The discrimination against Legend – The last chance for Acclaim

The “big” Vagabond Event from Acclaim will start in some days. In fact, it will start on April the 23th. Every registered Vagabond is accepted – except me.

The reason was the following:

If memory serves, Legend was banned from the forum for repeatedly breaking forum rules/the Acclaim ROC. Regardless, if you want to participate in this event, you will need to register yourself. You can’t register other players or be registered by someone else.

So in other words, I would need to register by my main account. But I can’t of course, because they banned me. And they banned me without real reason. Oh, how I regret to not have done the same like vennus9D and StoryTeller… To just take another name here and hide my identity…

In fact, I never broke the forum rules. I didn’t used the word “fuck”, I told that someone was banned because he used the word “fu*k”. And on my second account, I was banned on forum because of the word “shit” (which was written in german). And on both times, I showed other people which used the word “b!tch” and “ass”, by drakenfyre75 and hoppelhase. The one is a moderator, the other an ass-kisser of Acclaim. While those used the words for real, I didn’t. Well, maybe on the second account, when I used the word “shit”. But a permanent ban for the word “shit”? Historian told me back then, they just give permanent bans for the word “fuck” (which I didn’t used really, and wasn’t even wroted out.

For those who want re-read it, read our old posts:
Legend is banned from the forum
Legend is banned – part 2
Legend is banned – part 3
Legend is banned – part 4

Two Vagabond Army members already signed out from the Vagabond Event. The posts were moved to an own topic. The Hermit himself published there a PM which I wrote him (wait, what was the rule again? Don’t go off-topic and keep it in PMs or something? Ah no, that was just for non-Acclaim staff):

Why is Legend banned a few players have asked? Because of dozens and dozens of threats and tantrums in PMs, emails, and IMs like this one he just sent:

Lie, lie, and again lie. “Dozens and dozens” he say. 1 dozen is 12. Altogether, if I count all PMs which I wrote to BluFlash, TheHistorian, TheHermit and Fugen, it would be max. 7 or 8. But what he doesn’t tell is, that I just began to handle more agressive on the end time of TheHistorian. Why? Because you can’t talk civilized with Acclaim. In the 4 years of 9Dragons, I learned that you have to force Acclaim, if you want to be listened. What he calls “threat”, I call “nice advice”. What he calls “tantrums”, I call “directly”.

Legend here:

Not that you guys banned me without reason from the forum, you also don’t let me participate on the vagabond event.

I didn’t write a secret about the vagabond event because I was nice. And I don’t write about MANY things on the blog because I’m nice. I help you from time to time, because I’m nice. And you treat me like this? If you decline any co-operation with me, fine. But don’t start a war which you can’t win. I know a lot about Acclaim, for example that your sellings on the Item Mall went down. I will always know a lot about Acclaim, and I was never a real enemy. So don’t make me to one.

If you do not accept my registration, I will let Acclaim die and sue you for every single thing you have done!

Until now, I was never really angry with you, but now you made a big mistake! Better clean up before it’s too late!

That was my first trying to explain them what will be better. But, what a surprise, they did not understand anything. Stupidity is a complicated thing. Those who are stupid, don’t know that they are. And this is a perfect example.

The secret about the Vagabond Event is about the “Vagabond Sword”. He can run an own part of this event, while I can’t. Why, you ask? Is it maybe because I am an author on this blog? No. At least, not just. Vagabond Sword is a VGM. I actually wanted to write earlier about that, but then I made a deal with Vagabond Sword. Our deal was, that I would post it after the event. But they didn’t rejected my registration then.

However; I answered on this topic:

That’s not a threat, it’s a nice advice. And just because you two arrogant 9D leaders can’t differentiate, 9Dragons will fall down.

And you publish my PM? That was a bad one. If you want to save yourself now, you have to do a lot more.

EDIT: You want to make it public? Alright, let’s make it public:

And so, I published my mail which I sent to the 9D leads:

Steven-Elliot Altman, Josh Levitan, and Acclaim Team

You will run a Vagabond Event, starting on April the 23th. I, as Legend, founder of the Vagabond Army, registered for it. But you don’t accept my registration because you want me to register from my main account, which you banned without reason from the forum. We don’t have to talk about if it was a fair or unfair ban. Fact is, it was unfair, and you just did it because you dislike me.

