The Person behind the avatar [GM]Fugen

Today, we will reveal the secret of [GM]Fugen.

Fugen was already on Acclaim’s Closed Beta of 9Dragons in the Acclaim-Staff. Some very old 9Dragons veterans may recognize him. Those who don’t, may wonder about his join date:

He was already then on the side of TheHermit, to lead The Land. But he didn’t stay for long. He left 9Dragons, like TheHermit did after.

After TheHermit’s comeback, where he was so praised big from the veterans, it was just a matter of time, until Fugen would come back too. But not for long, and the veterans noticed, that Hermit isn’t the same again.

After BluFlash, the new Game Manager was TheHistorian. After TheHistorian, there was no one anymore on the list. That was the perfect time, to bring Fugen back to 9Dragons.

Josh Levitan, the man behind [GM]Fugen.

The name of the person behind [GM]Fugen is Josh Levitan. If you take a look into Josh Levitan’s entry on the Internet Movie Database, then you can see that he is not a nobody. In fact, he’s even better than Steven-Elliot “TheHermit” Altman. He was on the movie crews from movies like Looney Tunes: Back in Action, Land of the Dead, or the famous 300. Josh Levitan is a real life friend of Steven-Elliot Altman. And they know each other, of course, from Hollywood.

Josh Levitan got even his own website, Just as advice, don’t try to write him an E-Mail to his mail adress there… The adress will not be founded. On “About Josh” you can read the informations about the movies he helped on, which also correspond with the entry of Josh Levitan on the Internet Movie Database.

If you search on Facebook, you will find a profile with exactly the same picture as you saw on Josh Levitan’s website. And, what a surprise, he got Steven-Elliot Altman on his friendlist:

Steven-Elliot Altman, one of the 9Dragons leaders, made it sure that Josh Levitan will be the Game Manager. He took him to this position. No wonder that the players, especially the newer ones, started to wonder why a (for the players) unknown person can become so fast a Game Manager.

The new Game Manager, which acted also ingame as Game Master, started his new job pretty well. He started to attack the hackers and exploiters, he was a pretty good spammer-hunter, and he helped many players ingame. The players began to like him.

But then, the better times for 9Dragons didn’t come. Instead, it became worse. And the players started to ask questions. Not for long, and the most players saw, that he was not the helpful and nice leader, which they all wanted.

Josh Levitan may be good on movies, but he is not qualified to manage 9Dragons. Our last article showed: He can’t act and react professional (which is a no-go as a manager), he don’t know how to use the GM tool, and, what a few of our previous articles showed, he just want to earn money from the players, even if he unbalances the ingame economy and roles even more.

Many believe, he will destroy 9Dragons very soon. But better ask yourself: Is this the leader you want?

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond




Just as Information:

Fugen informed me on facebook that he didn’t write “Josh Levitan”s comment here, so I deleted it. He also said, he will not post any comment on our blog.

He didn’t said if he really is gay or not, but that’s not what we want to talk about. Even if he is, it would be ok. We just want to talk about his work as Game Manager and Game Master.

Oh and by the way, he’s still not willed to talk with us about 9Dragons.


59 responses to “The Person behind the avatar [GM]Fugen

  1. maybe I am out of my mind but I think Hermit and Fugen are gay, they have some sort of relationship. another one who has nothing to do with game industry.

  2. Why a person like him will work for 9dragons? Crise in Hollywood ? he should keep his air down after all he is not so big deal. his films are low cost.

  3. Is this Fugen? Laugh. His tie is not a match with his clothes and he looks lol… I though he would be something else.

  4. SA, you bad girl, I gave you the link and you posted before me. I told you to don’t make illusions. “Erotic Confessions” in movie list ? He is another porno guy. When he logs on Bardo I will call him the porno GM…

      • lol, let’s start call him porno GM.

        and is bad GM, i always said on poll’s thread’s “is too soon to say if Fugen is doing good/bad job, give more time” i was right ^^

    • I was shocked to discover that.

