“Anti-Nuker Pack” – “In god we trust!”

On the official topic of the so-called “Anti-Nuker Pack”, the discussions kept going on. I wanted to see first how exactly this goes on until I write more about that, but seems like it’s over. Too bad that the players are so lazy to defend themselves…

However; On the last “Anti-Nuker Pack” article on our post, we quoted [GM]Fugen’s post about the fact that they tested (whatever “tested” means…) those +130 Chi Kung Dodge wardrobe ornaments with some VGMs. Later, the VGM who tested it, posted a reply, probably to calm their players (which were totally right (well, the most)) down. [VGM]Olix:

Hello guys and gals,
I want to say that I tested the ornaments. They work very well, the difference is that now with 130 ck dodge you can get easier to 1,5k+ ck dodge. And let me add that the ck dodge cap is not 1,5-1,6k as stated by a few players. You can go higher and the difference is noticeable. In my test the average miss rate almost doubled.
And another advantage with these 130 ck dodge, is that you can free up one or two slots (depending you the role), that can be used for other useful ornaments.
I’m buying some.

Wow, what an arrogance…

And let me add that the ck dodge cap is not 1,5-1,6k as stated by a few players.
Whom should one trust more? Many veterans which tested it over and over again, or an arrogant VGM?

You can go higher and the difference is noticeable. In my test the average miss rate almost doubled.
Ok, let us count this whole thing… They tell about 14 slots, which they have filled…

So, 14 slots with the highest ingame available Chi Kung Dodge ornaments which give you +110 ck dodge, would give you +1540 ck dodge.

14 slots filled with the “Anti-Nuker Pack” Chi Kung Dodge ornaments, which give you +130 ck dodge, would give you +1820.

EVEN if the capture of the Chi Kung Dodge was highered, what I really doubt (Seriously, the GMs don’t tell anyone the captures to avoid game hacking. Not even VGMs know them), from a 14 slots gear with ingame available ornaments and a 14 slots gear with those from “Anti-Nuker Pack” available ornaments, it would make a difference of 280 Chi Kung Dodge.

In my test the average miss rate almost doubled.
Someone can’t lie worse than that. With 280 more ck dodge it will double the misses of nukes for sure. And after that, you can even go to Tibet by killing a Guard, and there you will be able to join either the Iron Fist, the Union of Noble Families, or the Black Dragon advanced Clan. As soon you did so, you will not have any level capture anymore, and you can level up to Immortal 12. As soon you are Heaven’s Gate 1 (one level after Immortal 12) you become a VGM, and you can level up to Heavenly Immortal 12. And as soon you got the level Heavenly Immortal 12 with 100%, you will become a Game Master!

This was lied too, but at least I had some inspiration when I told this lie!

At least, not all players seems to believe their lies. In fact, not even 1 player said that he believed him (unless another staff member on his private account). Here are the answers of the players to [VGM]Olix:

Although you will get very quick up the Acclaim ranks, your post prooves total ignorance about this ornaments and game mechanics in general. And about the miss rate almost doubling cause of extra 20 ck dodge… RIGHT… And i bet those few players you are talking about have more experience and hours played in 9d than you. Please enlighten us with you highest char lvl and the time you have spent learning/testing how this game works…

I have nothing against promotions (the ones that dont further mess up the game like in the case of flags that is) and is my decision to buy or not, as i have done in the past depending the case. However, me and other players would like to take the decision of “to buy or not to buy” based on real, non-biased facts or false advertising. The players already got Fugens message, there is no need for further pointless cheerleading i think…

Also, before posting again, check my previous post about this, ok?

Better Gm’s won’t let you Test Tibet map 😀

Should we believe the VGM who couldn’t see the difference between 7:00AM and 7:00PM

I know what he did and the answer is NO we cant believe him!
Same for Acclaim,since they do whatever they want no matter what’s the right

And the best one was sadly already deleted by those idiots, so I have to rewrite it. It is not the original, but the answer was something like this:

Well, on the 1-dollar note you can see “In god we trust”. If we trust in something we don’t know any facts, many will also believe to Acclaim

Where he’s right, he’s right…

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


18 responses to ““Anti-Nuker Pack” – “In god we trust!”

  1. Is anyone aware that the ck dodge bug was fixed? Some times ago we were keeping ck dodge at 1.6 cos of the bug. The bug was in my oppinion not a fluke but a “sneaked on” just like the nukers damage cap removed.
    It was working like this: if you ahd over 1.6 ck dodge (let’s say you ahd 1.8) the bug was considering 1.6 cap and everything was going above (200 ck dodge in this case) was leading to the equation: 1600 (cap)-200(the value above cap) = 1400 (under cap/under optimal value). Or better said 1600-x (where if x={0;400}. The greater value of x is the less is the ck dodge you got.
    (Some knew this and they careful kept the values within rage avoiding to go above it cos if they did they were hit more often (and not only nukers, the melee ck dodgers were affected too). Some other ppl were not aware of it even if those problems were posted on forums many times (and some requests to be fixed were deleted and kept “hush”) cos they were wondering why they get so many hits with a high value of ck dodge. Me and Po1son tested this and at that time was accurate. I also tested it with kalzion and he had more misses on me on lower lvl of ck dodge than the higher one. The more you were going above the “presumtive cap” the more hits you took. The nukers and other roles who knew this became better than the ones with same lvl and gear that were not aware of it.

