A new war begins – [GM]Fugen: “We don’t want peace”

Everything started with a yellow card from Acclaim’s forum moderator drakenfyre75. The guy, which called herself “b!tch“. A guy recived a yellow card on the forum, just for using the word “lmao”. Check this here:

Now, the first question which comes into my mind is the following: A yellow card for “lmao”? This is a virtual game. This is “internet slang”. Words like “lmao”, “rofl”, “omg”, “wtf”, “lol” and so on are more than normal on MMORPGs. It’s a standard. And people, which use those words, get yellow cards for this?

The second question which comes into my mind is: Why do they give yellow cards (it’s the same like a warning) to players, just for using the internet slang? Is the Acclaim Staff not hated enough?

And the third question is: Why does not everyone get this? Some posts below, someone uses the word “lol”. I can’t get anything… This must be probably the so-called “Stupidity-Logic”.

After seeing this retarded warning, my brother answered with his forum account on it. And yes, even I have to admit, it was a bit hard. The post was deleted already, but the answer was approx. like that:

Hey b!tch, what’s going on? Do you got your days or what?
By the way, where is YOUR yellow card for the word back then?

Just morons on the mods staff or what?!

After that, he recived of course a yellow card, and as PM the information about that. But he PM’ed drakenfyre back, and kept calling her “b!tch”. So he get a second card… The same again, and the third card, banned. He relogged on another account, PM’ed drakenfyre back, that she is still a “b!tch”, that it is her own fault because she called herself like that, and many other hard words, as end of his attacking. But then, the little girly called her daddy, and my brother had a boss fight against [GM]Fugen.

Sadly I can’t quote the real lines Fugen used, because the account is banned on the forum. But on his first PM, Fugen wrote something like “If you keep harassing the mod and VGM staff, I will ban all your accounts ingame…“, also “…and before you answer on this PM, better think careful about what you write.

This was totally a threat from Fugen. I remember my first PMs with Fugen on Facebook, where I said nicely to him the following:

(…) Take my help or let it be, it’s your decision. Whatever your decision will be, I will not take you as enemy. But if you treat your players and customers, those who pay money and keep 9Dragons alive, without the necessary respect, I will start to publish facts about you too. Please, don’t take that as a threat, but take it as an advice. (…)

How I wrote, that was a nice advice, not a threat. I informed him, and not threated. But he, even with my last line, taked it wrong:

(…) While I can’t stop you from writing about me or making my information public, veiled threats to publish my personal information if you don’t like what I’m doing don’t sit well with me. (…)

…and also:

(…) I don’t know you personally, but that’s your introduction and the first impression you made on me. (…)

After such lines, I expected at least, that Fugen would wait till to the second PM, until he starts to threating his players. I could not believe that he just threated my brother. And this made me wonder…

There are 3 people with some connection to 9Dragons from my IP on. 2 are (still) playing it, and one (my brother) quitted it since long time. I’m sure, that was what Acclaim wanted, but how does Fugen want to ban the right account? If he bans the wrong account from the game, he can get a lot of trouble with the law.

First, I let my brother do his things. Even if I didn’t liked what kind of words he used (from the beginning on), had to admit with him with 1 thing: It’s their own fault, if they make their players angry. But when I saw that it was going too far, I stopped him.

Today, I wrote Fugen a PM on facebook. The most important lines of it:

Actually, I wanted to try it on a new way, with the new Game Manager. I wanted to try to see the good things you are doing, even if they aren’t that many. I even thought about to quit the fight against Acclaim (you know, I’m getting tired of the whole ignorance of acclaim…). But now I see again such unfairness.

The problem I see is not that you banned my brother from the forums. The problem is, that it is a temporary ban, even if he called drakenfyre many times “bitch” (what she called herself, by the way), but I got a permanent ban for using the word “fuck”. Actually it was just “fu*k”, not even wrote out. And I didn’t used it really, I just told about someone who used it. Here’s the link:

So tell me, Josh, what should I do now? Should I start to hunt you? Should I post about every single failure you do? Should I post all your informations I got and I can get? Or do we find a peacefully compromise?

And now, make an educated guess… He didn’t even answered me. I don’t got a problem with the fact that he didn’t answered me. But I got a problem with the fact that they cry about “flaming players”, although they had the chance to select a peacefully compromise. Instead of that, they even start to flame. Yes, to flame.

