9dragons a luxury ?

Yes, it’s true. You do need to have some money in order to play this game. And one common excuse which people use is that after everything is paid, there’s no money left. Well, if the truth be known, there’s always money somewhere. You simply have to know where to look. And that is what Acclaim did.This game has become a luxury.

People who plays this game with no mall items, can’t compete in a fair fight. I am not talking about the people who climb to official team and gets lots of stuffs for free, I am talking about the rest of players. Fugen makes promotion after promotion like the players are a banck to suck from all over again. In fact, in front of us we still have the same reality : a buggy game where you have to invest a lot to get ~0~ satisfaction.

Well, if you need more money to play 9dragons, maybe you should try :

Ask for a raise.

Take a second job. Even small jobs like babysitting or yard work can help you raise the money you need.

Sell some assets, such as a boat, coin collection, second car, jewelry, etc.

Transfer your credit card balances to a card with a low interest rate.

Ask your credit card companies to waive your annual fee. Some are willing to do it.

Use your tax refund or alimony payment.

Raise the deductible on your insurance or reduce the amount of coverage that you have.

Cancel any insurance you have purchased from your credit card companies. It’s dreadfully overpriced, and only covers their interests. If you feel you must have more life insurance, get from an insurance agent.

Take out a loan against life insurance or retirement accounts.

Cancel any insurance against credit card theft or loss that you have purchased. You don’t really need this since you’re only liable for the first $50 charged on a card after you report it stolen or missing (assuming you report it within 48 hours).

Withdraw money from your bank accounts at the bank and not at an ATM where you’ll be charged a fee.

Sell items to a pawn shop. Be aware that you’ll probably only receive about 50% (or less) of the value of the item this way.

Sell items in a consignment shop or on eBay.

Barter; for example, fix your neighbor’s car in exchange for haircuts.

Cut coupons, shop sales and use rebates. Buy store brands instead of name brands.

Turn a hobby into a money-making venture. Sell homemade pies to local restaurants; sell birdhouses you make at a flea market; anything that has value, utilize it.

Sell your car and buy a less-expensive used one or take the subway or the bus until you can afford a new one.

Sell your home and buy a smaller, less expensive one.

Cancel your cable service.

Cancel your cell phone service.

Or, cancel your home phone and use only your cell phone.

Return things you have purchased but don’t need. Get cash back if you have the receipt. If you don’t, get a store credit to purchase things that you do need.

Borrow books from the library instead of buying them.

Rent videos instead of going to movies.

Cook at home instead of eating out.

Do your own home repairs, laundry or other services.

Suggest that your teenage children get jobs and contribute to the household.

Plant a vegetable garden to cut down on your grocery bill (and to eat healthier).

Join a wholesale club and buy in bulk. Split large quantities with friends.

Use the garden hose instead of the car wash.

Turn off lights when you’re not in a room.

Lower the heat at night and when you’re away.

Open a window instead of turning on the air conditioning.

Do you think it deserves? After all it is just a game…


30 responses to “9dragons a luxury ?

  1. Quote story teller : Do you think it deserves? After all it is just a game…

    My answer to your question : For rich , lifeless and 9D addict people, it deserves.

    So far I haven’t spent a cent on 9Dragons, and I am not planning to do it.

    P.S. – I think that since Fugen took Historian’s place, the game became more unbalanced between Item Mall users and non Item-Mall users.

    I mean, too many shameless promotions, they destroy the game economy, same as xp cards did.

  2. I just wana comment about something you said.

    ” I am not talking about the people who climb to official team and gets lots of stuffs for free…”

    This isnt true!
    No VGM/MOD can get anything for “free” in their personal chars 😉

    with all the rest i kinda agree 😛

  3. It is true that you can’t keep up with the promotions. People don’t have so much money to take all promotions items. Acclaim push you blindly to buy more coins, you have to help yourself.

  4. I simply took a break from this game, I don’t find the heart to go on with bugs and abuses. They can play it, for my part I think I am done with it.

  5. With all the money I put in 9dragons I could go to China and back, not worth for the state of the game it is now.

  6. Agree with you Story Teller in what you said.
    Shameless promotions are back and Acclaim is hungry for money.
    My opinion is to buy only premium, you don’t need the rest.

