Acclaim and the Item Mall issues

Today, there was again an Item Mall issue on 9Dragons. The 10-pack of Dragon Scales and the 3-pack of Dragon Tears were just 1 coin each in the Item Mall for about 10 minutes. As soon a player on Bardo noticed that, he wrote a Lion’s Roar and informed the other players.

As soon the 9D leads noticed that they loose a lot of real money (what kind of greedy people…), they changed it back to the normal price and posted a new post on the forum. And it starts, how Fugen like to be, really noobish:

Somehow, at around 6am PST, a 10-pack of Dragon Scales and a 3-pack of Dragon Tears got set to 1 coin each in the Item Mall for a short period of time.

Somehow…? Somehow…?! Hell, Acclaim is responsible for their Item Mall, and not Indy21 nor any other player. And they say “Somehow”?!

But that’s not all. Fugen also writes:

After the XP card fiasco, we made several things clear. They should also be apparent to anyone with any common sense.

We, the Project AI Blog, were VERY nice about that. We didn’t write that it was against the law what Acclaim did, because it happened just once. Anyone with any common sense knows, that the seller is responsible for the selling price. So actually they can’t take them back from the players, since they still payed.

1) If we give away an item, we price it at 0 coins; we also make that a one-per account type of deal. As in the Qilin’s Mirrors.

2) 10 scales = 9990. 3 tears = 1300. The cheapest we’ve ever had scales/tears was 2500 for 5 scales/2 tears in the refinement pack, and that was at 50% off of the already discounted price and for a limited time. If we were to give something away, it wouldn’t be 10 or 3 of the most expensive item in the Item Mall.

I like that line. It shows how greedy the 9D leads are.

3) Once again, many players took the opportunity to rob us blind, racking up dozens if not more purchases in the short time this was live.

I bet, Fugen would be the first as a normal player who would take everything what he can. His greediness prooves it.

4) The fact that most of the people exploiting this glitch used it to spam the button shows that they were aware of what they’re doing.

To be clear: That was absolutely NOT a glitch or an exploit. How I said already, the seller is responsible for the selling prices. The US law says so.

5) This is a business. If we don’t operate 9Dragons at a profit, we won’t operate it at all. That means that nobody gets to play — those that support the game with Item Mall purchases, those that play for free, and those that try to game the system and exploit every possible glitch, like buying hundreds or thousands of “free” or “discounted” scales or tears.

6) If you go to the ATM and it spits out $100,000 in cash (and you don’t have that in your account), you don’t get to keep the money. If you spend it, you still owe it.

And then, [GM]Fugen who pretends to have a common sense, writes what possibilities they have now:

That leaves us with a few options.

A) Roll back the servers to prior to this occurring (early this morning, PST).

Acclaim can’t do that. First of all, because they are responsible for their prices, and not the players. Furthermore, there were players which used Experience Cards, Drop Cards, Item Mall Dungeon Passes, or any other Item Mall items during this time. And it is questionable if they can do that if the Premium using players were grinding then.

B) Manually collect all the Scales/Tears from the people who exploited the bug. We did this for the XP card fiasco, and that took several weeks.

That’s called “To face the music”. Don’t cry about something what happened because of you. This possibility could be possible, even if I’m still not sure about the seller’s price law. However; If Acclaim take everything manually away and give them their coins back (no matter if it is just 1 coin, that’s the law), then this could even be possible. But how I said, I’m still not sure about that.

C) Ban everyone who exploited this, or at least the ones who did it multiple times.

Acclaim can do this, indeed. But the banned players can sue Acclaim then and win without problems. Again: The seller is responsible for the selling prices!

There’s no point in arguing about how it’s our mistake, you’re entitled to the items, or any of that. This was obviously not intentional. Post-XP card issue, we were very clear about what you are and aren’t allowed to do. And this may not matter to some players judging by how they comport themselves, but it’s also highly immoral to take advantage of something like this.

I wonder why the players still keep so calm. Why does nobody strikes back? Fugen is a guy from Hollywood, not even a real Game Manager. So how the hell does he want to know what’s allowed or not? He’s not even a lawyer!

People, stop to get fooled! Stop to lick their asses! Please, for god’s sake, stop selling your souls, and strike finally back! You do NOT have to pay for Acclaim’s mistakes!

EDIT: And we apologize in advance if we do have a rollback. And we would like to thank our honest players, those who didn’t take advantage and those who pointed out the issue.

