Legend leaves the ProjectAI Blog… and quit the war.

After to reflect a while about the question, if I will leave the ProjectAI Blog and the war between the Community and Acclaim, I made now a decision. I will do it.

I’m getting tired of the stupidity of Acclaim and their poor communications. And I’m getting tired that some people say, my articles are conspiracies or my theories. I can’t say always “A GM told me this” and “A GM told me that”, or “An Indy-guy told me this” and “An Indy-guy told me that”. I never said “Believe my words! Believe on what I say!” I always let our readers their own decision on what they believe. In fact, I even used once the words of Buddha: “Don’t believe me! But go search the facts by yourself.”

I’m tired of always offer them my help. To offer some co-operation possibilities, but to get ignored. I’m getting tired that they ban people without reason from the forum, like they did with me. I’m getting tired to see that everyone, who complains on the forum, must be me or Sedbona.

So I decided, that it would be the best, if I just leave the blog and the war. To give up. And to let Acclaim do everything what they want. And to be honest, who know’s how long 9Dragons will live anyway?

So, I just keep playing the 9Dragons a bit. These daily wars against Acclaim will not be anymore my problems, and I will not help anywhere for this. Also this blog will not be anymore a part from me.

But I hope, you can reach on 9Dragons that, what you all want and deserve. So keep fighting for it!

Legend, The Vagabond


18 responses to “Legend leaves the ProjectAI Blog… and quit the war.

  1. No, you can’t give up now -.-”

    i loved topics you wrote, giving true, open eyes of acclaim players.

    you are big voice of 9dragons players, and have good ideals, is because that lot people use your ideals on Acclaim forum, after staff and acclaim-follower’s, say to all people who use that ideals is you or Sed =\

    People always need leader, i know you don’t like be leader, but…

    Don’t give up now! =)

  2. Darn darn. In my opinion you was the person who brought us the best stories and revealed most of the truth behind Acclaim’s avatars.

    I am still thinking that you should stay. Better take some time and think about it first. Don’t make your decision final yet. (I hope you didn’t made it already), but if you feel that you can’t take this fight longer, I understand you. Anyway it’s up to you.

    Without you, the blog won’t be so intresting from now =/

  3. Your posts were always insightful, and I may have not agreed with all what you say however I do repect you out spoken nature. Good Luck Legend, see you in the palace^^

  4. Myself I wanted to quit for long time this game, but I am hanging around for my friends and you should do it too. I know is very hard but you had your success and victory. Stay and keep up the good work.

  5. Guys you destroy it , I think Fugen and Acclaim already was happy. I heard this morning that official team already spoke about this. Now… suprise, Acclaim is screw up!

  6. Go, Soul, the body’s guest,
    Upon a thankless errand;
    Fear not to touch the best;
    The truth shall be thy warrant:
    Go, since I needs must die,
    And give the world the lie.

    😛 🙂

  7. I bet Fugen already jump and drink for joy…no reason to go away Legend, you do a good job and we all read you.

  8. Neah, his post it made on April 1st. If was on April 2nd I would have belive it. But in this case…happy April’s fool to you too Legend. Stop scaring ppl with this …:)))

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