the official team is the one who deserve that.

  12. Omo, what is with that noobish forum?
    People actually pay for this game to have that ?
    Loz, on what world we live in ?

  13. The new forum simply sucks, no theme, colors hurts my eyes and nothing to be found. Is made by people with no forum knowledge. Big gratz again for moderator team who show us their kids level !!! Gratz and laugh .

  14. 9d is going to be closed as indy21 is already down, all 9d publishers contract end this summer or have already ended

  15. vennus9d , you should give the real information and not a fake or distorsioned one:

    … I’d like to give a big thank you/shout out to [LM] Warda and our mod staff, particularly Draken, for their help in getting the new boards set up and posts and guides moved over. And a very special thank you to our very own xapher19 for creating the new board theme and helping set up all the permissions and other back-end.

    And that is what I exactly did, moving the guides I have made.

      • Warda is right, that’s what Fugen actually said.

        And, as much as it hurts my guts, I agree with you. The whole theme of the new forums it ridiculous. Some dark forums are cool, usually goth/metal/vampire stuff, they make an awesome black+white+red themes. But 9Dragons is a game about honour, fighting for your clan. It shouldn’t make you wonder if the creator was on the verge of a suicide, when he created it. Though, looking at xapher’s pics…No wonder the boy(?) is an emo. If I looked like a 12 year old chick, I’d be depressed too.

      • Fugen never said “Warda just moved the guides”. That’s more a stealing, but that’s not new for warda anyway… BTW, there’s also a stoled guide from me on the new forum. At least they had the respect to write my name there.

        For agreeing with us… You’re a bit late. But if you get more brain, you will be able to agree with more. BTW…

        Did you find already those “words” I reputed said? You didn’t reply anymore then. Weirdly… 😆

      • This might come as a surprise, but I actually have a real life(if you are not familiar with the phrase, google it) and much better things to do than browse through all your “acclaim sux”-topics looking for something that you’ll try to deny anyways.

        And, as far as I saw, the names of those who created the guides were mentioned. I really don’t see how that’s stealing. Google plagiarism for more information on the subject. Then feel free to come back and argue again. Oh, and care to explain the meaning of “reputed said”? I’m having a hard time understanding that phrase.

        Well, first of all, getting more brains will include some illegal activites(like murder and storing organs, both rather creepy, IMO). Second of all, just because I dislike the new forums does not mean I find your “work” worth more than a rat’s butt. I still think it’s extreme hypocracy to spit so much poison on Acclaim and their team, while buying coins. Not to mention wasting your time on such badly managed and dying game. Not only playing it, but going through the trouble of finding out small ants of inside info and blowing them to elephants.

      • Legend come on m8 first you quit, then you dont, then you do and now you are back again?

        Make up your mind m8 because you credibility is on the line too ^^. Only thing you can do is say “BOO ACCLAIM” and “ACCLAIM SUX”. Dont your boyfriend get worried when he hear you say that in your sleep? One word for you Legend: LIFE ………..get one!!!!

      • I cannot be sure about the brain’s capacity of certain person when I read this expression:

        …Fugen never said “Warda just moved the guides”.
        Because, in his text, Fugen clearly said:
        … And a very special thank you to our very own xapher19 for creating the new board theme…

        I should understand that this person has not read the full text, but then I should think that this certain person is an ignorant because he criticizes without having the full knowledge of the issue.
        But really I don’t want to think that this person is ignorant.

        Then, I should think that, may be, this person, intentionally, manipulates the true, and then I should think that this certain person is a liar because criticize what he knows it is not true.
        But really I don’t want to think that this person is a liar.

        May be someone wants to give me credits for a job that I have not done and then, to have reason for criticizing me for that job and for trying to get these credits, but then I should think that I am a very important person in the life and brain of this person.
        But really I don’t want to be an important person.

        In any case, I must think that these persons should have enough brain to notice that to move a guide is more than just copy and paste.
        I invite to any of these super-intelligent persons to go to the Game Guides (How to play, Game Interface, Shortcuts, Items, Monsters and Deviant Clans, etc.) and run post by post counting the links that they have, of course, if they can do, I don’t want anybody tries a task out of his/her capacity.
        Then, if they have been able to complete that simple task, they should look the time they have spent only counting these links and then, if their brains are enough for it, maybe they can understand that this job is not done by a Magic Act, and then, maybe, they can imagine the time to edit all these links, one by one, to edit several images and text size and color to adjust each post of these guide to the new Forum.

        Anyway, if nobody is able to complete the task, I will understand and I will read their criticisms knowing that those criticisms are based in the ignorance and/or in the arrogance.