What a surprise, Fugen forgot to be nice. And I never heard a bigger lie. I, for my part, never bought a false-priced item from the Item Mall, and never used the FC PQ, or any other exploid. As “thank” I was banned 2 times without reason from the 9D forum, like many other honest veterans. THAT is Acclaim’s thank.

People, seriously, most of you got so much money for the Item Mall, but you don’t have money for a lawyer? Fight for your rights and stop Acclaim to play with you all the time!

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


30 responses to “Acclaim and the Item Mall issues

  1. I start to love Acclaim every day now and then.

    Acclaim’s stupid + Players’ greed —> Suffering to other honest players.

    They cannot even manage well their own IM system. How can they manage well the whole game!!!

  2. The traders are responsible for the price they put. The buyers, I mean the players were good faith people and bought the items at the price put by Acclaim.California have laws and Acclaim broke them. I know Fugen reads this blog and I will say a few words for him too :

    Don’t make Project AI to sue Acclaim. I heard you already want to make a discrimination by not letting Legend take place in vagabonds competition. You do that and we will sue Acclaim, you personally and Steven Eliot Altman. And before that we will send reports to each California state institution with all Acclaim doings towards customers. Let’s see who will lose imagine and who will pay in the end all moral damages.

  3. Players are not at fault at all. I.M. is in Acclaim “custody”. As long as it is in their management, they jointly liable for what happens. Mall prices are not fixed and are not included in any contract with players as fixed prices. In fact, tears and scales costed 1 coin, but still costed. I believe what happened it’s not an attack. I think it’s negligence in service ( at a job). Hermit words in a Court of Low will count as 0. He is not an IT specialist to say :

    ~This was not Acclaim’s mistake. It appears this was a malicious attack. It will be corrected with as minimum effect as possible on innocent players. The scales and Tears will be returned one way or another. So sit tight and wait while we correct the issue. The good of the game will be foremost in our minds.~

    You can require technical expertise to see if it’s true or not. There is a program used by experts who can check each operation made on a server. If you wrote something not true is called a lie. Also we can interpret the roll-back as a basis for unjust enrichment. Acclaim put up a price, players bough at that price, after that they came, corrects the price and take more back ( nobody knows what can happen in a role back, you can lose more mall itemes). Who is smart should start do screens with everything they have.

    More, Hermit said it is not Acclaim doing, then he has to point out who did it. If he can’t say it, than it is a lie. If he will say it and will false accuse someone who didn’t do it and he can’t prove it, he will have big problems.

    As for Legend, Acclaim with Fugen in front should think twice before they will do it. The case against Acclaim have a lot of ~weight~.

  4. Guess it’s not enough if I just post a few links here, however, if you bought scales or tears
    for 1 coin and are now beeing forced to return them, follow those 2 links and complain there.

    bbb is the better choice ( I guess). Would realy love to see many ppl complaing there –
    this might get real harsh for Acclaim….

  5. This change in item mall price has happened for the third time. The first one was around in December 2009 for an extremely short duration. The price was not changed to 0 but like ~100 coins for many items, including scales and tears. At that time, if you brought the items for 100 coins, the amount would not be deducted too.

    I smell some link between GM’s and Gold Traders here. Corruption ofcourse. There was a post yesterday of a player accusing the GM of changing prices. Fugen replied back “Who are you?” as usual to most of claims which leak from inside.

    Now, all those posts are deleted.

  6. I think this is a cover up for Acclaim to rotate dirty money. I think they don’t pay any tax to the state. Maybe it is time someone write to California state and start ask questions.

  7. The game can have a bug (see FC PQ bug). That bug is exploited by players till is fixed (there is NO game without buggs – who knows what dynamic script means in programming knows this). If the bug is announced what happens with he players that use it/abuse it?
    They are getting banned

    The IM (part of the frigging game) can develop a bug (like in our case). The bug (cos it involves a lot of money) is fixed fast (3 h last time during xp cards “feast” and 10 mins now in the case of scale packages).
    My normal question is (cos I liek to belive we are mature, honest, rational ppl here) : If you see that a price is broken (aka u notice a bug) how many of us keep “clicking” knowingly on that button purchasing items and thinking they will be “unnoticed”? I bet some were players that purchased 3000 xp cards each last time and they thought they would be able to keep 1 package this time like in the precedent incident.

