Hermit & Fugen – The Brothers Grimm

Today, it’s time again for a little tale. The tale today is about Hermit & Fugen, the 9D Brothers Grimm.

Before telling you the story, you should know about The Brothers Grimm. Because, if you don’t, some of our trolls here (which are some of our most loyal readers) may twist my words. So make sure, if you don’t know the Brothers Grimm, to check the Wikipedia Entry.

Be aware that my blog articles are, and always were, just my opinion. If you can’t handle this fact, better stop to read this article now.

Furthermore, since some people (especially our loyal trolls) like to mix up our aticles here (for example, some articles from Vennus9D were written by me, some articles I wrote were from Sedbona, and Story Teller doesn’t even exist), I give you now a little HowTo, on how you can detect the right author:

Below every Title of each Article, you can find the name of the author. Let me show you a picture, with a fat, red border, so that you almost can’t miss it:

This is the most easy way to find out the author. There are still some people which mix the author up, but this is an issue of the common sense…

However; There’s also another way to find out the author of an article, at least on mines. I always end my articles with “Written by Legend – The Son of The Vagabond“. If an article does not have that line on the end, then it was not written by me. To find out the right author, please follow step one of this little HowTo.

So… Now, since we all are enlightened (or at least I hope we all are), we can start with our tale:

The Brothers Grimm (I am just telling about the movie. If you checked the wikipedia link, you should have noticed that already) were two brothers which pretended to fix some problems from other people. But in fact, they just played it. Some people had trouble with mysterious things, and then, on the right time, the Brothers Grimm were there to help. But not for free, of course. They fixed the problems from the people, and earned money with it. This is called scamming.

We got the same pattern on Hermit and Fugen. They pretend that everything is alright, that this blog is just just full of trolls and bored people which don’t have anything better to do, and they tell the people that 9Dragons will stay forever. In other words: They sell lies to get money.

When Fugen posted on the 9Dragons forum that the contract with Indy21 will indeed end on September 2010, I was very surprised. I expected him to lie again. While some thought “Ah, everything is alright then“, others thought “Wait, Legend was right. Can it be, that he knows what he is talking about?

How can it be that I, a veteran player, which was never a VGM or moderator, knows such things? I guess, for our lovely trolls it’s just a “conspiracy”… However, believe what you want. But don’t cry when you will lose every purchased Item again, when 9D have to close. But then, when I see the players which I tried to help so long time but never could understand anything, I can’t wait to see them crying. That will be a good lesson.

The Brothers Grimm scammed people, until they had to face a real problem one day. And if Hermit and Fugen think, they will not face any consequences one day, then I have to admit, all my tryings to explain them anything was just a waste. But be assured that they will face it.

Now, let’s talk about the characters of our tale:

Hermit Grimm aka Steven-Elliot Altman
Hermit loves to be loved by everyone. He calls himself “Bestseller Author” and wants everyone to follow his words, no matter how stupid they are. If someone just thinks about to tell him something like “That’s not alright”, you will have him as enemy already. Even as a writer (or rather ex-writer, since he is just a translator and wannabe GM now) he steals the work and the words of his players and call them his own. He cries “Look how nice I am!” while his handlings cries “Mary Sue!” His motto is “Love me, or you get a problem!”

Fugen Grimm aka Josh Levitan
Another wannabe from Hollywood. Working as slave in Hollywood and just doing what other people wanted from him, he thinks he is god now, as Game Manager. When a GM tells him what the players would like, he answer “Don’t tell me how to do my job!” And a VGM don’t even have to try this, otherwise this one will be kicked out already. Fugen got a paranoia: Every disappointed player is “Legend” or “Sedbona” for him. His motto is “If you are not with me, you are against me!”