        Also, I can read: …Just stay at your lovely forum. That’s the best for us all…
        Are you guys deny me the right to answer when someone criticize me?
        Where is the freedom that you are claiming for?
        I have got this image:

        In it I can see how this Blog have a previous censor of the posts and, when someone posts 3 definitions from dictionaries (bodybusy; gossip and nosy) they are censored.
        QUESTION: Is it normal in this Blog to see how mods can use offensive language directed to other persons and, how others users cannot post 3 normal words (not directed to anybody) and their meaning from a Dictionary, because they get PREVIOUSLY censored????
        I am sure that any mod here will give a fake excuse to have the right to censor the English Dictionary. Nice hypocrisy from who claims for the free expression and the right to criticize.
        Maybe who complains because in other parts the censor is running should look at him/herself.

        At last, I would ask you guys/gals to be honest with yourself, if you can of course, and criticize one person only for his/her job with knowledge about what job has done and what is the tasks for completing this job, and do it, if you can, without manipulating and, of course, without talking about personal thing because nobody has the right to come into the private life of other person.
        Over all having in mind that in same way that someone can talk about a job ignoring what it is or manipulating the true this person can (or will do) same for the private life of others, of course, hiding his/her own life.

      • Only the administrator have the power to approve new comments ( or comments with links- due spamm the blog is set that way), which is me. When I am not around, the comments are pending. When I have the time, I will approve it, which is the case….

      • @myste
        Of cource you claim to have a “real life”, and that you don’t have the “time” to check your cases against me. Because… exactly… you are talking bullcrap and could not find any of your cases against me.

        I quit Acclaim’s 9D, and I’m not back there. I didn’t quit the Blog, so I’m not “back” here. I don’t know what you are talking about. But if you argue that I do not have a life, then no one will believe you, because you are just talking senseless stuff.

        You can write as much bullcrap as you want… You are still a stealer. I never agreed with copying my guides to your new (and ugly) forum. I gave only to “daemonruye” the permission to post my guide on your old forum, and that’s it. By the way, you made a horribe job.

        How StoryTeller already said… quote ” their help in getting the new boards set up” …. What that mean ? Set it up means only to move the guides? I don’t think so.

        Weirdly that you don’t respond to him. Because you can’t.

        You guys come here and expect freedom of speed, even if you are exactly those who take the freedom of speech from the people on your forum. You are talking about things you don’t know (even Sedbona had to explain you how a simple blog works…). So better be careful what you are saying. Otherwise I will start to take you your freedom of speech, how you do it all the time on your forum.

        You are just slaves. So keep on your role, and stop talking bullcrap. And get a REAL life. 9D isn’t a real life, you know. 9D staff is full of anime/vampire/emo freaks, and YOU tell ME to get a life? Well… Better care first about your miserable lifes, before talking about mine.

  16. Because it ends up like this you guys or girls want to move the guilt from one to another…
    quote ” their help in getting the new boards set up” …. What that mean ? Set it up means only to move the guides? I don’t think so.

    • Fugen said it and ST only quote his words, you know only one small ‘,’ can make a big difference.

      A small story:

      “A comma has saved a human life:
      Spies caught an enemy soldier and sent a messenger to ask the king if he will kill him or release him.King sent answer:
      -No kill!
      If you put a comma after NO …”

  17. Who let the anime dogs on forum ? Looks ugly and I can’t read nothing, the colors are too strident and harsh. My eyes hurts me.

  18. The work of moderator team is obvious : disaster at big scale. Someone should mail Playdom and ask to stop with this childish and kick off the kids moderators. Let the job be done by some designers. Playdom wants to sell IM. How to sell if your imagine is at ground.

  19. OMG you people still at it? Still trying to get Acclaim or in this case Playdom down. Well gogogogo you all go and vomit about the forum. I have better things to do in life 😉

  20. My first impression is ‘un-professional’. I got headacle after reading posts for awhile. Maybe this is another way to make people visiting the forum less to complain on their management 🙂 ..

    Anyway, it’s all about business to cut back on funding. Moving the forum to the lower cost of host. Also, ‘Upgrading Asura to better server’ actually means to downgrade Asura to lower cost of server (due to lower population). Those are all signs that they will keep 9D alive ’till they cannot get anymore money out of players.

  21. What sedbona said is true. They should share the result as a team they are … but unfortunately they don’t , or maybe fortunately they do.They all grab their ‘side’ and none grab the players side.This is a great pain and what we actually want to show. Many things are made at surface but basically you can see with the eyes closed, the reality.

  22. What i find difficult is to find a blog that can capture me for a minute but i think you offer something different. Bravo.

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