  7. FunnyStuff I don’t know why you want to cover up the things, it is a practice, official team gets free stuffs. In fact, Fugen promise and gave others people free stuffs to report hacks. In fact, he is unable to do it on his own.

  8. You better play a game with subscription than 9dragons. My friend in AION are very content with the game and said you can see the difference. I wait Blade & Soul, because I love martial arts. 9D is a luxury and you have right.

    • Yep, I move to AION, and my monthly bill is way … way less now …
      However, I do enjoy the game much better than 9D. At least I know I don’t have to pay more than just monthly fee to enjoy the game.

      Now everyone should understand why Acclaim doesn’t want to fix balance in pvp. The worse with pvp system, the more money players will spend on IM to fill in the gap.

  9. Acclaim made so many mistakes, I don’t know how players supports them with money. It is true, this game is expensive to play it.

  10. I will not give up my life and money for 9dragons. I a, not a kid with no hobby to give all I have to this game. I can go on without it, so guys and girls, don’t support Acclaim, they don’t deserve.

  11. I believe California has a law against what Acclaim is doing and if we keep crying somebody out there will pay attention. I heard Consumers Associations can sue when they have a action case. Till than, is better to stop buy mall items.

  12. I bet Acclaim ask why people don’t buy mall. It is simple, the prices are very high. I talk from Romania point of view. Here we have salary around 200-300 euro. How can you live on that and above pay for some overprices items ? You don’t buy food or pay the rent, you buy something virtual, who can’t be price for real money.

  13. I agree with you guys in here. You need to pay more than 100 euro in 30 days to stay in competition for this game. AION is only 12 euro, so when B&S will be out I will move too. I hope Acclaim will enter in bankruptcy because they have no idea how to manage a game.

  14. vennus put the point where it hurts the most. It is true, Nexon quited 9dragons project. Acclaim wants to take more money before they will close the servers. I will not give them any money.

  15. If 9dragons will not survive in Acclaim version is because they take money and don’t love the game, they don’t care. Mall promotions are base on high price and many players don’t have those money.Those items in others games are free or came with a mall offer like premium.

  16. LOL just quit this game!
    Dam i just gave up this bull shit 1 month ago and im much better!
    If i had machine-time i would back and never started spend money on this game.
    Mm so Nexon quit publish 9dragons, lol this say all! 9dragons don’t go anywhere, first was Japan, 2nd was Viet, now Korea.
    9dragons is soon dead.

  17. I like some stuffs from here:

    `Ah go fuck yourself with your bitch ass promotions.
    You are turning this game into pay to play wreck.
    You might as well confirm that it’s not a free game.`

    Grasshoppers, we have a winner! Congratulations Funt! How many Qilins did you open before you goth the deco?`

    `Do you want me to answer that, or do you want to continue selling them?

    (more than $30 less then $40)

    TheHermit: That’s fair enough. I’d say it’s worth more than that. But please, keep the picture up. Even Widow Maker looks jealous. VGM Olix is tracking you down with your Bounty.

    Tell him to drop them in ZZ

    TheHermit: He’s on his way. When you’ve played around a bit please tell us how it performs for you.`

    I like what this guy said:
    `Do you want me to answer that, or do you want to continue selling them?`

  18. My friends try find something else to play, 9d will die soon.Year after year same problems will go on. They can’t make others player came to this game because the ones who left already told how 9dragons is.

  19. 9dragons became a game I can’t enjoy. I will not quit on my life money to give to 9d. I will stop play before that happens.

  20. Well this is my first time i will coment in this blog nice one too , now i wonder why accliam are so worried about this blog , well anyways today for my surprise i saw accliam rise up to new item Server copy for 40 k coins , Item mall deco for 20 k coins before on 50% disccount was like 20k server copy ( still expensive for my opinion & 10 k coins Qilin deco , well all i have to say is accliam went too far and im wonder why the start do all those promos for get all that money and my conclusion is they have been seen the soon fall of 9D US since the new games like : Blade & soul , Tera , Michiboshi heros , Aion , continet , are on the next door even AIKA the game im playing now is far better so dont surprise after they get all ur money they will close …

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