9Dragons – The Original Plans are not the target

Haha, you really thought I would leave the Project AI Blog? I would, but not on a time like this. Not, after Fugen started a war, especially the one with the veterans and other players.

My last post had a reason. The very funny “Hermit” aka “Steven-Elliot Altman”, which was the real person behind our big conversation with The Hermit, by the way (seems like not just The Historian is so arrogant), posted on his Facebook profile some interesting lines. I can’t link them here, because just people from his friendslist can see it, but I will quote:

I give up. I quit Acclaim. I’m moving back to New York next weekend.

Yes, it’s official. I turned in my termination papers to Acclaim. Josh has taken over.

Don’t worry about me folks, I’ve already taken a new job at microsoft. I will be running the new mmo game division.

My first reaction: “HA! HAHA! HAHAHAHA!”
My second reaction: “Fu*k..!”
My third reaction: “Wait, April Fool?”

And seriously… New job at Microsoft? Running the new MMO game division? Steven is not qualified for Microsoft. Microsoft doesn’t hire fails from Hollywood to run their games. And I know somebody, who would make it very hard for Steven, to get any job at Microsoft…

However, this was an april fool. Probably he wanted to see how we post that on our Blog, and then to laugh about us, because this was just an April Fool. So I thought, I could do the same.

As far as I know, the official staff even talked about my leaving. Too bad, if I am now the one who’s laughing. However…

Today I want to tell you a tale about the targets of Indy21 regarding 9Dragons.

Who played 9Dragons in 2007 and on ClosedBeta in 2006, still know the Original Plans of Indy21 for 9Dragons. The good, old targets and a little preview to the future of 9Dragons with our imagination. Let’s think about those upcoming paths, one can go. You could become a Disciple of Iron Fist, join the Union of Noble Families, or sell your soul and enter the Black Dragon clan. But that was not everything. There was also the idea of a Path of a Clanless Warrior, called meanwhile True Vagabond. Steven-Elliot “TheHermit” Altman talked already back then about it. The most popular one, on a reply of a guide for clanless vagabonds:

Picture on ImageShack
Original Thread

The people didn’t actually searched answers about those “benefits” for clanless warriors. There was something more interesting: The Advanced Clans. Just a few really stupid players asked more about this. One of them was me. Meanwhile known as Legend, the vagabond, the son of The Vagabond, or the founder of the Vagabond Army.

I was alone then on the road of a Vagabond. Since I was a clanless, I had to know what the future, or rather the plan for 9Dragons, is. Asking the GMs and some people from Indy21 itself, I was statisfied about my knowledge and went to a break of almost 1 year of 9Dragons.

During my break, Indy21 gone bankrupt, and as far as I know, they even stopped with the work on 9Dragons. But there was fast a help. Either Indy21 was taked over or purchased. But what I did not know, was that Indy21 did not have their original employees anymore. But not just that: Indy21 had now new plans for 9Dragons, and put the Original Plans away.

After playing this game for 3 or 4 years, the Advanced Clans became a myth for the veterans. A myth, which will never be realized. The same happened with the PvP balance. After a long time of the PvP issues, the players didn’t believe anymore that the balance will come, so they just joined the strongest role: Chi Kung Artists. Trying to claim that the PvP is already perfectly balanced, the nukers try to keep their godlike powers.

After asking the GMs over and over again, when the “benefits” for the vagabonds will be implemented, and get always the same answer “There is just a low percentage of vagabond role playing players. This role is not popular enough”, one of the idiots who played as clanless warrior, me, started to make the path of a clanless warrior more popular and to unite the vagabonds. After to see the growing population on the clanless path, Acclaim began to be forced to do something for the Vagabonds. Acclaim talked with Indy21, and Indy21 with Acclaim. Sometime, The Hermit himself started to say, the Vagabond way was never meant to thrive, even if the most famous quote about upcoming “benefits” was from this man.

Acclaim began to tell always different things: Once, the path would be a few quests and the ability to learn some own Kung Fu on The Vagabond NPC in the fourth floor of The Cave of The Conqueror. Later, the path would just be some quests with special rewards for clanless only. Then, the path would only be a quest. And one day, when old veteran players aren’t here anymore, and no one can tell about the past, it will just be a forgotten thing. And the same will happen with the Advanced Clans.

No one really believes that the Advanced Clans will really be one day ingame. The only things Acclaim got on their 9Dragons from the Advanced Clans are just some quests, some items, and of course, some epithets. And this is all just stuff what the original employees of Indy21 did. Since the Original Plans were forgotten, the new employees did not really worked on them.