On one of “The Hermit Speaks…” topics, somebody revealed a secret, which may even be true. The post was deleted already, but I can still quote it perfectly. For the full posts, check this screenshot. anteacclaim wrote:

The Tibet version is going to PVP enabled. Acclaim requested for PVE only maps for Bardo and Nirvana, but Indy is NOT ABLE to make them PVP due to the nature of the mechanics in the map. It was also announced within the staff that this information had to be somehow conveyed to players, and Acclaim expected massive outrage from players.

Am I wrong Mr. Hermit on PVP issue of Tibet?

Well, if it was possible for the other maps to change the PvP maps to PvE, then it will also be somehow possible on Tibet. But what exactly means “due to the nature of the mechanics in the map“? This could maybe be an issue on a changing from PvP to PvE, but not impossible. But the pretty fast answer from Fugen is irritating. Fugen even quoted the deleted post. His answer:

Yes, yes you are. Where do you get your rumors from?

Where do you get your rumors from?” Why does he want to know who told him that, if it is anyway “not true”? Maybe, a line of a next reply, which was also deleted already, may answer this question. fairypopcorn wrote:

My ‘rumors’ are from within your staff. Unless you people have a habit of misleading your staff too, I believe this isnt a rumor.

And then, an awesome answer from Fugen:

Well, Legend or Sedbona or whichever one you are — enjoy yet another forum ban.

What the… Is every disappointed player “Legend” or “Sedbona”? Do you got paranoya or something? I don’t reply on your hateful and greedy forum anymore since you guys banned my second account from the forum without reason. And I really doubt that sedbona got the time and the patience to do so. But this wasn’t all from his paranoya. Fugen answers to ads4all‘s post:

You guys are free to share your opinions on the boards as long as you don’t swear or abuse people. But sometimes (*cough* Legend *cough* this guy!) you’re just wrong.

Uhh, Fugen is a real comedian. *cough* Legend *cough* got more knowledge than you about this game. And I am not wrong. Prove me that I was wrong with my theory about the new stat system. Oh, wait, you can’t!

Dude, we got many readers on our blog. Many are veterans, and almost all got more knowledge than you. And many admit with our opinions, for example about those stat systems. So, not everyone who got the same opinion like us is “Legend” or “Sedbona”. How about to check the IP? Does this person(s) have the same IP like me or Sedbona got ingame? Probably you don’t even know how to check the IPs. I couldn’t either, if I would be a fail from Hollywood.

Another fail on same post:

We haven’t settled on the best way to address balance issues yet.

“Yet”? Seriously, this game is open since 4 years. Nobody believe you that you will ever balance something. That’s the reason why everyone moved to nuker role.

Yet another fail (ads4all wrote):

Fungen, Im saying this based on what BluFlash said, I havent made it up.
By the way, are you implying Im “Legend”(the vagabond?), because I havent really understood what you tried to say. If so, feel free to check my IP and figure it out that Im not anyone who do you think I am.

Wow, it’s long time ago since the people talked that much about me. But back then, the GMs used at least a bit their brains and didn’t had paranoya. However; His arguments are based on what BluFlash, one of the previous Game Managers (too bad he was so arrogant to his players… I think he was even able to manage 9D pretty well), once said. And in fact, ads4all is right. How we wrote already, the new ornaments and clothes were made for the new stat system. Of course they help also on our old stat system, but it will have different effects than it was meant to have, for example too much dodge, defence, etc; Or even too less. Oh wait, this reminds me on something:

And news from the Front: The Mobs of Tibet are kicking the ginseng out of our test characters.

Already North Sea wasn’t meant to be that difficult. And now they are testing the new map out with a lot or Korean Ginsengs, and they even tell it proud. The Tibet map was meant to be hard, yes. But not impossible for non-Item Mall Users. On a game, every single step is counted exactly to each other. Indy21 got their “new” stat system, and they build their maps, their ornaments, their mobs, and everything on that. But if you take another stat system, than the whole game was build on, it will just be messed up.

Every craftsman knows that. Every painter knows that. Every programmer knows that. Every poet knows that. Every alchemist know that. But not a Hollywood-guy.