      He acted in 1998, in a 35min porn clip, as an extra ofcourse. He has no face of a lead haha. Later, he edited/made scripts for ~10 of those porn series.

      What a talent he has. Garbage personality.

  5. As Saint said Fugen is another victim of the money crise in Hollywood and came to show his start gaze in 9d. I am tired of this kind of people. We don’t need screw up Hollywood writters as GMs, we need people with experience as GM and people who worked in game zone. This is another failure.

  6. You guys hit the spot. Why a person like him would manage a game like 9dragons? For money and I think he is doing it for a lot of money that is why he tries to get from us more and more. Someone from H don’t work for mushrooms. I expect a higher potential from this person. How come we end up with people like Fugen all the time ? Is 9D a curse game?

  7. Seems that all people from this blog hunted this rubric today, so here goes for me : this person is ‘super qualified’ to be a GM. He should go back to write ‘Erotic Confessions of Avatars’ 😛

  8. So he was hired on friendship not on competence. I knew something was fishy with this Fugen. Oh yes, 9dragons ahs another looser from Hollywood. Let’s jump for joy. Fugen should come to reality and stop imaging 9dragons as one of his script. It is not, people even as avatars are humans and should remain like that. They are not characters from a script.

  9. I think now the readers of the blog are happy that they find who is Fugen. We knew the truth since Fugen came back, but we keep it quite. We knew if we would be publish on the first day the reactions will be negative. What can I say more? It’s an interesting character but his place is not in the world of online gaming.

  10. Fugen in real life looks like scarecrow Fugen in game. No wonder Fügen is in air when it comes to online games.He should be send to recycling.

  11. I will flame Fugen now. From a girl point of view he look to me like a laughing dinosaur. What man would wear silver tie in a normal restaurant ? I don’t think 9dragons needs a leader like him, in fact he is not a leader and not a game manager. He has no training for that job. He can’t manage a game because he don’t know how to do it. Is like to ask the doctor to be a policeman.

  12. I know the look counts, but facts also counts too. I hope in the future Fugen will be more human, will revive the bound with community, with 9d leaders and veterans and will bring balance and new events, new updates in the land or he will push Acclaim in bankruptcy with 9dragons. He must try a player base policy.

  13. So many biased opinions here that have nothing to do with this game (again)….
    Chick666 draw the conclusion that SLA and Fugen must be gay…right….@@
    SaintX asked himself the question why a person like him would join 9D crew…I also wondered myself too. Maybe he played the game too for relaxing…god knows…
    SweetAngelita doesn\t like his tie…lol? What person would wear a silver tie that doesn;t match with the costume? An american. Case closed. Besides, lately the die is not a necesary “match” criteria. You don;t like his face(Ziyi, Emma)? Well, he can have a dog face as long he could potentially do a job…another biased reply worth nothing.
    CoraM: freaking about p0rn again? Grow up and start watching p0rn.
    What has to do the p0rn and the tie with 9D and Fugen actions in 9D?!? He is an adult, adults tend to watch p0rns from time to time. They also have sex from time to time….You have too many problems with internal preferences of ppl….

    From all trash posts i agree with Storry Teller. He doesn;t know where the game is broken, not at items lvls not at role levels and not at communication lvls either. If THE POPE will come GM to 9D you will obliterate the Vatican ruller too…No one is good enough for you. I don;t say he is doing his job correctly *Fugen. I say I don;t give a shit what he eats, wears, watch, listen, what is in generally ever activity non related with 9D that he performs.
    If a GM is too soft , you are calling him pussy and obliterate him wit words
    If a GM is too harsh you call him (insert here) and you do same.
    A Gm is a rule inforcer. He doesn;t need to give too many explanations. Usually , to intelligent ppl you say it once and no need to repeat it after. Ex: he said : no pk in sz. What players did? They continued. What they recived? Bans…Problem here? I see none…

    Anyway, pls don;t be biased and reply with irrelenvant replyes. Again, searching trash in ppl real lifes that are nonrelated to 9D is not normal. Trying to “read” a man’s character from what he eats might lead you to wrong assumptions if you are not a pshycologist or a profiler. Don;t play with fire if you are not a fireman. Many of you cannot even say your oppinion in a normal manner not even on this blog, and not in game either. From what I read I see only biased , irrelevant replyes…gay -ugly -tie….

