Tibet is finally out! And no one can log in.

Tibet is out, ladies and gentlemen… And no one can enter the servers, like always after a big patch… I guess that’s why they have a “testserver”… (sarcasm)

Some short informations for you:

– The new level cap is Dissolved Body 8 ( Level 200)
– XP rate remains the same (Yes that sucks. Just a stupid publisher would not rise the experience curve)

– Do not make any dungeons (Some tell, a high level player just survived barely the Golden Coins. He had all the time bleeding and other effects.)
– Do not refine (Well, that’s at least the official advice. Some screenshots showed already new high refined weapons, +9 or +10. So whatever you will do, it’s your own decision. Just refine on your own responsibility. Your weapon could disappear. Don’t forget, this is Acclaim…)

It is already over 13 hours ago since the 9D leads put the new patch online, and the people got trouble on downloading the patch, can’t log in, in IF you are one of the choosen ones who can enter the server (what I highly doubt at the moment) then you will enter a Land of chaos.

So, no new news. Everything like always. You know the procedure… Just wait… Or how Acclaim like to say: “Patience”. (Hell, they really can destroy a word if they use it too much…)

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


21 responses to “Tibet is finally out! And no one can log in.

  1. I am bored to be back in 9dragons and to grind. After a long break I don’t have the heart to start all over again, I don’t know what to do. Quit or stay ?

  2. BP is emty, lots of bugs, dc’s are back and so on. Tibet will be a failure for Acclaim, many players already left and no more money. the ones who stayed already bought premium for another year with 70% off. they will put pvp items in mall now.

  3. Gratz to me, I am PS 1 in the end, they fix the bug ! Tibet looks cool, but as many said before me we have again tons of bugs and less players.

  4. Wu tang tomes are still buged, pvp is still unbalance and many, many bugs, this is what the new map bringed up.

  5. Seems that players lost their enthusiasm and the launch of a new map is not so welcome. I believe it is only Acclaim fault.

  6. The mobs from Tibet are easy to kill, but have a lot of HP. New Acclaim strategy, to level harder ? To consume more resources? The time spend to kill 1 Tibet mob is twice than one from another map.

  7. In my opinion, Tibet is a massive failure. Nothing new except a handful of quests. People who left to play AION/other games with good graphics would rather go back than grind on mobs which arent even unique.

    “he enviromnent is very rough around the edges. Mountains have sharp corners, if you look in the distance you see the shapes and they are all blue, parts taken from NSIP (even the trees are the same). Looks like it was done in a hurry”

    This was the saddest comment I could find. Extremely poor performance from Indy21. Feels like what Legend said was right about the staff of Indy.

    Byebye Advance Clans 😦

  8. Is impossible to rise the xp, think about it…
    Tibet is an end game map , doen in a great hurry cos ppl were QQ ing for it. This might be it (the last one) or if another map appears will be in few years. With the mad grinders on the pve servers and xp cards is impossible to rise xp curve, if so what would happent then? I know players that will be capped in less than 3-4 months (the insane ones). And when all would cap again would be far much worse than before when they all were waiting and not quitting cos they knew a new map (Tibet) would come…

    I am glad to see tho that the mobs are not require KG to grind them (they don;t hit hard but they got a lot of xp). I am glad to see also that bosses are not so easy to kill and require team work. I am glad to see that GT rate was tweakened somehow…and…what can I say? I logged yesterday and grinded a bit (40 mins aprox), got bored and logged out…
    Still, a change of map after that much ICY i wellcome…

    Have fun guyz and GG o/

    • Of course it is possible to rise the exp. Best example:
      If Acclaim would not want too fast level capped people on this so-called “last map”, then they would not give so many 5x events before Tibet and would not implement exp cards.

  9. From all the players I knew who left 9dragons, few came back for Tibet map. They logged in and logged off again. They don’t feel the game anymore.

  10. Tibet is another map for rich people. Acclaim wants to take more money from us. With Tibet 5x events are over and 2x is back, so more XP cards to buy. Didn’t Hermit said after Tibet, XP cards will be out of mall? Again he lied.

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