Wanna ban someone permanently? No problem!

Today, dear readers, we will learn how to ban someone permanently from 9Dragons, with the help of the stupidity of Acclaim.

You know those promotions with those spreadsheets, right? Well, on the first promotion, or spreadsheet, [GM]Fugen wrote this: :

Please DO NOT:
1) Fill out the form if you haven’t purchased an Experience Bonus Card (50) during the time period
2) Fill out the form more times than you are entitled to.

So, if you want to ban somebody, you just have to know his ID and fill the form out for him. If your enemy didn’t purchased anything, it will be considered as an attempt to scam Acclaim. If your enemy purchased something, he will fill the form out anyway, so he will have the form filled more times than he purchased, and it will be considered as an attempt to scam Acclaim too. You just have to be careful about one thing: Your IP adress.

Again we can see, how Acclaim’s stupidity can bring a (paying?) player an unfair ban. Well, I know that Acclaim will get some trouble now, after the people reading this article on our blog. But in fact, Acclaim just change something after they are forced, no matter how many times someone tried to help their brains.

How did Historian like to say…? 😆

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


19 responses to “Wanna ban someone permanently? No problem!

  1. Most people only dream to have order in their lives, and they usually want it most when they are turning their life upside down in a desperate search to find something. Insisting on order might make a person seem fastidious, but being organized saves a lot of stress, especially right after achieving it. Acclaim can’t do it, that’s it.

  2. You sometimes wonder what makes Acclaim react to situations the way they do which is so different from what you, I mean we, as community would do in a similar situation. No brain?

  3. If the application would be filled from a e-mail and sent to an e-mail of acclaim (ex: promotions@acclaim…..) would be no confusion as the e-mail adress can be confronted with the account e-mail registration address.

    And besides that Is easyer to read/manage e-mails that forum application spams. I hope they think about this….

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