“Anti-Nuker Pack” – Paying for balance

While some Acclaim-followers think, our “pride” is hurt by Acclaim, and that would be the reason for our blog, we have to keep up the work. We know, you need some attention from us. But we also need to keep up the real issues, so please don’t be sad…

Today, Hermit posted some informations about new promotions and events. You can see the original post here:

If you buy a “50 Experience Cards” Pack, you will get a free +130 chi kung dodge wardrobe ornament. 20 chi kung dodge points more, than the best available ingame wardrobe ornaments. Is it worth? In my opinion, no. Even if you would buy 4 exp card packs to get 4 of these +130 chi kung dodge, there would not be a big difference. Probably the chi kung dodge capture would make it pointless. And even if not, if you would have 4x 130 ck dodge (= 520) on your 4 slotted deco, it would just help to get missed by one or two attacks more, than on a 4 slotted deco with 4x 110 (= 440), but not more.

Another point is also, the most item mall customers already got a 4 slotted deco. And if they got dodge ornaments, then they got either 4x 110 dodge, or 4x 110 chi kung dodge ornaments. So, if you would want to change all the 4 slots of the deco to these 130 chi kung dodge ornaments (to feel at least A LITTLE change), you would also need to either buy a new deco and some Jade Seperators, to make the deco 4 slotted, or to buy 4x the Ornament Detachment Tool from the item mall, to remove the 4 ornaments from the deco.

Those with an undamaged common sense will see, how stupid this promition is. Just another promotion which shall not help the players to get a balance, but which shall help Acclaim to get as much money as possible.

I could argue here now long time what the problem is, and why it is a pretty stupid idea. But many did already on the official thread, so here are some posts of it:

And the posts keep coming…

Good to see that some players still didn’t lose their brains on 9Dragons…

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Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


21 responses to ““Anti-Nuker Pack” – Paying for balance

  1. Such a failure. How can they think 130 ornaments will make a difference. I tink this idea came from stupid VGM team who have nukers or for another stupid mind. Will be a great failure.

  2. useless item. you have to spend like 100 euro for 4 and is for nothing, will not help the warrior. if they imagine that with this item they can balance the pvp against nukers they are wrong. such a bunch of amateurs.

  3. I don’ t have many words to say about this promotion, it is crap. A warrior don’t need such crappy items to be on equal ground with a nuker. As Cora sai early in the post, I can’t imagine either how Acclaim balance will look like, if this is the start.

  4. I will not buy something that must be free. PvP balance should be free as the game it is. I hope B&S will be out soon to move on. 9D is not the same anymore and I don’t see any change soon. Why to pay for such a game ? Only bugs, no balance and no fun. We should quit.

  5. This promo made my day. Hell, no. I love this :

    “Anti-nuker package .. what’s next?

    Anti-warrior package
    Anti-hybrid package
    Anti-healer package
    SvS defend package
    SvS offend package
    Anti-spammer package
    Anti-scammer package

    …… lolz …



  6. Warriors needs chi kung deff not dodge. What they think ? Money ? Money will never be enough for Acclaim, but this promotion is lame.

  7. guys& girls and veterans, don’t buy this Anti-Nuker promotions, will not help at all a warrior vs a nuker. buy a real life thing with those money.

  8. Acclaim finally show their true face. They could balance pvp but they didn’t want it and don’t want it, they want to get more money. They are showing us how they laugh on our ideas and our posts on 9dragons boards when we speak a lot about this game balance. I don’t find my words to picture Acclaim.

  9. Anti-nuker package makes me laugh so hard… Nobody will pay 100 euro for 4 dodge chi kung items. Acclaim dreams again.

  10. Screw Acclaim and their promotions, nothing good are coming from those, they try to suck our money for a game who we can’t play anymore. Let’s face the truth, a normal player would not pay those money for something that has no use. Gold farmers will do it and sell it than in game for a lot of game money. It is more than 100 euro, for 4 you need a deco with 4 slots or items to remove the ornaments you have. Unbelievable !!! !!!

  11. Hollywood people only know how to make money. That is what happens. GM Fugen is brought into the game with one purpose is to steal more money from players. They never intend to bring him in to fix the game play. That is true fact ….

  12. As I see on the boards people din’t take in a lovely way this promotions, all warriors was against it because it does not change anything. I am against it and I will not buy. Thsoe ornaments are not good for anti-nukers.

  13. I will take this promotion as a bad joke. Either the VGM who test it don’t know anything about this game, either Acclaim wants to trick some players again, using false informations and cheats. Maybe someone is smart enough and will fill a complaint letter to Consumers Department. Acclaim will go down easy. Posting not true information in order to buy a product virtual or not is against the law.

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