As a paying player, which purchased already a lot on 9Dragons’ Item Mall, I have more than the right to participate on it.

I was all the time a really nice person. I kept a lot of Acclaim’s secrets for myself. And as thank, you treat me like this, just because you guys dislike me. You know how that’s called? Discrimination.

This will be my last message to you guys. If you don’t accept my registration, I will put the Vagabond Army down, and with it, many people will leave. People, which were a long time on your side and still try to help you. People, which pay money to you. After that, I will sue Acclaim for discrimination. I can even sue you for mental damage. I will sue Acclaim for everything you own. If you don’t accept my registration, I will stop to be so kind to you, and I will let 9Dragons fall. Remember my words.

This is your last chance.


Many, many people replied on this topic, without to know what is fact and what happened and why this happens. Yes, there it is again, the stupidity. Oh, and drakenfyre75 gave a red card to this account, which isn’t even mine (lol, sorry mate…). I still don’t get the reason, maybe one of you can help:

Reason: profanity in id

They even gave me an IP ban. Why ever… Not that it would disturb me…

And drakenfyre75 tries even to be funny, but failed again:

ok sarcaam if not my forte

Yeah, “sarcaam” must be the reason for your stupidity…

However; My last words are set, and I will not write them anything more. If they use their brain, they will see that they should let me participate on it. If they think, these are just empty words, then better go search another MMO, because 9Dragons will not survive for long. And yes, I’m totally serious.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


36 responses to “The discrimination against Legend – The last chance for Acclaim

  1. lol. u said like 2-3 times already u quit this blog ><
    instead I still see u here calling everyone ass-kisser, fag and what-not.

  2. This is something I do not like about the 9Dragons Staff. If they hate you, they make it personal and get down and dirty.

  3. Lol legend, as i said in ur topic, u re funny.
    You re a kind of Nostradamus or? Good u re looking for another game, i felt ashamed to be a part of 9d community cos of u sometimes.

  4. Legend all I can say to you is to go on and fight these noobs, bring them ibn front of a Court of Law and discover how they doing the things, how they lie to customers and how they discriminate the veterans. Screw them!

  5. You have my suuport, but I think first you have to bring down Acclaim imagine, write to the American press about what they do to us, I will signt it too, write about how they mock us and how money they take from us by lying.

  6. Start by writing to American authorities and say all what is going on, link this blog, there are enough things to sue for. Say to your lawyer to give Acclaim a warning notice, I bet they will not be so happy.

  7. Maybe it is time for the authors of this blog to step in front and use their real name and professions to deal with Acclaim 1 vs 1. Let’s see who will last till the end. As a remainder Acclaim went once in bankruptcy.

  8. I am with Legend in this and I will helpt with all I can in real life to pass this thing. Maybe Acclaim re-thinks the situation, it is not very purple for them ! We can GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT !

  9. I am with you in this Legend, I hope you will keep going and do a great job. I would think as you in this moment, I want to quit too.

  10. Why I am not surprise ? this is discrimination and you have the right to sue Acclaim or write to California state departments about this. Maybe you can write more. A complaint about how they manage the money too ? They need a Finance Control.

  11. Grad are you a kid who plays 24/24 9dragons? I think you are. In your place I would be ashame of your stupidity. FunnyStuff you grow up, what a stupid man could call himself FunnyStuff ? that is very idiotic.

    Legend don’t mind them, once the Court of Law will call the moderators and VGMs to testify and you will see that they are just kids you will laugh.

    • Ahah u have a word for everyone who doesn t think like you do.
      For your info, i m not playing since couple of months alrdy nor i m joining any of acclaim promotions. If u saw my posts on forum, i even criticised those flags.Plus dun call me kid, i m 20 yo attending one of best uni in italy.Ofc if u re a 40 yo i m a kid respect u, but i dun waste my time fighting for a game.
      I m only enjoying the forum when i can.
      Back on subject why u re so frustrated anon with acclaim?
      U re serious with the court of law?Cos i m laughing like hell.
      Think, what he should say?”Dear judge i m here cos i can t partecipate to a mmorpg event cos i ve been banned?”
      Stop crying out, and see this thing from an objective view, not from the friend of legend’ s one.

