“Anti-Nuker Pack” – Discussion brings Hermit to cooperativeness… or not?

While we were not the only ones who didn’t liked the “Anti-Nuker Pack” promotion (what a miracle), the people complained about it and said what they all don’t like. Funny to see is also, that now everyone doesn’t use the word “fuck”, but instead another word, most one is “beep”. This was for sure worth (sarcasm), to ban all people which used the real word…

Then, [GM]Fugen posted an answer to his crowd, as follows:


The items we’re releasing each week as promos are not intended as fixes for the overall balance issue in the game. That’s something that we’re working on with Indy and will include a few things most likely — some defense trinkets, possibly a rejiggering of stats, and maybe a reset of how much damage is done per role.

It would be impossible to release a single trinket or deco or any other item that would address the myriad factors involved in gameplay balance, including how Def, Dodge, CK Def, CK Dodge, Damage, CK Damage, etc. all interact and how different roles deal, dodge, or reduce damage. And even if we did manage to find a magic item, I’m sure someone would not like it Smile

In the meantime, we will continue to have promotions from week to week and we’ll continue to sell or give away things that we think are useful to our players. This is an item you get for free with the purchase of a 50-pack of XP cards at 50% off. You also get 3 BEs. At 2500 coins for 50 XP cards, a free talisman with an extra 20 CK Dodge (and the highest amount of CK Dodge for an item we found), and 3 BEs, you’re looking at a very good deal.

If you desired, you could fill your available slots with these. We’ve had VGMs test them with 14 CK Dodge talismans and that made our non-nuker VGM last for quite a long time against several nukers in BP and even kill a couple of them when moments earlier he was getting ganged and ganked. Just adding one or two to your clothes makes a difference.

But if you don’t like them, there’s a simple solution — don’t purchase the package.

About the first part:
So those ornaments shall not fix the balance issues. So why they call it “Anti-Nuker Pack”? The biggest balance issue is the Chi Kung Artist role, aka nuker. Or is it the Item Mall itself? But about the things, which shall make pvp balanced, is finally a good answer. The idea about a “Chi Kung Defence Trinket”, to solve the pvp balance issues, was just stupid. But seems like Acclaim want to bring more into it. Especially the “rejiggering of stats” sounds interesting. Was that so hard? Acclaim just need to tell their players what their plans are. They just need to communicate. And now we are already on the old, known issue of Acclaim: The communication.

About the second part:
Finally somebody from Acclaim seems to check what the players are saying all the time. And it seems that he have the interst to do something. I wonder if this will stay.

About the third part:
Not worth to talk about it.

About the fourth part:
Ok, so they tested with VGMs on Bloody Plain. Wasn’t that test on Bardo? I thought they got a “testserver”? However… They tested it with 14 slots filled with those +130 dodge ornaments on a VGM with apparently a warrior build. But did they also tested it with 14 slots filled with the highest ingame available +110 dodge ornaments? I doubt it. Because, if they would, they would see that even VGMs can’t get over the chi kung dodge capture. So the last line, that those +20 dodge already would make a difference, is not true.

About the fifth part:
At least he don’t try to force everyone to buy it. But on the other side, is he able to afford this? If everyone, who don’t like it, don’t buy it, doesn’t Acclaim lose money? If everyone, who don’t like the currently state of the game, stop to buy coins and Item Mall items, is Acclaim even able to keep up 9Dragons?

Then, the veteran player Generalul, answered a very nice reply on exactly this post of [GM]Fugen. He told the hard facts, what they did wrong, and how they could do it better. It’s long time ago, since I saw such an answer to Acclaim. The last one was banned.


And about the promo and that TEST you did in bp… First of all, you would have been better of not mentioning that at all. Why? Lets see…

1. Because naming the pack in the first place as “anti-nuker” is misleading and false advertising, as it leads the consumer to believe your written statement. You are promoting a false belief (for the new players at least, as you could see from the backlash on the forums, the vets dont dig that very well) and luring people to pay in order to receive the promised effect (in this case anti nuker capabilities). You decide to put this items as bonus, ok no problem (this is better than the last promo with the flags, that really DOES affect the already messed up pvp),but please dont mislead your customers (any further, longer, anymore…)

2.Now, about the test itself: A test is by definition ” A procedure for critical evaluation; a means of determining the presence, quality, or truth of something; a trial”. Making a vgm put on the new equip and taking fire as you have put it is not concludent for the matter: what other stats does the vgm have? what other equipment does the vgm have (like ck def) and what were the lvl and skills of him and the other combatants? To be accurate, a test should be made in a proffesional manner, repeated, and documented properly. Words like “quite a long time”, “several nukers” and so on have nothing to do with proffesionalism. Believe me, some of us vets make more accurate tests than the official 9d team it seems.