Apropos… Do you guys know that there are actually 2 more caves? The original employees wanted to finish and publish it as soon as possible, but they never finished them. Some call it Dragon’s Cave, but that’s not it’s true name. One is called The Cave of Lights, and the other The Cave of Diamond, I believe. Since the new employees forgot the Original Plans, they also put those caves away and never ever worked again on it.

Some players still wonder, what kind of entrances those doors in Shi Zhang and Zhengzhou are. As far as I know, they were even planned to be entrances to some caves.

Call it conspiracies or theories, I don’t mind. I just tell, what I know – believe it or not.

So many good ideas were started. Too bad the Original Plans were forgotten. They were really good ones… And now, old veteran players, you know why everything came different than it should happen.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


39 responses to “9Dragons – The Original Plans are not the target

  1. Uhm , since Indy21 is the developer , and Acclaim gets the patches from them , why didn’t they helped them to save Indy21 from bankruptcy? They got thousands of $_$ only from the PvP-er 9Dragons players , as tali, play_for_kg , or sometimes whole leagues like ASEAN?

  2. Congratulations!
    Better grammar than last time, but still a few mistakes here and there
    oh and by the way, theres a door in Hangzhou, not shi-zhang

    • show us your english teacher diploma and we may belive you, if not drop it.
      the entrance is in Shi-zhang, the opposite map to Zhengzhou map. you don’t even know the game.

  3. SEA will never see Microsoft. that is his deeper desire, but after what he did with 9dragons who wants to work with him. I would personaly write to MIcrosoft to fire him next day… and I would link to this blog.

  4. It is sad to see that the advanced clans will be postpone. New clans would make the game more alive, new quets, new skills. Maybe in the end they will close it down.

  5. 9Dragons was once the ‘best MMO’ based on several factors. The deciding factors include popularity, playability, expansions, value for the monthly subscription, and community support. Now I think it is on the end of the list. Was like that because people enjoy it and had hopes for this game future. In time, we all were mistaken.

  6. i sow for a long time that entrance in ZZ, always think that someday we will have a new dungeon. guess no more.

  7. Indy21 had for some time their net page down, maybe that time Indy21 gone bankrupt. I wish someone from Indy21 to come in front of us and answer our questions.

  8. I don’t think we will have the advance clan soon, even the others will get it, Acclaim will start testing after 2 years or 4, so we should drop that idea.

  9. Our version of 9dragons is a big joke. I hope an european company will buy it and we will be free of Acclaim, maybe buy the development too.

  10. But to clarify what wu tang man said, he said no future entirely. By the way this game is managed by Indy and Acclaim mean the same thing. 😛

  11. Don’t you folks feel that you were deceived by Acclaim all the time and Indy21 too? They said we will do, we will make, balance will come, TIbet will come and nthing came. Acclaim kept whining about Indy21.Readers of this blog were right all along about Acclaim far from capable of managing the game.

  12. I think we will not have a good future with this game.Fugen has been reluctant.The Hermit isn’t a good manager either.If not both, at least one of them should know what a game is all about. In other words, players suffers because of this.

  13. well, Fugen is proving to be a verbal cancer for 9dragons now… Acclaim stupid way to make things is not helping either. Clash pff!

  14. I belive veterans are already feed up with Acclaim and are on passive state. They are the ones who keep the game as Acclaim can not bring new players.Thsi is a fact.

  15. Hermit show us his secret desire : to work for MIcrosoft. Must pass thousands of light years to get there and not after 9Dragons disaster management. I can’t stop myself from laughing. Players who work at Microsoft and have played or play 9dragons can’t stop from laughing now. MMO division ? Keep dreaming !

  16. vennus I think Microsoft will ship Hermit to Burger King to learn how to say ‘thank you’. With his arrogant attitude I think he is not qualify to carry Microsoft correspondence. And 9dragons disaster will ahve a hard word to say when comes to find another job.

  17. “Well, every person with a common sense can see the facts, that Acclaim’s 9Dragons never will have a future.”…a quote form this blog which I like it a lot.

    And a quote from the past :

    January 2007
    You will have noticed on the front of the 9Dragons log-in screen that The Persistent Worlds Company Ltd has ceased to trade. This is extremely disappointing given the obvious support the game has. However a lack of future funding has meant that the company has to stop operating. In due course the servers will be shut down and the forums withdrawn.
    We would like to say that you have been a great community and it has been our honour to serve you. We wish you good luck in your gaming future and hope that you find a game where you can all be re-united.
    pwc logo
    With great regret,

    The Persistent Worlds Team”

    This is will happen with Acclaim too … in the near future.

  18. The success of a game depends on the community. Acclaim has mocked the community of players constantly and the veterans. In time this can be seen and the community no longer gives them money. The game will die in the end if you don’t know how to make it grown. Acclaim policy show us that they can’t. They had so many big failure among the year. Each and every game manager is a living example for that. Look at Fugen now. What he tries to do ? Only get more money and not develop the ties with community of players.

