Acclaim broken Bunny

I will start with a short remainder :

1.November 2009:  TheHermit replies with lots of confidence that  Tibet map will be out by the end of the year 2009.

2. December 2009:  TheHermit announces that the head of the GMs is sick and the map will be postpone till 2010.

3. January 2010 :  TheHermit assured us that Tibet map is 95% translated.

4. February 2010 : They don’t talk about the map anymore.

5. March 2010 : Acclaim made all mall promotions base on Tibet map and Fugen show some ss with the new content.

6. April 2010 : No map.

Now, Easter Time….

1. No new Acclaim event.

2. Only a lame mall promotion ( Fugen erased all the critics from the post)…

thusk :

still wanna continue destroying the game, there will never be a “Balance” will be impossible to make the game balanced whit this kind of promos


lmbo,Awesome,another item which can be earned only by using Item Mall not from ingame things,
Thats what i said Guys,on this way we’ll get Chi Kung Defense trinket only in item mall.

desperado210 :

Many “great reasons” to spend 8k coins to get these 4 ornaments:
1-discount went down from 50% to 30% +
2-no double bonus coins during weekend +
3-my tibetan refinement package’s DECO has been forgotten so who know if i might not be in your purchased list once again +
4-beside the purchasing coins by VISA credit cards from Canada(due to the 5/6 postal-code issue) hasn’t been fixed yet any hell…
Happy Easter VGMs and GMs keep up your “good works” !

Oh hey thank you very much for finally give me my deco! Sorry for being impatient after 2 month but i would shut up in 1st place if it was abit faster like 2 weeks long or so ! Anyway thanks again.

In the time Acclaim asked money from us on a Easter Day without giving something nice back, others games companies which produce or publish kung fu MMO games offered their customers a lots of gifts.

a) TLBB gives a trip to China

b) Jade Dynasty makes even a Fool Event and gives away free mall stuffs.

c) Word of Kung Fu gives a Easter Day Gift

d) Zu online makes a Happy Easter event

e) Conquer Online organise a painting eggs contest online and Easter Events

For eg. 4story gives away free laptos… and the list can continue. I believe except Acclaim all others kung fu MMO games had Easter Events. Acclaim thrown in our face a 2x emo event and a ‘stupid’ mall promotion. I can guarantee that revenues were large as the ‘complexity’ of Easter event. As you can see others can give free stuffs for their players or make new nice events and Acclaim can’t. On short, this EASTER ACCLAIM JUST WANTED TO DRAINED MONEY FROM CUSTOMERS in their arrogant way.


24 responses to “Acclaim broken Bunny

  1. As we know Acclaim they are avars for money, they never have enough. I hope they will be broken ‘soon’. 😛

  2. I belive Fugen brain works in reverse. it is a pity to see how other game companies take care of their customers and how Acclaim is doing it. as ST said, lame , very lame !!!!!

  3. Was no Easter event, was a crappy 2x for us to buy more XP cards. 7/1 leeach ornaments is no use in pvp or pve. 4 x 6/1 are kinda the same. 100 euro for 4 7/1 so no worth.

  4. I couldn’t play for Easter time but for those who had few days off with this holiday would have been great to have a awesome event. It is Acclaim after all…

  5. When I read on board Fugen promotion I said WTF, you dump game manager! Is that you can do for your players ? Take money and eat till your =belly= will explode?

  6. Easter Bunny this year was under ‘crise’. Hahahaha, no, was joking, Acclaim should have done more for us, the players.

  7. No Tibet map and no Easter events or anything, this is typical Acclaim. I am sorry to see the things goes from bad to worse.Easter is a time for joy for all gamers and Acclaim spoiled the moment with their greed.

  8. Others games have people who worked before in game industry not a bunch of amateurs has Acclaime have.

  9. A trip to China…sounds tempting. Firts, Hermit and Fugen would cut their fingers to do something like this.

  10. Acclaim made this promotion to take the Easter Bunny present from us not to give to us. It is lame as many said because people who can’t afford mall items can’t play this game anymore.

  11. They don’t care about the poor people Ziyi and Fugen is not a saint, he is there just to make tons of money. IN fact he don’t care about nothing else, just to make money. He behave like BluFlash and Historian. I don’t give him another Easter.

  12. In my opinion this mall promotion for Easter was not inspired. 30% off and HP ornaments ? It is kinda an insubstantial offer. Anyway for the event part, you guys have right, we deserve a better Easter event than Acclaim give us.

  13. question
    do all those games have a map in the testing? right now all the GMs and VGMs are working on testing all the bugs on Tibet.

    • Publishers which are not the developers have rarely things to test, because their developer does this job and they just buy the content 1to1. But Acclaim wants every single letter of the code different than all other versions of the MMO they publish…

      For the developers which work also as publisher of their own MMO… Maybe they aren’t “testing” any map, but they had to work too, and create an easter event for their game.

  14. I recently took a break from this game and now it’s getting pretty hard for me to decide if it’s worth spending again some time back in the game. Everything is getting from bad to worse.

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