3. Now, leaving asside the fact that the vgm “anti-nuker test” is more of a sharade, there is another matter to take into consideration. 14 talismans x 130 ck dodge = 1820 ck dodge. Now, knowing that Acclaim policy is not to divulge the caps (thus encouraging hackers and so on…), i, and many others can tell you that, trough TESTING, we aproximate the ck dodge cap to be at 1400-1500. Having more does not have any further effect. Now, since you get 1820 ck dodge only from those 14 talismans, please take into account that no char has 0 ck dodge to start with, and with premium (that as i said not only 6% use), relics, buff and others they could get more than 2k with ease. Nukers can even reach more as you may (or not) know. For what? Or maybe we are in error and there is a new ck dodge cap? I doubt it, but please enlighten us…

4. Saying that the ck dodge equiped vgm even killed some nukers that were ganging him… Having 14 of those talismans on you take a lot of slots, and thus reduces your equipment possibilities (def set for ex). Now the fact that not only he survived, but killed the ck dmg dealers seems improbable, EXCEPT only if those nukers weren’t far below his lvl, but than again that invalidates the ideea of TEST (see no. 2). I am a big fan of ck dodge too, and to the dismay of many on bardo, i like to use mansion set 2 slotted and full with ck dodge ornas (among other nice slotted stuff, like AR hat, wb, deco). When i am full buffed, i can easily get 1820 ck dodge, although the cap IS indeed lower, but even with no buffs, i met the caps (thats the ideea, i dont have buffers all the time when i pvp). And still, even if i can outsmart some of my lvl nukers, i cant possibly win vs a ck dmg dealing gang…

The reason why i am so confident about what i’m saying is that i play this game for more than 2 years, i have a ps 2 warrior, a hermit nuker and the experience of pvp in all it’s aspects. You can even see some of this on youtube, on “generalul1” channel. Over the years, the Acclaim team didn’t make me for once believe they knew what they were talking about for example Acid’s remark about warriors being made for gring and dungeons, BluFlash’s theories about glass cannons, and now “anti-nuker packs” in mall and VGM “testing”…

A bussines where customers actually know more about the product than the manufacturers/sellers is not going in the right way i think… Also, you forgot to mention again that we get 3 BES! U know, third time’s a charm, and maybe those that didnt understand the great bonus they get might be convinced if you repeat it to them, cause that is the way the community is treated: like little children.

This was a very hard punch. I call it “The Hammer of Thousand Truths”. I already thought, the user will get banned, warned, or at least his post removed. But instead, one of the 9Dragons leaders answered on it with humanity. The humanity, which the community (well, at least the veteran ones) need. The Hermit replied:

I think you have brought up a good point. We shall also recruit players in BP to test any Items related to PVP in the future. I like that idea a lot. Thank you.

Wow. Every veteran would not believe what answer they just saw from TheHermit. And older veterans would say “The old Hermit is back!”. But somehow, I doubt it…

Also, I know such a line already, pretty well. Rather, the exact words were “I shall indeed consult you, as soon as I am back up to speed…“, but this is already a long time ago, and he never cunsulted the one he wrote that to. This makes me wonder, if this is again just a spoof, or if The Hermit will really do that.

However it will be, some things they said sounds at least a bit good. And so, we wrote also good things, about those good parts. Did you see? Was that so hard? You just need to do good things and even we will write good things about your good things.

Can’t wait to see how this will be…

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


19 responses to ““Anti-Nuker Pack” – Discussion brings Hermit to cooperativeness… or not?

  1. Generalul said it all. As for testing part with veterans, that will never happen, only VGMs will test it. Long time ago was a war between veterans and VGMs over testing. VGMs won, but look how 9dragons end it up.

  2. The only thing to do for Fugen is to become our comedian man. He realizes it is just ridiculous ? Everything he does or say.

  3. Fugen even used emotes 😛 I think Fugen is new to 9dragons ways and will take him a long time to realise that the only people who can help 9dragons in all ways including bringing new players are not the people around VGM team or moderator team but the players themselves who can promote this game. Looking in time, 9dragons lost a lot because of this fact. I hope in the future the communication will be improve.

  4. This pack for sure is not against nukers. It is a way to sell more things to players. Me as a warrior on main character I will not buy this, already have 110 chi kung dodge on a permanent deco, adding some extra will not change much.

  5. Money are above all for Acclaim. If they give us quality service I would pay, but like the game is now, no way.

  6. Hermti will alway make what is best for Acclaim not for players.It is not length of game, but depth of game.

  7. I don’t belive in hermit anymore, he lied to much. Look is almost the end of march and no TIbet. I don’t believe what Acclaim from the words of their people say, just lies. I think hermit don’t care about veterans only to make money as those promotions show us.

  8. Hermit must learn a long lesson in humility. This game is mostly making money with low costs and bugs and not much about players.

  9. If our hopes are betrayed, if we are forced to resist Acclaim, and to stand against them when they do stupid things, this duty, however hard it may be, should find us prepared so don’t think of paying for this shiet !!!

  10. When we speak about Acclaim all is poor, poor communication, poor marketing, poor management. Only the ‘newbies’ will buy this promotion, veterans who knows the game will never buy such thing.

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