Goodbye Cuu Long Tranh Ba !

After Japan 9dragons, Viet one is going down too…

From here we got a translation to that :

“Start date 13/04/2010, We temporarily suspend all activities related to gaming .”

Dear friends,
Has three years from the boom officially launched online game market of Vietnam. 3 year period as well as friendship perimeter alongside boom overcome all vicissitudes notes historical event.

But what fun is also the break. Currently, the Company Group Vi Na expired contracts issued boom in Vietnam. We have been efforts to negotiate a contract with the developer Indy21. However, there are many issues between the parties and inadequate partner can not ensure that products continue to boom in Vietnam operated well. For the benefit of the community who play boom, we all regret the decision to stop issuing product boom in Vietnam market. Start date13/04/2010, We temporarily suspend all activities related to gaming boom.

From the official announcement date until the end of day 09/07/2010 we will maintain all activities in the game, the home page as well as forum for friendship perimeter can continue to exchange and share happy sad.

In addition, we will have special support compensation for accounts that meet two conditions: Every game log boom period of 6 months here and there in the account for at least 01 Delta Boi. The total amount Delta Boi in these accounts will be transferred to the corresponding product Earn Money our upcoming (Revert converted amount from Kowloon to the unit of money in the Background Earn Money.) Information on benefits and compensation process will be our posting details soon.The support of this we know will not be able to offset the feelings of friendship which has perimeter for boom during that time. From the botton of my heart, we would send the most sincere apology to the player community boom.

Dear newspapers
JSC Group Vi Na.

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27 responses to “Goodbye Cuu Long Tranh Ba !

  1. Well, I guess, everyone knew this will happen. Since almost nobody is using item mall. Everyone can get anything just by hacking.

    If you want KG`s , all you have to do is to repeat the quest with a hack , or dupe them. So you can make unlimited KG`s. Same with item mall item quests,you can repeat them with a hack,and you will have plenty of them.

    They’ve got almost no incoming cash from the item mall, cuz there are only a few of them. And that money wasn’t enough to keep the game up.

  2. This will happen soon to 9dragons Acclaim.
    People will not spend so much money over a game with no balance and only bugs.
    They had enough.

  3. anyway I will move to Blade & Soul when will be out, no more money for Acclaim. they can suck it as Historian said.

  4. You support item mall when you have a great game experience, which is not the case in Vietnam one and is not the case in Acclaim one too.

  5. Some people didn’t knew it FunkyMonkey …
    Hope to see Acclaim quit this game to and get another publisher.

  6. Like in Acclaim 9dragons we don’t have hacks and bugs… it is full of it, I am speaking of Asura when I talk about hacks. Another 9dragons publisher is going down.

  7. One by one is going down. And guess what Acclaim is doing now ? Raising mall prices, like XP is small amount of money. Losers !!!

  8. Well, for me at least, 9D VN was like a “speed version” of 9D… I got the access of all it’s contents in couple of days…

    • hello guys not at last we have 9D VN or no i install the game but my acc its have something wrong says pass incorrect i play in EU ,but im interesting about VN but i guess its down ..who ver its on korea ,japan give me some information 😉 also nukers FTW !!!

  9. goose, 9d VN can be played only since july 2010, after that they have no contract with Indy21.
    9d Korean is on, but no idea who has the service now. They changed servers. Nexon quited to publish 9dragons. Nexon will publish Blade& Soul by playNC.
    9d Japan is down since long time.

  10. Blur add the fact that Acclaim contract with Indy21 will expire this year too.
    No wonder they will go down. 9d USA & Europe will take the same road. Who can afford item mall with a new price ? 40kk for copy character? It is a mockery.It is a salary for some people per month.

  11. As AExVGM said, Acclaim contract with Indy21 will finish by september-octomber this year too. If Viet version could not give Indy21 enough money, maybe Acclaim can’t either. Maybe that is why they raise mall prices. In my opinion, this will make more players go to others game. Let’s be serious guys, 400 euro? AION is not more than 50 euro to buy the game and 12 euro to pay/30 days. Blade & Soul will be the same. And there is a big difference. Why to give so much money for a buggy and unbalance game with no updates or future?

  12. So Acclaim agreement with Indy21 will end this year ? Blah, better end it for good. More and more I don’t feel to play this game.

  13. You know what makes me laugh with 9dragons mall items price?
    Hermit words:
    ~No more price increases this year. I give you my word.~

    I am not happy to see another version of 9d down, but maybe it is not meant to be for this game.

  14. like i said 9dragons don’t go anywhere, hermit wrote bad hystory and indy made unbalace game.

    BEST games are too different!

  15. well ty for answer me i try 9D Korea to install and see what happen in EU its good i have high nukers .. but its boring ppl pay a lo tfor this game you are nothing in bp however full shame 🙂 no have ballance only nukers rules 🙂

  16. well as aspected 9d acclaim will go down soon after this summer, indy21 website is down already. i cant bolive that such a butiful martial arts game will go down cuz of high item mal prices and unbalanced roles/clases. i like to play and loo how your character fights with sword and slays enemys one by one

  17. cmon someone, create private server with x10 or x20 rates and you would be on top of the heaven, this game is played by alot of people.
    well at the summer end this game will be closed forever, indy21 is already down and one by one its games falls down to misury

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