And Fugen… About your paranoya… It started on the same way with Historian.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


29 responses to “A new war begins – [GM]Fugen: “We don’t want peace”

  1. About testing Tibet that takes the ginseng outta them….ha! I said all I have to say here. Some contradicted me some didn’t… http://phpbb.acclaim.com/9dragons/viewtopic.php?t=130361&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=45 I think I have nothing more to say about this Tibet future business to flourish…

    About forum speech/internet slang:
    lol=laughing out loud (nothing offensive here), same as rofl= rolling on the floor laughing
    omg (oh my god), noob – nothing offensive here neither… (noob = newbie)
    now…for the others….
    WTF= what the FUCK (offensive for delicate eyes)
    LMAO = laughing my ASS off (offensive for delicate eyes)
    MOFO = MOtherFOker (same as above)
    I think this explains clearly why a “lmao” gets a warning and a “lol” doesn’t….

    And now about the personal “business” between you and Fugen (extended now to your family too) I think you made it too personal. If you keep things at game lvl you won;t get there. You threat him with retribution he jumps and acts back unsing the tools he have…is human nature/egos. Your fight is not about game anymore sadly, is you and him (or you and the other HIM, pick one)…
    I am not saying that the player didn;t asked the question in a normal manner, he did. The reaction of paranoia was weird. But…

  2. …and that’s why I don’t bother reading anything on that full o sh!ty moderators 9D forum. In all my years of moderating and administrating forums and chat-related stuff I’ve never seen such hypocrisy and stupidity from the staff.
    I’ve came to the conclusion that is better to ask a veteran from my league that to ask some1 from that staff (with few minor exceptions).

    so.. WTF? LMAO & ROTFLOL ..you MOFOs!

  3. Seen this funny yellow card warning too and thought: wow, they sunk a lot more.

    About the Tibet part: this guy has told the truth, but due to the imbalance of roles and due to totally different mobs (high dmg/ck def/..) it would just add more fuel to the fire which leads in Acclaim’s end (well, not to say they’re about to close the game).

  4. Again the vampire bitch who does not how to write a sentence. As for Tibet they want to say we need KG for the mobs ? I remember they said KG price will be increase. Lame.

  5. Those words are used in every game.
    LMAO = Laugh my ass off .Used in Role Playing Games (RPG) and text messaging when someone says something extreemly funny to you. Simmilar to ROFLOL. Can be used with this as in ROLFMAO. When you use it you find something really funny or are laughing at it alot. Starting to be used in real life when they find something “El-EM-AE-OH!”.

    An acronym standing for Laughing My Anus Off. It literally means laughing until your anus becomes detached from your body. It is a serious medical condition and must be treated AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

    LMAO draken noob !

    Fugen will leave SOON! and in not Acclaim time 😛

  6. Fügen develop a paranoia about the authors of this blog. as for draken, we all know he, you can not ask for more when comes to her. she is intelligent as the plants are.

  7. Fugen must wake up and understand that none of the real vetarans posts on forum. I am sick with Acclaim and because how they make the things going on I want to swear them every minute. It is their fault.

  8. Players talk bad about Acclaim, Fugen , moderators and VGMs because they do bad things. That is the only reason.They have a bad image because they are dump and stupids. Is Acclaim a normal game company ? Screw up Fugen and his idiotic logic.

  9. every player who don’t like Acclaim is Sedbona or Legend. LMAO Fugen, you are stupid and have no brain ! he is in ignorance and deny phase of Acclaim stupid acts and mistakes. the only responsable for the situation and players behavior is Acclaim so they can suck it because nobody buy what they say.

  10. Fugen is mentally ill and will see you two in every player that speak on a ‘bad’ terms about Acclaim. He must read Freud, what a noob. Acclaim talk about korean gingsen on a new map because we will be forced to use it for griding too. With the new HP ornaments nobody use it anymore, only in pvp. Now they will force us to use it in pve too. Bunch of greedy people ! They will loose more players.

  11. I agree with Cora, I am sure they will increase the mob damage and defence. Fugend & the team can kiss a part of my body, I don’t care, they can put their forum on ‘Guiness Book’ for moderators stupidity and childish words’. Fugen start beg me for the money and start kiss something from my money, because I will not pay for your salary with your attitude.

  12. Few words from me : Fugen is jealous on this blog success because we all can see with our eye Acclaim forum failure and 9dragons failure. That is all !!!!!!!

