Legend is no more

You may have heard about it already. I quitted 9Dragons today.

There was one reason why I didn’t sued Acclaim until now: I was still playing. But now, after 4 years, I opened finally my eyes.

I am waiting for some people to contact me, to give them borrowed items back. After that, I will uninstall 9Dragons.

The only one who can avoid now a lawsuit is the CEO of Acclaim. I’m still waiting for his reaction.

I have said everything already. More would just be smalltalk.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


Oh, and “Vagabond Sword”… Don’t be upset that I found out that you are [VGM]Shaman. Try to be a good sport.

Original Picture Copyright © by Aggro Berlin


32 responses to “Legend is no more

  1. Good luck Legend, I have played this game for three years and now my anti virus did me a favor and made my game unplayable. I think i might keep it that way.

  2. “Freedom of speech is a bitch”, someone commented here. So, here are new rules for only this article:

    Don’t troll, don’t spam, don’t flame, etc.
    Since you guys think the freedom of speech is a bitch, there should not be a problem with those rules.

  3. Farewell Legend. The good thing is that we can still talk on MSN :D.

    GL in real life, and on other MMOs ^^.

    Best regards,

  4. once a lawsuit is on the way, another will come. good luck and may you hire the best lawyer in California.

  5. All the best and win against Acclaim, destroy them and put them pay you moral damages. They are screw if a lawsuit will be open.

  6. You will have always my help. I can give you declarations on your suit on how Acclaim lie to their customers and how they use bugs to get money. Write to American Finance to check Acclaim money, some are dirty money and ask your lawyer to investigate if the role backs are cover ups for dirty money. Ask to check all coins trasactions, if they pay tax or no.

  7. The Pandora box will be open, a lawsuit will be bad imagine for them. They work with kids and that is call labour slavery. The kids work for profits. Will be very intersting to watch this case in a court of law.

  8. actualy they dont work as slaves. they do volunteer work. its not like they cant quit at any time they want.

  9. The idea FunkyMonkey is the fact they are not allow to work with no contract. Acclaim don’t have any sign by a notary. This can be all see on a lawsuit. I bet many of them are kids who don’t have 18 years old. In any country, the kids needs parental accord to work and in Acclaim position, they need to have the notary signature, which they don’t have. I was in official team and I know what I talk. I asked a lawyer from my country and he said, it is not allow for a company to work with voluntary, unless it is a organisation who fights for a cause. Acclaim it is in ilegality and a lawsuit may show some ugly things.

  10. I like when Legend is bad. Go. go, someone needs to put Acclaim arrogancy down. If a lawsuit will come, Mark Howard will cut Hermit and Fugen heads.

  11. Me and Cora was thinking to sue Acclaim in Romania. We spoke to a romanian lawyer who is close to Cora in real life and there are some lawsuits we can bring to court in here and claim the territory of law. I think Acclaim will not be very happy about it, but we keep secret it for now. I am glad to see others people will sue Acclaim too. They desearve it.

  12. Legend ask them milions of $$$ for psychical stress and discrimination and when your lawyer will start write in american press about it.

  13. Well if a lawsuit will come, Acclaim will go down, they are afraid of them because of the last experiment… bankruptcy. Keep your head up Legend.

  14. Acclaim has a lot of bad parts, if all will go public, they will lose a lot, maybe Marks contacts you or maybe Hermit will go down if Acclaim will go in a Court of Law. Bye Hermit, RIP SEA.

  15. As I know you are not allow to make non stop promotions, 50% off, 70% off, 30% off, it is a law in USA which forbids that. Point out that too Legend. And the kids as moderators and VGMs are not allow as many pointed out already. Handsclap for LEGEND.

  16. I believe Legend will win because Acclaim has too many gaps and they know it. Even they know it, they keep the arrogancy up. This will be their destruction.Cya Legend and keep us inform.

  17. I love the picture. As many said before me, a lawsuit opens a long and tired way for Acclaim, many things will be uncover and many aspects of Acclaim work will be put under question mark. They descriminate a player base on his free speach. Americans courts loves the idea of free speach and to discriminate someone is something you should not do as a company.

  18. You are very barve Legend. God will help you. God will not help people who exploits others for money. Acclaim is doing to kids. They put people to work, a work slavery on forum and in game to make money for them. They can’t trick the law and God will make them pay for every wrong they did.

  19. my god. you guys really take this too seriously. think of it this way. you all love 9dragons. right? what if by some uber miracle acclaim goes bankrupt(which wont happen) and they shut 9dragons down? what if no other company publishes the game? nobody will play 9dragons ever. that the most selfish act I ever seen.

    • We are not non life people to miss a buggy and an unfair game FunkyMonkey. Better Acclaim goes bankrupt than playing the game how it is now. Acclaim should care not us.

    • And that was the reason why I never sued Acclaim. I thought always about the other players, even if many treated me bad. But now I will be indeed selfish. I will bring Acclaim down, whatever it may cost.

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