      • “Think, what he should say?”Dear judge i m here cos i can t partecipate to a mmorpg event cos i ve been banned?”

        This single line shows how lil u use your brain

    • Why you think against Acclaim is only one head of accusation? From practice, you need to use more than 3. Each head of accusation corresponds to a legal basis.Don’t think limited.

      Well… about moderator and VGMs , how a head of accusation should sound like ? Black market use of workforce which is against Labor Code. Lawyers have a special way to put the prosecution in application of summons. Don’t even imagine will sound so basic as you describe it. They take the common words and give legal force…that is the work of Legend lawyers.

      • Dying to see that happening. I’ve been reading about it here for 6 months now, any progress?

      • Not the quitting, the “I’ll sure them, I’ll destroy them” has been going on for, like, ever. I also remember you saying you will leave the blog, excuse me that I believe you as much as I believe The Hermit, but there is a reason for that :DDDD

      • “I’ll sure them”? You mean sue…

        However; I never said “I” will sue them, before quitting 9D. If you think I did, feel free to show me where I said that.

        And about destroying them… Not sure what you mean. I said that about Historian once, yes. And you saw what happened. But I didn’t said that more often, before quitting 9D. If you think I did, feel free to show me where I said that.

  12. Destroy them and take the official team with you ! Acclaim is not allow to have kids in official team, it is against California law to put kids to work for profit and they have it . That will not stay in any Court of Law. Who are they ? What they do in life ?

  13. I support you Legend, do your best, Acclaim don’t assure us a equal treatment and that can be discrimination. Ask them moral damages, 1 milion $ to never try this again. There are many things they will be discover. I don’t know well the law, but you can ask some people to go testify.

  14. This blog alone can testify for you Legend. The judge can see what is the reason and if he did for you they can do with all players. One e.g. is enough. 9dragons will be remember as the game where discrimination can be posible and their owners are racist and against rights of humans. And btw I will send you gusy the answer from Romania state. I can sue Acclaim in Romania and ask to forbid this game in Romania.

  15. Keep it cool Legend and screw up Fugen and Acclaim. Look at what is going on and you will see that they pay the price. They are dumb to don’t see that their time to fall came.

  16. Be the best that you can be. Write down to a senator from American Senate, they have a special division. Don’t give up.

  17. Well, i hope they don’t let you sign up on event.
    I want see what you gonna do to put this company down.
    Of course players(including me) if can help, will help.

  18. Legend, I don’t think that you can bring down Acclaim because they are discriminating
    you in this Event, but you are well known on Bardo.

    Why don’t gather Bardonian Vagas and make them deny this Event?
    I’m pretty sure if all Bardonian Vagas will refuse to participate on this Event, alot of Nirvana
    and Asura Vagas will follow.

    Ofc, it won’t change anything, but it’ll be a signal, recognized by the whole community.

    However, if you need any kind of Support just drop a line.

  19. I checked the registration topic out and noticed that 2-3 people signed others up – a friend, his wife etc. Nobody posted there to tell them that they can’t register other people, which I find strange. This was me, being on your side.

    Now this is me, being realistic. In every other post on this blog you threaten to sue Acclaim. But you never do. Nobody with brains takes those threats serious. Which reminds me, what happened to CoraM’s letter to the Romanian authorities?

  20. I got an answer and send to vennus to publish it. I send it yestarday. In few lines, if I want to stop 9dragons on Romania country I have to take it to the Court, the answer from them is favorable for the cause, if I sue Acclaim in Romania ( I can, due teriority principle) I have big chances to win. I have to think about it.

    • 10 days later, nothing published yet. And if you have big chances of winning, what is there to wait for? Or are you just full of it? >:-)

  21. It is not up to me to publish it, I am not an author. As for lawsuit, can last 2, 3 years. Now, all depends on my lawyer.

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