      • I have no feelings of like and dislike against ppl. I have nothing against ppl (barely know them) , are the opinions I comment. I will never dislike a person for having an opinion but I can dislike an opinion.
        Even a person can be defined by a language of an opinion I try very hard to keep my objectivity both in real life and in game and don;t let those 2 get mixed. If my comments are harsh are against an opinion not against the person itself.

    • I don’t understand you boy or girl. few posts ago you said we talk to serious and we take this game serious, now when we joke you don’t like it either. make up your mind.

      what is wrong if a girl is looking on how a man is dress up ?

  14. well. everyone should be ashamed. its not nice at all to start stalking someone and go search for them everywhere. do you guys really need to know everything about his personal life? I think not.

    • If you don’t want to know what person leads the game you’re playing, then no, you don’t want to know who’s the person in real life. If you give a shit, then you don’t need to know anything.

      Furthermore, it’s their own fault. On today’s internet you have to be careful, otherwise you will find out every single detail you want. If the Mod’s and VGMs would not know through MSN who Fugen is, we would probably not know his name. If he would not have an own website and a facebook profile, we would probably not know that’s the one and same guy.

    • this came up from a mod who kiss his boss @ss to don’t be kick up from the team. why to be ashamed ? because you say so ? welcome to democracy, here you don’t have the red card.

      • from my point of view I am doing my job preaty well so there are no reasons to get kicked off the team.

  15. Fugen I don’t know why you complain so much when comes to this blog. You know something ? Most of the veterans reads this blog, most of the people who give money to Acclaim and I think you know it well that is why you posted. Every action you made has a consequence. Is like karma. You did good you get good in return, you did bad you get bad in return.

    I think you hide who you are because people will put question to Acclaim again. When Historian left we ask Acclaim a game manager with experience not another movie writer.

  16. Agree with you wu tang man. Many people left 9dragons and the game is in chaos. Look what happen on Asura these days. People lost hours of experience and items. Acclaim can’t compensate. Better give this game to another publisher. They destroy it. I don’t have nothing personal against Fugen, but he should start talk to us or we will leave and 9d will close. We give you money Fugen since 2007, don’t forget that.

  17. Poor Fugen, now he has to deal with angry players and he is threated on facebook. That is the most stupid thing I have ever heard.

  18. I don’t know why some people like AkiSakura feel offended when someone told his opinion over a face and a biography. So what if they comment in a negative way, they can say what they want and comment how they want it. I do not understand why we must do so big deal over some opinions.

    iuli4n, from your point of view… that is only yours. In real life you don’t point yourself unless you are narcissistic. If you are content on yourself tell me 5 things you did for players and 5 things you did for Acclaim as moderator.

    Josh Levitan I regret officially writing on 9dragons forum and playing 9dragons…

  19. Buddha mate, iuli4n is the masculine doll of Fugen, he don’t worth your attention. He is a boy and as you know the net and online games are the perfect enviroment for pedophilia.

    Going back to Fugen and his bibliography nothing impresses. How I think , Fugen is another one who does not know anything about online games.

  20. Fugen is a social misfit in my view. I think he is full of money hungry. He couldn’t do much in Hollywood and now he lives frustrated in a game.

  21. So, that guy in that photo is GM Fugen. Now we will see on MSN flirts with boys… Ok, I was joking. All I can say is that Fugen should open the talk channel or he will fail like the others did before him.

  22. Just as Information:

    Fugen informed me on facebook that he didn’t write “Josh Levitan”s comment here, so I deleted it. He also said, he will not post any comment on our blog.

    He didn’t said if he really is gay or not, but that’s not what we want to talk about. Even if he is, it would be ok. We just want to talk about his work as Game Manager and Game Master.

