Let’s pull more money : “Server Copy Is Here!”

In his new post, [GM]Fugen present us the characters copy system.He shows  us that is a Herculian work, which is not true at all. He tell us how hard is to copy a character from one server to another and that hard work will cost… well will cost 20.000 coins aka 200 euro.

If you guys don’t know, till now GMs copied characters of certain players from one server to another. You want to know how much last that operation ?10- 15 minutes. It is not such a big deal. In fact GMs just need to find a same character on the server where will copy your character ( put some digits in GM tool) . They did this in the past and is not hard at all. They have a easy job, but of course Fugen flourished the job to `pull out more money`. They will copy only:

A) First and second role (if any)
B) Karma
C) Epis
D) Skills will be copied to the last completed level (e.g. Gigantic Blue Sword of Constant Flow Cheng 10 99% and Gigantic Blue Sword of Constant Flow Cheng 10 1% would be copied at Cheng 10 0%)
D) Mastery points will copy for you to distribute as you see fit (free mastery reset)
E) Chi points will copy over for you to distribute as you see fit (free attribute reset)
F) Levels and XP
G) Clan

What will not copy?

A) Quests (we can’t copy them). You can, however, continue any quests you get from your current level on.
B) Gear — no in-game or premium items will copy over
C) Gold

As I imagine, mall items will not be copy. Why ? Simple, they want more money.

rift77 already said all I was thinking about this new mall operation :

So let me get this straight, you want me to fork out near enough $300 AUD for you to make a doppelganger of my character with no money, no gear, no nothing, not even the shirt on his back expecting my contentment to come from the epis, chengs and skills i have already claimed leaving me to spend even more effort than it takes for you to make him?

I’m thinking many things concerning this, first and foremost GET BLOODY LOST! daylight robbery if ever i saw it and dont dare claim the “we are a business” card here because its blatant profiteering. Yes. i dont need to buy it and therefore will exercise my own discretion in never giving it a second thought.



26 responses to “Let’s pull more money : “Server Copy Is Here!”

  1. wow… I was expecting to be charged more for this fake and g.. server copy.
    Obviously, they won’t copy everything from your char… cause they want you to buy IM thingies again.
    I wonder when people are going to realize that Fudgen is squeezing all of the money he can and then 9D will die.
    If it’s not dead already…

  2. Stupid thing ever. Who is stupid enough to copy a shadow of his character? and for 300$. it is robbery.

  3. Herculian work my a@@. with 200 euro they can pay half of GMs salary for 30 days. They are so hungry after money. PhoenixDemon is right, they will let 9dragons die, but first get more money.

  4. Agree with vennus in what she said. It is very easy to copy a character, but Fugen show it like a hard thing to get more money.

  5. It is true what vennus said. GMs copied characters from one server to another, they clone one of the character from that server, and they give even gear and character items. Fugen is speaking bulshiet. Cloning one character with nothing will take 5 minutes.

  6. Yes, they copy characters of official team from one server to another .
    VGM warda for e.g had many copy of characters and she is not the only one who has them.

  7. On short terms, Acclaim can get lost, this sucks big time. Maybe they want to make one server for all players, Nirvana and Asura are already ghosts servers.

  8. No thanks, to much and lame service.
    I will not give 200 euro for a ghost.
    I will not give 200 euro for 5 minutes work.

  9. Acclaim can get lost, no way I will give those money to move to other server and start from 0 and invest again money. They are not fools when comes to money, but we are not stupids either.

  10. You guys know me, no way I will buy something like this. Too much money for nothing. 200 euro, omg is way to much for a character with nothing. I can go to Venice and back with those money.

  11. To pay 200 euro for what ? To get a naked character ? I can pay 50 euro on black market even with items for it. No way I will pay that much.

  12. They wanted to make this for long time, but I never though they will put such a price. Tears and scales have high prices too, but this is outrageous.

  13. Copy characters is useless.
    In this game all is a big bug.
    Why to move to a pvp server or to a grind server and double the money to Acclaim?
    I pass.

  14. Lolz …. with a little search around, you can buy a account on any server with much less money than that. Also, they come with alot more stuffs… not just naked char :0 ….

  15. Many here are surprised that Fugen pretend to do a hard work, but in fact it is a thing of max. 10 minutes.

    Now make an educated guess, and wonder why he call his players, which bought many cheap scales & tears, thieves and scammers.

    • Yep.

      Actually it is less than 5 mins. We did work with the GM on some problem in game awhile ago. So he did make a copy of the character to his test character to test. All it took him less than 5 mins to do so. $200 for 5 mins works … lolz ..

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