  19. How this game have afuture when they lie us all over again ? You get tired and drop it. They can’t fool new players because the old ones went on forums and told the truth about this game : NO ! DON’T PLAY IT!

  20. From all the questions that arise in the minds of every player I believe the most pertinent is: it makes sense to go on a game that has not changed at all ?

    • Answer: NO.
      Many vet players moved on. Many moved to other games (such as my case and many) till things get better (if they will). Some ppl don;t have the patience to WAIT all this time and struggle to fight with a system that is flawed, this doesn’t mean they lost hope for the game to improve but they just refused to play under this circumstances/enviroment until smth is changed.

      I am sure that the autors of this blog did the same this too (moved to other games atm), even if they love the 9D game. One is to love the game and another thing to be masochistic and continuing playing it as it is. Ofc. we still have friends in 9D (i still have few) but most of them moved along with me.
      I do not regret one moment the decison I made as long as I ca log in in a different game with no stress, no pain, no money to spend.I must say I moved to a game that has no ITEM MALL, even some old 9D players chosed a game with Item Mall as well (AIKA). I became alergic to item mall as many of us are 😀
      So, when I was forced to take a decison I took it and moved all Head-Hunters in WoW and some others followed (some ppl from Destiny, UF, JT) (wow-Molten server) F2P, no buggs, exceptional devs, GM’s , no cheats, no OP class, full pvp (omg for 1st time in 2 years I enjoy a healthy pvp again at full and the feeling is amazing I must say), no buggs that last more than 48h, free gear from voting system for those who need(NO ITEM MALL, no $$ yay!). And I wonder, if a private server can do this with 4 devs why 9D can. And I had the answer: THEY DON;T WANT TO.

      Anyway, this is an example what some ppl do while they wait for 9D to get fixed. Some still cling, some move on. As long as is about my time play and my relax time, i found that in 9D atm I can’t have it. I still have coins, I still have money invested, I still have great gear and all I want but i said : NO MORE. If things change in better I must reconsider but as I said, is about my relaxing time. When I want to relax after a hard day work I log in a game. I have to chose: to log in a game that cause me stress or in a game where I fully enjoy…

      PS: Is not advertising but If someone want to take a breathe of fresh air I would be more than happy to offer you a great F2P timeplay till 9D gets fixed. (just pm me on 9d forum)
      Cheers all.

      • Since I can’t log in on the 9D forum, can you tell us the name of this oh-so-great MMO? Feel free to post the name here, you can do it, we aren’t the 9D forum.

  21. I love this game, and hate people who are trolling their semi-political feelings about a company which publish this game.

    If you don’t like, just step over to a new game. If not.. stop frustrating your so called “true” feelings about how things should work!

  22. First of all we are not forcing you to read this blog, second we are doing what Acclaim told us :

    “What about my Freedom of Speech?”
    We are not stopping you from starting your own boards out there on the Internet (in fact we encourage it), to say whatever you want…

    You can get your life now!

      • owned again…. ok.. whatever.. i never got owned by anybody here. As a matter of fact, this was my FIRST comment i have ever given at this place. Yes i am from the Netherlands, and NO you never owned me, or will you ever. A phrase like “You can get your life now!” is NOT owning/pwning someone.. and especially NOT when someone used that line before!

        So.. that’s true pwnage, and now i am gone. I have read more then enough of this mongering here. Probably you guys only wanna hear things that are your way.. i suggest you;’ll take the highway!

      • In a virtual life where avatars ‘live virtual’, everybody can be what they want… In short, you can be 2, 3 or even more avatars in same time. Borders of typology rings a bell? 🙂

  23. Indy21 has been brought by Nexon, the Korean 9D publisher.

    They work and serve as Nexon’s 9D Mod team.

    However this doesnt mean that the original plans might not have been lost. If they are, then it is truely sad.

  24. Quote: Who played 9Dragons in 2007 and on ClosedBeta in 2006, still know the Original Plans of Indy21 for 9Dragons. The good, old targets and a little preview to the future of 9Dragons with our imagination.

    actualy i remember beta days, exp was wery low, from then till now it was raised about 2 or 3 times just for high lvl players to reach more. And there was promise about those 3 Noble clans and that everyone who reached about 130 lvl’s will be abel to chose to stay or go to other noble clan. Drop rate was bit beter in somethings like BE’s, you could actualy get like 10 in one day without any problems. Those days were beter for me then now, but ofcourse there was no events since it was only beta…

  25. i like you andd AKLAMM suks
    fukkk himmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    i want to play agian =))

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