    Oh and by the way, he’s still not willed to talk with us about 9Dragons.

  23. I don’t see why people feel inclined to “expose” him just because he is making some errors in game.

    Yes he is lacking knowledge, but he listens you can’t deny that.

    We asked for something to be done about spammers and hackers, since he arrived it has been implemented where possible.

    Your picking at minor details yes he should use the IGA for events and yes he gets defensive when your personnaly attack him via roar.

    Yes he pissed me off on the non-nuker TGW event but i don’t have anything against him even if he isn’t what we consider qualified for his job. But he is here so lets help him and make the most of his blunt and straight talking personality.

    PVP Balance will be his saviour perhaps…

    • [sarcasm]Oh yeah, I’m sure the same old stat system with the upcoming Chi Kung Defence Trinket will bring the PvP balance…[/sarcasm]

      • Remove sarcasm as you hit the nail on the head…

        Btw you will never have balanced pvp you don’t even have any skills or decent stat gains.


      • Oh well, some warriors, healers and hybrids already ran away from me.

        However; I’m not talking about myself. If I would follow my own interests, I would not be here at all… The PvP balance is something what every player (unless you are a nuker (oh wait, you ARE a nuker!)) want.

    • Kalzion, if you’d read carefully what the bloggers wrote, you’ll see that they aren’t doing this because Fugen made something bad. They are doing it because he refused to talk with them. He hurt their “pride” and they pull this trick. Because, as AkiSakura pointed out, none of this is relevant to his performance in the game. He can be an African midget with ring on his nose for what I care, as long as he does his job. And I kinda like his style. What he said on roars in the previous post is what I always wana roar myself every time the usual whinners get started.

      • Because he hurt our “pride”? Not at all. If you would read the previous article carefully, you would know, why we do this.

      • Well he answers my pm’s on the 9Dragons forum, i’m not stalking him on facebook though!

        I may be a nuker on my main char, but i also have a gl7 hybrid who can pvp at his own level vs nukers even with a pve build.

        I have read all these stupid blogs, and in my eyes your always looking for some conspicracy, when that isn’t even the issue.

        Your not trying to imporve the game with these “articles” just attention seeking and looking for readers…

        But keep it up it’s funny to laugh at this.

      • Yes Legend, this blog is all about that. They hurt your and the other idiots authors ‘pride’, otherwise you wont be here making this blog. Go get a life. End of story.

      • Is that so Myste? Fugen didn’t do nothing?
        – more bugs
        – economy of game is on the ground
        – more discrepancy between poor and rich, mall users and non mall users
        – baning people who didn’t do nothing
        – DC issues, rolebacks more than ever

        The question is : did he really do something for this game ? NO

  24. I don’t know what planet you live in Kalzion, but some people don’t have 24/7 to stay in this game like you do. Also, we all know that Acclaim will never change, 9dragons will not be better unless will be taking out of Acclaim and give to another publisher.

  25. The fact is that you all are no-lifers, defaming Fugen in real life while he has a great job and is an mature and cultured person, and no caring minimally about you.
    Troll isn’t a job, it’s sickness.

    • That got nothing to do with trolling. Fugen is a mature and cultured person, you say? Well, the half of the players think otherwise:

      But I guess, that’s just Me and Sedbona with thousands of alt accounts, hum?

      And for your information, we wrote also already about some good things Fugen did. There were’nt many, but we did. But I guess, You also never realized that, or just don’t want to.

      To be honest, I can understand you. Me and Sedbona (and in fact also vennus9d and Story Teller) show facts about Acclaim, and Acclaim doesn’t like that. Also people which are so in love with the game and don’t want it destroyed, no matter how bad the publisher is, dislike us. Not just moderators and VGMs. And it’s the human nature to try to attack that what one dislike. And while doing this, instead of trying to talk civilized, these people like to say “You are noobs” or “You are no-lifers”. Is there anything more one can say about such a behavior?

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