  13. I think they want to joke when they said we will need k.g. for griding. I hope it is a joke or I will quit this game after 4 years of spending my money on a buggy and non balance game. I will sue Acclaim to give me back my money. Legend keep it up with the good work and put Fugen on fire. Burn him down.

  14. Because we don’t have pvp balance no role use korean ginseng and they wille xtend it to pve. I believe more players will leave the game if they will do it. Discrepancy between mall users and non mall users is huge. 9dragons is not a free game, but a cheap game for which players pay a high price, at least in Acclaim version.

  15. A script writer from Hollywood has nothing to do with a Game Master. It is upside down Frankly, it’s not normal. Fugen has frustration and throw them to players. I find it dangerous to do it, but in the end all he does will come as a bill as came for BluFlash and Historian, who paid with their job for arrogance and mistakes.

  16. Creative Ways To Say to Fugen that he Is Stupid

    A few crumbs short of a crouton.

    A few clowns short of a circus.

    A few fries short of a Happy Meal.

    An experiment in Artificial Stupidity.

    A few beers short of a six-pack.

    A few peas short of a casserole.

    The wheel’s spinning, but the hamster’s dead.

    One Fruit Loop shy of a full bowl.

    One taco short of a combination plate.

    A few feathers short of a whole duck

    All foam, no beer.

    Body by Fisher, brains by Mattel.

    Couldn’t pour water out of a boot with instruc- tions on the heel.

    He fell out of the Stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down.

    An intellect rivaled only by garden tools.

    As smart as bait.

    Chimney’s clogged.

    Doesn’t have all his dogs on one leash.

    Elevator doesn’t go all th eway to the top floor.

    Forgot to pay her brain bill.

    Her sewing machine’s out of thread.

    If she had another brain, it would be lonely.

    Missing a few buttons on his remote control.

    Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    Has the intelligence of a Carrot.

    To be used on 9d forum…………………

  17. Look here :
    A Walking Tour of Tibet

    Fugen messed up HM 4 with H4 and edited the rubric :
    ‘We believe the lowest level mobs are EDIT: H4. The level colors are buggy at the moment. I will say that they’re very tough, whatever level they are!’

    He don’t even know the levels of the game. He acts childish and with no brain.

  18. Fugen to this blog :
    If this blog writes about Fugen he still exist. It is like a brand. He want so bad to be in your attention.

  19. In my opinion Fugen don’t understand his limits. You guys, the authors must tell him ho ho ho moron, wake up or make space…

  20. Really?
    first you insult the girl in broken english, but then you twist her sentences?
    im pretty sure she said ” i dont mean to be a bitch”
    please, i know english is not your first language but…dont just take words out of context
    if you ever need someone to check your grammar before you post, im always here
    by the way, its “paranoia” not “paranoya”

    i started out Really liking this site, the interviews of the old players, the insight into the game
    but then you came with all your conspiracy theories and your “wars against the mods”

    the one against historian was fine, he was a jerk, mean, un-reasonable, and without a sense of humor
    ….kind of like you, right now

    Fugen, provides players with answers even if we dont like them
    and the part i like most about him, is that he ACTUALLY HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR
    unlike one person here
    *cough* legend *cough* >.> that guy

    if you were surprised about a carding for LMAO
    hmmm…. you don’t browse “players helping players” much or you would have seen, smooth carding 2-4 people for “WTH” ( what the hell ) and the word “Hell”, which is not even considered profanity unlike the word “ass” ( because “ass” actually IS a derogatory term

    i am NOT a fugen lover,
    i am NOT a person who hates you
    i am… just an observer… who thinks you have a REALLY big ego… that needs to be popped

    send me the draft of your next post please, so i can actually make it look presentable, before you post it

    • oh, and my username on the acclaim forums is “Cornmore” if you wanted to know
      to empathize my last post, i *think* i’ve made 1 or 2 posts that have straight-out said :
      i do not like fugen

      • Sora, many of your statements are opposed.
        You say, you don’t love Fugen, and you tell that you don’t like him, but you also defend him.
        You say, that you don’t hate me. But maybe dislike? Seems like you dislike my work.
        You say, that you are “just an observer”. But seems like you like to attack.

        This makes me quiet wonder… Why do you like to attack everything? Maybe because you don’t have better things to do?

        Oh, and I’m sorry that you can’t understand my “oh so broken english”. But seems like you can understand every single word from me.

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