Item Mall Prices, exorbitant for Romania

How much cost for a romanian to play a F2P game like 9dragons ? I will skip the part about bugs, unbalance, slow updates, lies & so on and I will go to where people are hurt the most : ” their pockets”.

Although it seems harmless, MMOs have a harmful dose. At one time, you start to spend increasingly more time in front of your PC. At first everything is great and beautiful, but the more you play, the less you socialize. First it’s hard to lose a night playing it. After the first night, follows a second night , and… a twelfth night… in front of your PC. You can say : ” It is cheap fun”. From state-bottomed from the chair you begin to grow in volume. After few time it is becoming increasingly difficult to have a rigorous program. It begins to be difficult to reach in time at school, work, meetings and so on. In the end, irascibility overtake you.

MMOs steal from players a “thing” very important, which can not be recovered once spent… TIME.You can safely become a victim to this phenomenon. When the game “catch” your virtual YOU, you start spend MONEY…

Romania is among the countries which do not spend a lot of money on MMOs and this happens due a low standard of living.Minimum wage guaranteed by the government for Romania is around 150 euros/month and many people live from this. A child who goes to school till 18 years old, have a state allocation worth 7 euros/month. Also the unemployment benefit is around 100 euros/month. Average salary is around 350 euro/month from which you have to live on, I mean to pay your rent, food,clothes, going out in town with girlfriend, boyfriends & others. From 350 euro, how much Acclaim thinks that will remain for a romanian to play a game like 9dragons ? 5-10 euros?

Let’s not forget to say that one vacation of 10 days to Greece from Romania is around 200 euros, which costs a server copy character in Acclaim mall. Who would choose a server copy character vs a trip to Greece?

In one of my study I tried to identify subjects who play 9dragons from Romania, crossing over some lies. In fact, you know very easy the level of subjects and the age, after their language, vocabulary, answers to some questions. From Romania we have lots of kids who plays 9dragons, kids with no VISA or MASTERCARD only with state allocation and parents who works in hard conditions and have few money to support them. Another large “blanket” is form by students who get tired in their tiny “dorm room” and plays something to don’t get bored. Many of us knows how student life is in Romania “no money”… Only very few players from Romania – Romanian IP ( around 0.3 %) who plays 9dragons and works can afford to spend over 50 euros/month on this game. Lots of people who works and are romanians usually buys from mall a 90 days premium and a deco and that it is all.

After I sow Fugen post “Item Mall Changes As of Midnight Tonight 5/1/10 (PST)” I started to laugh.

4) Price increases on: KGs, XP Cards, Scales and Tears
a) Dried Ginseng from 350 coins to 400 coins

You spend KG for PvP ? For unbalanced PvP? For griding you have HP ornaments… better go to a movie twice or 3 times…

b) Experience Bonus Card (5) from 650 coins to 800 coins ,c) Experience Bonus Card (10) from 1200 coins to 1400 coins ,d) Expereince Bonus Card (50) from 5000 coins to 5500 coins

Over 50 euro for 2x events ? Better stay 2 weekends on a mountain…

e) Dragon Scale (1) 1300 to 1400 coins ,f) Dragon Tear (1) 1300 to 1400 coins.

Revolting… 1 + … month state allocation to fail at +5

So Acclaim how you think a romanian thinks before spending some money on 9dragons ? Give money to live or to a computer game to witch you can not induce emotions and can’t cover for basic necessities? Schemes induced virtual life can not possibly be exciting to spend your living expenses on them. Life is a more superior game than a MMO. So think about it…


36 responses to “Item Mall Prices, exorbitant for Romania

  1. Not only for Romania the prices are exorbitant but for many countrys and ofc we have the crisis in which people don’t have so much money. They cut all they spend and a game is the last on a long list.

  2. Yet, another so well written article.

    I have to admit that everything written in here it’s totally real. I do live in Romania, and I,as many other people know how it’s to live in a country where the money is the main problem, but after a time period , you get used to this life, same as I did.

  3. We all know the mall items are overprices for virtual goods so better buy at 50% off if you want. The price are a mockery for many of us. As you said many players buy at 50% off premium.

  4. Unfortunately this is true reality for Romania. The players from Romania will always find a way to avoid mall items and try get them from in game money because they have no cash in real life to buy from mall.

  5. Even you have over 2000 euro your income why to pay for a game like 9dragons ? I put myself that question lots of time. What satisfaction you have ? When you want to have fun, you can’t, another bug or another dc comes ….

  6. This post shows real life reality vs game one. We are not in the period of economic growth so mall prices must go down not up. Bad marketing !

  7. As I see it is a sad reality for romanians. Maybe that is why they scamm and cheat so much. They try to get what others buys with something they don’t have.

  8. It’s sad to see that acclaim 9d still exists in 2010. Such a liar company doesn’t deserve it. Oh well, Project 9 is coming soon it will put the final nail in 9d coffin i’m sure.