    Now, how can i trust some random tests of someone who should have been aware of this bug but atm is trying to convince me that is not there (when many veterans pvpers are aware of it and avoiding it) ? No one stated that the bug was fixed, more tho they tryed to “hide” it even further.
    In the case when ck dodge bug was fixed( had no time to test it) than the flush of more ck dodge is relevant. In the case that is not fixed the flush of ck dodge is a disaster.

    If someone is not aware about what ck dodge bug I am talking about , ask vet nukers around.

    • preciesly aki, just lemme add that a nukers miss-rate has to do with how close u get ur ck ar values to ur opponent ck dodge (around 200 ck ar more then their ck dodge works best), for example:with 1,6k ck ar u hit best on 1,2/3k ck dodge, that means if they lower their ck dodge ull have to lower ck ar aswell (i usually just take out ck ar plate or switch to spe.ed wb’s when i notice i miss tomuch) so VGM isnt lieing they missed more, its bcoz their ck dodge pbb acted like 1k ck dodge orso.

  2. Acclaim lies from the first type of the letter. VGM OLix is a loost case, he is stupid. they lie to get more money.

  3. They didn’t sell enough of those ornaments. What warrior would be fool enough to buy those craps ? Not me or my friends.

  4. The main problem is the fact that all basic system is screw up. Nukers get more than every other role when we speak about wiz/ess.

  5. how do you think Olix survived in Acclaim team ? sucking up. this is another sucking up to Acclaim for money… who believes a VGM ? only newbies and noobs. veterans players can’t be fools and to eat what a person like Olix say. as we see, nukers can use all bugs in this game and the others roles can just sucks it…

  6. VGMs usually lies when comes to buy an item mall. They said to us that they buy it but for real they don’t buy nothing. Who are those VGMs ? I sow who are they. Because they have so much time for game, they don’t make money, no money, so no cry. What I want to say is that they don’t have money to buy those just pretend for others to do it so.

  7. ” In money we trust ” is Acclaim rule for everything they do. As for Fugen, someone link me this :

    I don’t care what he said, I don’t post on forum anymore, too much inculture, they can’t raise up the level. Fugen should refrain from statements without coverage. In a court of law we have what we call tehnical expertise. Allegations should be prove, if not he will pay. So Fugen next time, don’t be so hunted by me or Legend, we know you are just a second hand writer who don’t have a job and live from Acclaim trifles. We don’t low ourselves to the stupidity of 9dragons forum.

    • Here’s the link to the right post:

      Last night, Fugen threated my brother on the forum with banning all his accounts from the game. Since my brother don’t play anymore and uses the same IP like me and another player, I wonder what he will do. I just hope for him, that he will not do the wrong thing, or he may get real trouble.

      Until now, we were very, very, REALLY veeeeery nice to him. But seems like he want us as enemies…

    • What a surprise, they deleted the post. How good that Acclaim teached me already the so-called “Acclaim-Paranoya”, and I screenshot every single idiotism from the staff. Here we go:

      Well… How did Historian listed to say? “Suck it!”

  8. Sed, that will hurt Fugen pride. I will cry 😛 He is a lame person. If you would heard something like that you would post it in here, you don’t need those forum. This is the real community of 9d, Fugen can suck it like Histo said. He is affraid of you and he is affraid he can’t be at your level, that is why he refuse to talk in here.

    Olix is another VGM ‘retardo’ with a twisted why to understand 9d.

  9. Funny thing that Fugen don’t blaim me or vennus too. Everything he says there shows a weakness and his inability to do anything or answer some questions. He is frustrated by what this blog is and the fact Legend exposed him.

    There are many things in this game that are bugged and chi kung dodge is one of the many. I will not talk about nukers damage. I know it is a bug which Acclaim avoids to fix it.

  10. How can you ask a Hollywood failure writer to have culture ? Is like you ask an avatar to make sex. Don’t match at all. As ST said, he is frustrated because he failed in Hollywood and have to be a Game Master who begs for some kids money. This is what Legend told to the world. Olix tested chi kung dodge after he took a big dose of stupid hormones. He lies to sell more.

  11. I think Fugen acts pathetic. Like Thomas said ‘Anyone who thinks they’re important is usually just a pompous moron who can’t deal with his or her own pathetic insignificance and the fact that what they do is meaningless and inconsequential.’ That is Fugen and all Acclaim team. They don’t nothing about this game.

  12. Many of the veterans quited already to post on 9d forum because of morons like Hermit and Fugen. Hermit is another one of Acclaim people who calls players “grasshoppers”.

    Are we insects ? They need our money so they lie all over again. This anti nuker thing is just for image, don’t make much for a warrior.

  13. Who believes the gay egg face of Fugen when he speak a word on board ? Olix made so many mistakes that is hard to count. I belive he lies when he epak about those tests. Superficial.

  14. All of mall promotions are not fair for people who don’t have money. Those ornaments must be available in game too. Keep it up like this will end 9dragons story.

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