Let’s have a party! …and offer the best items just on Item Mall.

Blood Beads and Bloody Marbles – Very rare and almost legendary items, a rare drop from True General Wei and the Chests of The Cave of The Conqueror. That was at least on the old days so. Meanwhile, every Item Mall user can get easly some of those. And not just those items, which were known as “best item ingame”, but also an item, a relic, which is very powerful and not available ingame: The Phoenix Banner.

Some weeks ago, Acclaim had a promotion and gave to their players those Phoenix Banners, one for each 90-Days-Premium purchased. They give each +3 All Attributes, +15% Life, and +15% Dodge (Chi Kung & Physical Dodge (at least it give some ck dodge to me too)). This item is a relic and can be equipped more than one time. You could even equip this item 8 times on the max. 8 pockets of the clothes. Those who purchased many of this item are meanwhile known in Bloody Plains as Immortals.

One week later, Acclaim offered on their new promotion a 7/1000 HP drain Weapon Ornament for each 50-Experience-Cards pack. The best ingame available HP drain Weapon Ornaments are 6/1000. 7/1000 ones can just be get very rarely from the so-called Casino-Game from the Item Mall Qilin’s Mirror. A very nice way to say “Just paying players will achieve something in this game.”

Now, a new promotion was started. The paying players can become more invincible. Some people even started already a Blood Bead & Bloody Marble Party, while the non-ItemMall-users become weaker and weaker. The new promotion says, you will get a Blood Bead of Heaven (+1 All Attributes, +2 Dexterity, +15 Attack Rating), a Blood Bead of Earth (+1 All Attributes, +2 Constitution, +10% Weapon Damage), or a Phoenix Banner (+3 All Attributes, +15% Life, +15% Dodge). You can choose one item for each 50-Experience-Cards pack you purchased.

Seriously, just a morong will select a Blood Bead of Heaven. +15 Attack Rating is nothing. Even Karma Plates can give more. If it would be +15%, then it would be of course an awesome item. Of course, this could also be a wrong text, and it would incrase the Attack Rating by 15%. But I never had one to test it out, and all others speak about just +15 Points on Attack Rating.

The Blood Bead of Earth is of course a very famous item. This item gives you +10% Weapon Damage. On the old days, many lent some of those out from other high level friends, just to get the True General Wei kill. Today, nobody make any thoughts anymore, to get one’s own goal. Today, you just need to be a Chi Kung Artist.

Many complained about the first Phoenix Flag promotion, because this item makes PvP indeed more unbalanced than it is. Who doesn’t remember Fugen’s words anymore on the complains? “We do not unbalance the game, it is already unbalanced.”

But I wonder… Why does Acclaim do these promotions? Why do they give such good items to Item Mall users? Is it possible… that Tibet will bring collections to trade them?

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


25 responses to “Let’s have a party! …and offer the best items just on Item Mall.

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  2. is just for money =.= money, money, money.

    they saw lot player’s buying flags 1st time, (after they say is just 6% population of mall), now 50 XPcards(lot players buy) + 1 flag = montrous incoming to acclaim.

  3. I knew for sure Hermit will lie with BBOE promotion. We can see now. They just look for money … this game will die soon.

  4. i bet chi kung deff will be in mall first. this is very lame and they ask themselves why players leave this game and others don’t come to play it. Fugen will put an end to 9dragons very soon.

  5. Something is not right with this promotion, but they cost a lot, 50 XP cards with no promotion is like 50 euro, you can do a lot with 50 euro than spend on a buggy game.

  6. I remember well Hermit promsie to us at Christmas promotion : no more BBOE, but seems he broken that one too. Shame on Acclaim and Hermti again ! They have no honor or dignity.

  7. yes, lol, what to expect from Hermit ? he lied to sell and make some money for Christmas to spend. when they will not have nothing more to sell, they will sell themselves. they are all just crap people, don’t deserve our respect or our money.

  8. 9dragons right now show us what people can do for money. Hermit lost all his credibility. Is he really a writer or a scammer ? I don’t make now a difference at all. Acclaim become the scammers and the liers. In real life if you follow their eg. you will become a man with no moral and it is a bad thing. What counts in a relation with customers is your word.

  9. Acclaim followers can buy them no ? Let them give money and see how 9dragons will survive, why we care so much ? Now I want to see how 9dragons will die. People with few money have no chance to pay this game. CoraM gave me an idea.

  10. Acclaim becomes the cash suckers. They are destroying the game. Balance pvp is now only for Item Mall players. They continue to throw bones at players and keep them thinking that new maps will come … then balance pvp will come after ….

    In the meanwhile, they will continue to steal every hard earn cashes from players. I don’t know about anyone, but I know 9D will never get better. It’s a dying game. Acclaim knows that, and that is why they will try to scam as much money as they can now …

  11. This way Acclaim will hit the end of the bag very quick. If no new players, the game will go down very easy. And Hermit is already forgets a lot of things…maybe he is old 😛

  12. It is not the first time when Hermit lie to us, they lie to make money, it is something that we have to live with or protest over it, by sue Acclaim.

  13. 9D is all about money, nobody care about the community or players. I hope people will not give ACclaim money, money and money. If they can see we give, they will want more.

  14. Last promotion it’s 1,000 coins more expensive than the first promotion. No point to buy it. 50 XP cards is more expensive than 90 days premium, if you choose the flag.

  15. In my opinion a person’s character is a deciding factor in how well or how poorly he or she relates to something or someone else.Hermit has no character at all, he lied for money and will do it again.

  16. “A portion of logical thinking goes along with being honestly” somebody said once. Acclaim is deciving their clients with a purpose, and that it is to get more money.

  17. One thing to be noticed here is the reckless and carefree attitude of the Game Manager at attempt to balance pvp, note that after his carefree comment on pvp balance issues, he keeps reminding people of his intent to balance pvp. Which could only mean one thing, that Acclaim has already made their decision about the future of 9Dragons, they dont care about community, so long as the pay masters are kept addicted and happy, 9Dragons will go on.

  18. Second. Is the items they targetted. 90 day premiums and 50 XP cards. People, the pay masters, who buy them will probably be urged to play the game in the upcoming months. Very important is that a noticable game called Project 9 will be released in about 2 months time. It will steal alot of the crowd if not kill 9Dragons.

    Nicely played by Fugen.

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