  9. TheHowlerMonkey a ‘monkey’ would not understand a drill of free will. It is funny to see that the options are reduced to one. Very funny.

    Back to subject, even a small hand of players buy mall, Acclaim tries to get more money from there. If they would make more accesible mall prices many people would buy it, but what two second hand writters would know about the marketing of a MMO? Nothing?

  10. I live in RO too and I must say this article is 100% true.
    Too bad this won’t touch acclaim. Anyway, F-nuke this, I’ve quit playing 9D and I am moving along with my life, going out and having fun… I realize I made a very big mistake playing this for 2 years almost… at the beginning my friend told me that I’ll regret later that I play 9D, but I didn’t listen… now if I look back I realize all the great moments/parties I missed in real life cause of some cheap x5 events and a bunch of lies…

  11. To get worked money you need to do something and Acclaim don’t do nothing, so this is why this game is so expensive to play. You are not happy, Acclaim is not happy because they don’t gain money. The truth is that 9dragons is more expensive than a pay to pay game.

  12. I am from Romania too and what sedbona wrote is the truth but I guess Acclaim don’t care. Bardo is a romanian server, over 70%, but people who can’t afford mall items.

  13. From the last promotions all were equal to 100 euro, so I guess for RO people is high price.

  14. Acclaim people are hungry for money and nothing will count. Money from 9d goes to others game, the costs with game is very low, but they want huge money. They pay low the GMs and Fugen with Hermit takes the big coins and do few work.

  15. I think we have to look in California legislation when comes to virtual items and see if Acclaim breaks any law, if they pay taxes for what they sell and if there is limit from where you can go with mall price.

  16. this is true.. I spent lot night’s to play on event’s but now i quited this sh!t for good.
    This game stole lot hours from me and money.

  17. Sedbona or vennus9D is there a possible way to contact any of you ?

    I got some thing for you ^-^

  18. Seriously, it’s not too expensive for Romania.
    Yes I do live in romania!
    I played this game about 1 year ago, HM nuker character.
    Yes, ofc I had everything I wanted from the IM, 90 days prem always on, 5 diffrent decos every month, I wasted a lot of money on this game and I deleted all my characters about 5 months ago, the stupid wars, SvS was a bunch of bull(add swear here) lies were the last thing for me.

    Now I play LotRO(The lord of the Rings Online), very nice gameplay, graphics, PvP, RAIDS/INTANCES ( Dungeons in 9D were a big fiasco) and the most helpful community I have ever seen,average member age is around 30 years old.Oh and I only need to play 15 Dollars to play a whole month, no more 30 dollars for Prem, oh my god I’m too UBRE L337 and I need KG, ooh maybe some Qillin’s Mirrors for that very nice VE LEECH hat.It’s all a bunch of bullcrap.Acclaim feed us lies and that’s all.
    And the average salary isn’t 350/euros per month, that’s a tad too damn low I’d say!

    • No it is a reality, if you are from Romania, you should have known. Read this :

      If you know something about salary you must know that you have to calculate how much the man takes in the “hand”. It is under 350 euro…

      From what it says in there ( average salary for Romania in 2010) from 1836 lei you get 1312 lei in your hand. Now transform in euro at National Bank exchange rate and tell me how much you get…

      SO ?

      • Oh my god, I’m a god damned adult and Phoenix Demon, I can prove it.Please do try and act like someone who can actually think before raging and posting HAHAHAH THIS DUDE IS ACTUALLY A KID LOLOLOLLOLOLOLOL.

        Obvious troll is obvious….

        And well fine, my mistake up there Sedbona 🙂

      • And I also want to add this, I do not think the hours I played with my IRL !! Friends were wasted, we always chatted and grinded for a bit, then we went to have a pint or play something.

        I didn’t play 24/7, but I could waste 5 hours a day in front of my computer playing games, I’m an adult and I’m responsible for my decisions, time doesn’t roll back(like the damned servers).

        MR. Trollious, I’m waiting for your response.(DO NOT FEED TROLLS LIKE I DO,I’M A PRO!)

    • Take it easy man.
      You don’t have to explode like that -_-‘
      I guess it’s my bad, almighty adult.

  19. Acclaim don’t know that some countries are greatly affected by economic crisis and Romania it is one.

  20. Many of the countries with this crisis reduced the wage to the minimum wage guaranteed by the state. I think that Romania is no exception. The same thing is in my country too.People will spend less on some things that are not so great as importance like games and will try to focus on basic needs.

  21. I don’t think Acclaim has made any major investition to raise mall prices. And yes, it is true, they are high.

  22. I don’t think that out there is one game more expensive than 9dragons. People who buys mall must compensate for people who don’t buy for the game to go on and that is not right. This is why many of gamers choose P2P MMOs.

  23. For Serbia is the same and I will add the fact that you can’t even buy mall items from this country.

  24. I believe Acclaim don’t care for nobody and don’t care about this game either. Money & money and again money. If you don’t care at the end you will lose.

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