Easter Bunny brings veterans war with Acclaim analphabets

How we are used, no day pass without a conflict between Acclaim and players. Lately, the war became increasingly harsh, and veterans have said their point of view. Trapped between broken promises, bugs, dcs, a hunger for money from Acclaim part, veterans have reacted more harshly. Acclaim understand this as a personal attack and warns / bans began to flow.

I start laughing. These illiterate moderators from Acclaim have no idea that at the beginning of a new row a phrase or sentence is written in capital letters.

“In the field of linguistics, a sentence is an expression in natural language, often defined to indicate a grammatical and lexical unit consisting of one or more words that represent distinct concepts. A sentence can include words grouped meaningfully to express a statement, question, exclamation, request or command.As with all language expressions, sentences contain both semantic and logical elements (words, parts of speech), and also include action symbols that indicate sentence starts, stops, pauses, etc. In addition, sentences also contain properties distinct to natural language, such as characteristic intonation and timing patterns. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sentence_(linguistics)

They don’t even know the basic and they start warning and baning veterans players… The anime vampire ‘bitch’ passed the age of 30 years and even now has no idea  how to write a sentence.

Now, let’s see ngadeno case : this veteran got a warnning from ‘Acclaim sky’ and asked why.

horkyborky has given you a warning for 3 day(s).



Link to review: here

You can see a yellow card below my name. And who is this horkyborky??? Any explain from the staff team?

Fugen philosophical explanation :

The vagaries of the carding system don’t allow for Admins or GMs to give cards. That’s a catchall account for us to log in and give you a card.

How stupid can you be to create such a system? And horkyborky ? That is plain idotic. I google it and surprise :

Than he writes to justify his behavior :

Mods don’t have to give an explanation for why they’re carding you. They may do so if they wish. Generally, it’s for profanity, abuse, harassment, being off-topic, or flaming.

That veteran annoyed so much Fugen and because he was so angry he created an account and gave him a warn. Was just another personal reckoning who shows the lack of professionalism . In the end, what can you ask from a second hand writer in Hollywood? To make quality management? To know something about the game industry and players community? … you can not ask anything, just to do things in crashes.


28 responses to “Easter Bunny brings veterans war with Acclaim analphabets

  1. ….aaaand that’s how ActLame staff works =\ Fugen is destroying the whole community

    P.S. – Nice one vennus =D

  2. True, they are analphabets. And horkyborky……..

    adj. the way someone behaves when they have a stick up their butt. a state of irritation, very often over a small matter.

    An adjective meaning something is broken or not working properly; derived from the word ‘broken’ and coined by me ; also borked’.
    Someone who is unlucky in both love and life. Will also have a tendency to haul printers to girls’ houses in the hot afternoon sun.

    I laugh so much.

  3. Did you notice that the ‘vampire bitch’ use one word to warn someone and for same reason a veteran was banned ? Twisted 😛

  4. Another post to be remembered. I personally believe that moderators performance is more than pathetic Like all idiots gathered together on 9dragons forum in moderators team. Fugen makes no difference.

  5. Since 2007, Acclaim has the same low standards. I have not seen any improvement. In so many years you can form your vocabulary, certain principles, standards. But I believe you don’t have with whom.

  6. This is a generar mirror why people leave and don’t want to help Acclaim… they offer us bad services provided by non qualify people.

  7. The idea is to make the things so that people hear it and it slides through the mind and goes straight to the heart. They are doing it on the other way around. To think is hard.

  8. Why not have a system for players to give cards to moderators too ? I would give some for lacking at languange skills, culture grammar and behavior. RED CARD ON!

  9. “Mods don’t have to give an explanation for why they’re carding you.”

    Oh yeah, they do, indirectly.
    If their ban is correct, and the case banable, they can ban without explanation. BUT:
    If they ban someone without explanation, and the ban was not correct, and the case NOT banable, then they could, at least theoretical, get a lot of trouble with the law.

    This was just about forum bans. If you get bans from the game, and the ban was NOT correct, than they will get for sure a lot of trouble with the law, if the unfair banned sue Acclaim. And if this person didn’t get any explanation, it will make it worse for Acclaim.

  10. Horkyborky horrible in meaning as Fugen is in his words. I agree with Legend, people in the end will start sue Acclaim. At the trial if the lawyer will ask who are the people who banned him, if they had any contract, if they are prepared for the job, will be a huge trouble for Acclaim.

  11. “The best weapon of a dictatorship is secrecy, but the best weapon of a democracy should be the weapon of openness”… and with ACCLAIM no way.

  12. Happy Easter and may the Bunny give Acclaim some brain. Horkyborky is emo and too gay for me. Fugen if he would be a man he would have the courage to say he warn that player. He is a sissy.

  13. Bunny came to Acclaim and give a crappy event because they have no brain . Ofc vetarans are pissed off, they got enough of this people with no brain, cheap people.

  14. Happy Easter guys and girls, as many said before may this Bunny bring a brain to acclaim guys. Lame warnings and bans. Who don’t honor the vetarans don’t honor himself.

  15. Easter gives hope for tomorrow,
    As after the winter comes Spring.
    Our hearts can be filled with gladness
    As hearts rejoice and sing.

    Happy Easter!

    We all know Acclaim so nothing new…incompetence.

  16. What kind of guy puts his nickname horkyborky ? I can’t stop myself from laughing. Is stupid. Have a nice Easter or what remained of it !

  17. Tenshi wish everyone Happy Easter and a rich Bunny for you. For this Easter Acclaim did a lousy event. Moderatos and Official team must cool off and look on what they writing first. They are a mockery.

  18. Someone should strat writing the legends of Acclaim stupidity. They never learn or pay attention. They have us another game manager who don’t have nothing in common with game industry and people who moderate the forum who don’t have nothing in common with doing that.

    A great easter for you all.

  19. I think I read this words in here : A fool is not conceited if he is not stupid enough. Like that is Acclaim official team with all moderators and VGMs. I hope they are ashame now and will improve their efforts in doing a better job.

  20. Well Legend you are very right.
    I am very curious to see how long this war between players and acclaim can go and when will the players start suing acclaim. Maybe that will never happen, but surely this horkyboy and his horde(acclaim staff) and their “alliance”(acclaim) will get what they deserve in the end – Bankruptcy.

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