Acclaim Games – An “F” from Better Business Bureau

Many of our loyal trolls like to call us trolls on 9Dragons. This happens, because the so-called “Acclaim-Followers” don’t like what we write about. We write about facts, period.

The trolls like to say, that we just whine and cry, here on our blog. This makes me wonder… Why? Because we tell all the time how bad Acclaim is?

But you are right. What do we know? So, let’s take a look on the opinion from a true professional: Better Business Bureau.

We went to and searched for “Acclaim“. Terrible… The BBB Accreditation is overall “No”. So we made a specified search and looked for “Acclaim Games”. We found our lovely (sarcasm) publisher:

From the possible rating A+ to F, Acclaim Games Inc. got an the most bad one, an F. The opinion from BBB about the rating F on Acclaim Games Inc.:

We strongly question the company’s reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law’s licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company’s industry is known for its fraudulent business practices.

If you want to know, what exactly those BBB ratings are, then check here for an explaination. Thanks to Tossacoin for this little advice about BBB, by the way. Oh, and if you are already on this  Business Report website, make a new complaint about Acclaim Games Inc. BBB will take it with pleasure.

For our trolls, the “Acclaim-Followers”, we are just a bunch of idiots which just flame Acclaim all the time. But just those who got a common sense can see (if they want) that we aren’t. This opinion from BBB shows more than clearly, that we are just telling you what’s not a secret anymore.

I guess, for our trolls, this is also a “consiracy”… 😆
[sarcasm]Hell yeah, I went to the HQ of BBB and threated them to change their opinion about Acclaim Games Inc. to such a bad one.[/sarcasm]

You know, dear Acclaim-Followers… We know it’s not always easy to use a brain… But try at least to not lie to yourself.

9Dragons is doomed, and I will help on it.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


25 responses to “Acclaim Games – An “F” from Better Business Bureau

  1. Haha nice Legend!
    i loved read opinion of BBB, let me quote part i liked «the company’s industry is known for its fraudulent business practices.»
    Say’s all!
    This company need’s go down.

  2. this is why they are affraid of a real lawsuit. that will bring the company down. Acclaim have problems and that is a fact.

  3. It is true that Acclaim needs to go down and give us back our money, they took it out of fraud from us, lying and mischief us.
    I will give my help too.

  4. That site it’s an alarm signal for the players. After so many years we already knew those facts.
    Great job Legend !

  5. No wonder. What to wait from a bunch of unprofessional people like TheHermit or Fugen? They have no idea what management and marketing is all about. As for tax payment I can’t wait other the answer from american authorities. If we will open open Pandora box with a lawsuit, Acclaim will die again.

  6. F is from FUCK UP ACCLAIM! You know, a failure at everything, total loser, unable to do anything right.

  7. Take a look at how they treat the customers and you don’t need Better Business Bureau to tell you that Acclaim Games Inc. are at F level. I see it everyday, day by day. Acclaim level also got lower after Fugen came into action.

  8. You know why Acclaim sucks? Because of the people stuck in there, because of their low abilities to manage the games and because of money hunger. It is not posible that a game F2P to cost more than one P2P.

  9. Big applause for a bad Acclaim performance ? Why players leave this game ? Because of over 30 things that I will not start to write…

  10. Acclaim should reflect over this, but I guess they don’t care.
    They want money and money with no investition.
    Why others games can keep their players and Acclaim no?
    It is easy to guess.

  11. Bye, bye to Acclaim very soon.
    September will be here soon.
    As I heard Acclaim can’t afford another licence for 9dragons, will have to remain only with USA server.

  12. Indeed 9dragons with Acclaim is doomed.
    Take a look on how the things are in real life with the crisis.
    People will not spend so much money on a game now.
    Better play 15 euro/30 days for a P2P game than 100 euro for a buggy and shity game as 9d in Acclaim publishing zone.

  13. It is sunday and I didn’t log in 9D, I am sick and tired, I decided to take a big break from the game and wait for B&S. F is too much for Acclaim service.

  14. F as in F@^%# Off?
    acclaim got “f-bombed”…
    Well I am not surprised of the rating that they got.
    Should have get -F…

  15. Accalim Wont Support There Player On ALL There Online Games..
    They Paying Costumers And There Acount Get HACKED..
    Do To Accalim Low Secutiry Servers.
    And Acclaim Wont Returnt Stolen Items Or Cash Back,,

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