There is still one question open… How can it be, that a blog grows up that big and got that many unstatisfied customers, if everything is alright, how they say? How can it be, that we show day after day the facts, for example the server population and how it loses players, and Hermit & Fugen keep telling everything is alright? Even the most dumb players started to smell something fishy. Without reason? According to Fugen & Hermit, yes. But we tell you: Think about it.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


24 responses to “Hermit & Fugen – The Brothers Grimm

  1. if not for 9dragons who the hell from us would know who is Steven Eliot Altman and Josh Levitan ? I know only big names from Hollywood, not insignificant names.

  2. To see how impressed the readers are just take a look at this topic:

    Look how pathetic he is:
    ” Warriors,

    One of our players has already read and enjoyed The Killswitch Review, then purchased 4 more copies merely for the offer. He doesn’t want to waste the books if there are players out there who want to read it, and has graciously requested I give them away.

    So, the first four players who do the following get an autographed copy sent to them free:

    1. PM me on the forum with the message header: “I want to read Killswitch!”

    2. In the body of the PM write the following: The title of the last good book you read. A really good Clan (or Vagabond) appropriate shout out. Your full name and address where you want a copy shipped to.

    3. Sign up as a FaceBook Friend of “The Killswitch Review”.

    First 4 get the free autographed copies.”

    He don’t know how to sell more because nobody buys it.

  3. Indeed General Wei, he is pathetic, 9dragons needs a kung fu novel writer not SEA. Also the writer shouldn’t do the job of a GM.

  4. Bestseller are most popular and best selling books in the world, and these fall into several categories: single volumes, volumes in the series, children’s books, etc.. 10 of the top rated classic and contemporary bestsellers :
    2. The Lord of the Rings
    3. Le Petit Prince
    4.O Alquimista
    5. The Da Vinci Code
    6. Harry Potter
    7.Star Wars
    8.James Bond
    9. Chicken Soup for the Soul
    10. Guinness World Records

    I don’t see Steven-Elliot Altman & Josh Levitan there to be bestsellers writers.

  5. I heard about Paulo Coelho as bestseller writer but never about Steven-Elliot Altman as one. Anyway, I love the article.

  6. There is no term of comparison between Paulo Coelho and S.E.A., Ziyi. I mean S.E.A. needs to be born again to reach 10% of what Paulo Coelho is.

  7. I think Steven-Elliot Altman is not even his real name. I know Hermit wants to show off, but first he must have a background to do it and don’t have it. As for Josh Levitan, he is merly a second hand screenwriter and a lame GM. Why they both went under the dignity of a writer ? Money ?

  8. As I said before SEA and Josh Levitan are frustrated that they did not succeed in Hollywood. Both are the diggers of 9dragons.

  9. Steven-Elliot Altman is a nobody in writers list, even I would not press the links in comments in here I would have know it. Take a look at the quests in 9dragons and you will know it. They are written in wood language and contain low knowledge.

  10. To know the faith of 9Dragons take a look at failure in the careers of those 2 modern Brothers Grimm.

  11. Hermit and Fugen wants to make players to live in a fantasy world and pay for this thing as much as they ask. But if you don’t know the screenplay, always a hero will go in search of the TRUTH.

  12. “When Fugen posted on the 9Dragons forum that the contract with Indy21 will indeed end on September 2010, I was very surprised. I expected him to lie again. While some thought “Ah, everything is alright then“, others thought “Wait, Legend was right. Can it be, that he knows what he is talking about?“

    That was a funny thing, my reply to that post was erased.

  13. I think the salary of a GM is much lower than the one of a writer ? They have a % from the sales?

  14. Hi Legend,

    Can you provide a link where Fugen said the contract will end in Sept 2010.

    It will be dreadful if they close the game by then, Acclaim already has a F (lowest) rating on Better Business Bureau (bbb.org)

    Its sad what they did with C12 lightfoot. Fugen is the worst thing that happened to 9D, tonnes of times worse than BluFlash. He made the game completely IM dependant, atleast PvP.

    It is players fault too. To expect Acclaim to act righteously. Why should they after all.

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