azninpo harassed by smoothru

I think most of you know azninpo from 9dragons forum. He plays this game since 2006 and was very active in the community. Seems that his questions and replys to the major problems of this game are not welcome by Acclaim so he became a hunted and harassed player on 9dragons forum. For his free speech and his believes he got banned from forum. In ‘Off topic‘ he wrote :

Well i got banned i hope u happy u just prove the kind of person u are thats all i will .. i believe in honest MOD and player . i belivie this world coud be change when most tolerent ppl can hit the same floor as us , in my case i was harass from a MOD till he got what he looking for to push me in a bann “state” for who know me i have been helping the forum since long ago i took my time to help player , bring ideas , bring 9D updates… i know some of my post about accliam are strong .. but i reconize too when accliam do good things..

Im no Legend im just another player who express his feeling i never use bad word , i respect warda she was always with me since the begin of the game ty alot for all the help u gave me , even u draken the first time i meet u in forum i think u were to rude Wink but after the time u got my respect and i really admire u ty too for ur help

now i will quit the forum guys u wont see me coments here anymore ..there is no resaon for get banned for express what u feeling congratzz MOD u win i hope u have a nice day and god bless u .. think in ur life u should ¡¡

i put my good bye topic again since the previous was Deleted i not intent to spamm i just dont see the reason why they deleted ..and yes thats only prove how harass i have been since few hours

Let’s remember some of his posts :

1. FAQ about Tibet

2. Our reality in 9dragons time to open our eyes

3. Bank system

4. Blood bead , Plate & new Relics collect

5. Ying , Yang , Body , Soul GUIDE ( under construcction)

6. New penal petition

7. Should Vetaran Players (Closed beta ones test Tibet Map )

This guy wrote guides and tried everything humanly possible in a dialogue with Acclaim. He always struggled for the players and  for a better 9dragons. And guess what, smoothru a moderator who never had a visible contribution for the community of players asked a BAN for him. smoothru reasons are a big joke :

1.This is spam. You know the rules, asking about a locked thread by making another thread is against the rules. (2) There is already a thread directing all feedback. Next time don’t disregard it.

2.Shouldve been a PM.

3. Should’ve been a PM/Spam. Ciao.

What can be more idiotic than smoothru words for the cards? There is no motivation and logic arguments for a ban given to a veteran who played since beta and knows all the aspects of 9d. For smoothru this fight became a personal one. He had the ‘stupid’ ambition to ban azninpo because he started to be inconvenient for Acclaim and for him and he did it. As moderators, it is their duty to listen to the members, but they don’t do it, they takes all to personal level and start to revenge on players. Is there a set of guidelines that moderators have to follow for 9dragons? Is there any particular person to whom we should report abuses of power? Is it a waste of time? I guess it is.

We, the authors of this blog welcome azninpo to become an author if he wants !


24 responses to “azninpo harassed by smoothru

  1. This is pathetic. Another veteran who played since beta is down because of some stupid pride. Way to go smoothru noob, I hope you are proud of yourself.

  2. day by day more people open the eyes and see what Acclaim is amde off. I am glad that this small community opened the eyes a long time ago and veterans joined in here. I hope azninpo will also be a part of this community and will help players.

  3. Acclaim with his kids moderators destroyed the veterans community. azninpo had a big contribution to 9dragons forum and now he is banned? For what ? For a small matter ? Let’s be serious, he was hunted down and pushed to a ban state like so many others.

  4. It is so sad to see another vetaran bro who did os much for players to be banned for idiotic reasons how vennsu said. I think baning veterans community how Acclaim did is a greta blow giving to the game. We will see the results of this in time.

  5. And that’s exactly my reason why I fight against Acclaim. They ban respectful, honorable, and old veterans from their community, just because one of the mobs or a VGM don’t like this person. And the most worse thing is, the 9D leads don’t care about it.

    Yes, I thought already about to quit the war with Acclaim, but such things keep me on this war against Acclaim.

    And by the way… How far do we have to go, until a player have to mention that he’s not one of the most hated people of Acclaim?

  6. If the veterans leave 9dragons forum, the community there will become weak and players will not even think to help others players. Vetarans are the ones who knows this game, not the new ones who became hermit level in 30 days with 5x events XP cards and and have no idea what a smash is.

  7. What smoothru made doesn’t surprise me at all, they are like this. azninpo is a great guy with high character. The bann of veterans is a great lost for Acclaim and you guys know what I mean when I say it.

  8. The veterans didn’t have to fight for game, but I think they did it for on major reason a better game. They did it and many lost their accounts. I think every players hould respect those and azninpo is one of them. He should be respected for what he did for the community.

    smoothru you are an IDIOT and a STUPID MOD. Sucks it…like Historian said.

  9. why smoothru was accepted as moderator again ? he was out of mods team. he always gets in a fight with palyers and especially with veterans. he must be kicked off.

  10. Day by day 9dragons forum community is less and less active and no more good content. The content of forum became more and more degrading.

  11. as I’ve said a while ago.. 9D is going down!
    Shity moderators, idiot thinkin’ game managers, lacc of comunication, stupid superiority complex from the moderators/admins, all-knowing noob players, idiotic rules…
    as one of the semi-unknown veterans of this game i say: fvck Acclaim! Instead of listening to some well-intended players, they fuck up the game.

    with the knowledge I have of the game right now..I have an updated opinion: 2010 is a critical year for this game. If the newly released Tibet map won’t have the elements that the players want or espect, I think 9D will soon loose many many (if not all) of the players (since there are some other mmorpg’s comming out this year better looking and better -hopefuly-administrated than 9D)

    I’m still hoping for that sunny day when all the bad things on the 9D forum will come to and end and Acclaim will hire proper people on the staff, but I don’t see that Acclaim has the will necesary for this kind of change.

    (sorry if I was a lil’bit offtopic)

  12. when he was told to PM smoothru he decided to open more topics. so its not smooth’s fault. its his entirely.

  13. Sure iuli4n always the players are at fault, none the official team. You think somebody buys that ? For God sake, this guy played since 2006. Show him sore respect. He knows more than you or any other of moderators.

  14. I don’t see any difference from Historian ‘eve’. Thinks are the same. You don’t lick Acclaim, you will get a ban or warn. Stupidity !

  15. New map have come with new quest and none of the veterans did a guide . Why ? Because they don’t care anymore, they are sick and tired how Acclaim deals with major problems or how they do the things.

  16. The brige of trust between Acclaim and veterans has fallen long time ago. Acclaim lost all the credibility.

  17. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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