    My point is: Yes, is Acclaim fault for bugging IM. No, is not Acclaim fault for players abusing the bug and purchaising items for free or for 1 coin. Ofc, a purchase is a purchase but in this case is not a valid one, is an abusive one.
    I forget my purse in your house. By the right, is in your house is on your property, right? Some ppl will return my purse, some will take it as their property. Which one is correct?
    We are a lot of honest players in 9D but this “Alot” is 10% in my opinion. I cannot care less about Acclaim “loss”. But i do want that all that exploits a 10 min bug (even a IM bug) to pay the price (the real scale package price or the banhammer price). In my eyes are still thiefs.

  8. You guys should start somenthing, make sure this will never happen any time soon, I think is something dirty going on as boki said, don’t know what, but I don’t believe nothing from what Acclaim said.

  9. I think Acclaim can’t see the way out of this thing.I love the way the mastermind behind of this did it. Acclaim lost a lot because of this and players also lost. The gap of trust between players and Acclaim is huge now. If we talk about Acclaim conspiracy, that someone hack in their system, you know what that means ? That all of our dates are not safe anymore, anybody can access them, our credit cards and so on. I smell another complaint in the way to California state of course, departament state of communication and protection of dates.

    Go on Acclaim, keep the good work and you will be soon in bankruptcy again!

  10. Acclaim lost more players after this. They are a second hand company which will never hit a stage spot in game company because they are surrounding by incompetence. They never made an investition to this game and will never do, so no incoming. Bugs & bugs always, California should close down 9dragons servers once for all.

  11. Why should players suffer because of Acclaim? Acclaim should admit they did wrong and make the one that did the mistake, pay for what he or she did, not an entire server of players. Quit screwing dear Acclaim, you will not have any players in this way.

  12. I keep in this post which I like a lot.

    “Well i was just wondering. As bad as this game has gotten and as much as scammers have scammed people and get away with it PLUS the ridiculous prices on item mall and now heaps of people look at it completley this way and this is why they quit.

    “Why do i play this Game is it just to Bore myself killing monsters all the time.. Approx 8000 Kills for one level.. What is the point in this”

    Second of all “I waste my money to get the best gear possible and i kill monsters and bore myself.. while Nukers just out damage me and kill me while im grinding..”

    Third quote “What has this game got besides Grind and unbalanced Pvp.. I don’t know why i play this.. maybe its because of awesome Kungfu moves? I’m not sure”

    Well to me Acclaim alot of people are quitting, 4 of my friends that are major item mall buyers have quit this game. This game gets to overly boring, i mean acclaim if you really want the big bucks, HONESTLY make better minigames besides VOH and COF and GCM or something people would enjoy, are the minigames meant to entertain players or are they just there to get you a lame epithet? What do people do most of the time besides camp in the same spot and talk to people or kill monsters. I agree That 9D has an awesome community full of awesome people. I guess that keeps people playing. PVP makes me laugh. i honestly crack up dieing when i get owned by a nuker. Look at other games they have 30X more features plus they are affordable for average people not big spenders. Take WOW for instance $15 a month Endless things to do its got a MASSIVE area and it looks awesome, The addiction, Insane.

    And i know acclaim are running like 20 games but this is your top game and it would be good to make good idea’s for players to enjoy the game. Lol no more X4 or x5 events and raise the exp card prices higher and also make Tibet mobs have high defense and high hp so people can buy more exp cards? Honestly a joke. Are you scared that when people reach Dissolved Body 8 they will retire from this game and you will go broke? Is that why you made a level cap for such a long time so people could buy more things?

    Geez you should have planned something better from the beginning instead of doing such a stupid move, oh well what can i say this game will go into tatters within 1 year or so

    Thing that annoys me about this game is that if you are a high level and you buy the best things you can its still hard to kill a Nuker. i know you guys are going to post things like yeah if you have good items as a hybrid and healer you can own a nuker but how good will those items have to be? Also a good nuker with good excellent gear would own the living daylights of a healer/hybrid with good gear… Warriors are just out of the question. They are just a complete failure

    Haha post please, thanks”

  13. It is sad and funny in same time, but I believe Acclaim will not last for long, Since Fugen came all goes from bad to worse.

  14. It is completely safe to buy coins ? I think no. As many said in here, state of Califonia needs to check up Acclaim activity. I think some bad things are going on there.

  15. Acclaim insulted the paying customers instead of asking politely to get items back because of their mistake. We paid the price defined for the mall items. Acclaim are scammers ot us.

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