[GM]Fugen: “Giving your account away is ok”

I like that.


If you want to GIVE YOUR ACCOUNT AWAY — not trade it, not sell it, and meaning you will never play it ever again — you may do so. Just be aware that the person you give your account to will not be entitled to use support for things like account recovery/hack issues because support uses the original email that registered the account for account verification.

In the past, I was tired about this thing. As soon an account, which a person played and then gave to a friend, because he or she quitted 9Dragons (for what reasons ever…), it was viewed as “account sharing” and the account was banned permanently. And seriously… The people will always find a way to get what they want. This rule was just giving the support and GMs more work.

I always was wondering why they had this rule anyway. I mean, if somebody get for example a high level character from a friend which quitted 9Dragons, then this may even bring Acclaim more money. With especially a high level character, with maybe nice items which cost today a sick fortune, this new player might get really interested into 9Dragons. And happy players will always bring money.

But what I also like, is that it is still forbidden to share accounts, like [GM]Fugen say. He declare it as follows:

The reason we have a no account sharing rule is two-fold:

1) It’s not fair to other players if you share accounts, having multiple people log on for 24 hours a day power-leveling the characters while everyone else is studying, working, or sleeping.


2) 99% of the time when an account gets hacked, it’s because players give out their information to someone else — a “friend,” through downloading programs they shouldn’t like hacks that have keyloggers in them, to gold-selling or power-leveling sites that steal your info, etc. And it’s very time-consuming to restore accounts for our support team.

Well, we could discuss now about the first point. It is also not fair for people which doesn’t use Experience Cards from the Item Mall to work as double so hard as exp-card-junkies. The Experience Cards were the worst thing which could happen to this game. Since we got these, people without knowledge reach the level capture while they keep asking a vagabond if this one is from black or white clan, and we got a totally messed up ingame economy.

For the 2nd point, there is an easy solution, without to make the players angry: No support for shared accounts.

Whatever the reasons for the “no account sharing rule” are, it’s not important, as long the right goal is aimed.

Fugen, whatever you take these days… Take more! Seems to be good for the game!

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


17 responses to “[GM]Fugen: “Giving your account away is ok”

  1. Sharing an account 24/7 is madness, I think those people are exploiters or wants to make money, but I don’t see a bad thing to share with a friend or let people who you trust test your role.

  2. Xp cards ruined 9dragons and only bring greater inequality between rich and poor. I do not deny that there are those who speculate, but I think it’s a bad thing. Long live the old grind way! As for sharing accounts, sometimes is necessary. Here I talk about the BMs accounts…

  3. Any idiot can face a share account – it’s day to day living that wears you out. In 9D you just hang around until you get used to it with share account. Many shared till now and was a practive well known.

  4. Many players left 9dragons and left behind many accounts that is why Fugen said what he said. It is only Acclaim fault, they destroy the game every moment. One day, one new bug, one weekend, more money and so on. They don’t care about players that is why players who gave money left.

  5. Players will never be happy if they continue to search for what happiness consists of in a game. But if Acclaim will pay more attention to vetarans and players I think as 3k2 said there’s hope for 9Dragons.

  6. Fugen did this because he knows how the situation of the game looks like, many accounts inactive. I bet Acclaim will close the eyes even you sell your account. Crisis of players strike 9d now. Rolf !!

  7. I wait the moment when Fugen & Hermit will be humiliated for money. And the moment will come soon, 9dragons is going down and down with every second.

  8. Legend, Fugen is doing this for money, don’t care about players, he wants more active accounts for economic reasons only.

  9. Fugen finally count the accounts ? I can’t belive it. Seems that veterans had more than 1 account that is why the number was double, but when they are active on one, they are passive on the other. 9dragons failed to get more new players because of bad publicity. Players speak bad things about 9d on many games boards.

  10. lot account’s are from same person, no new people, asura first maps, we don’t see newbies, just veteran’s.

    i have 2 account’s but 2 are inactive, already said goodbye to 9dragons.

    i think will back, when acclaim fix whole game and is on final release (yeah, game still on Open Beta since 22 dec2006) so in other words i never will back to this game.

  11. Fugen does this because there are many VGMs or friends of VGMS ‘give away’ their accounts to others. Therefore, players cannot request them to ban those accounts. Acclaim is like communist now. They will change the policy just to cover their own ass.

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