[GM]Fugen knows no professionalism

Yesterday, during the Experience Event from Acclaim, the new Game Manager [GM]Fugen came online and tried to do his Invasion Event.

Mobs from the Beast Clan attacked a few maps. First, the invasion was in Hefei, Event Stage, then in every clanbase. Fugen’s message was always the same (with Lions Roar… Why use the GM Notice window, hum?): “Warriors, protect Hefei! The Beast Clan is invading it!

Well, like every day in this game, there were also some complains on this one. But Fugen was too cool to answer to normal players. So some players became more angry…

My thoughts then were “Ouch…” and “Let’s see if Fugen can keep professional and how he will react…

For my surprise, he didn’t react on this one. But the complains kept coming. The Black vs. White war didn’t started and Fugen had to start it manually. But it’s pretty hard to do something in a job where you just don’t have the knowledge about it… So, suddenly the Black Clans were able to enter the Secret Floor of The Cave (aka CC5):

I didn’t have to wait a long time for new complaints:

I still was waiting for Fugen’s reaction. After this complain, everyone could see it:

My thoughts were “What the… Do I see correctly? Is he calling his players indirectly “Stupid”?”

Then, Fugen just allowed White Clans to enter CC5 too:

And more complaints came…

Just after this, I realized that I also had the Buff to enter CC5, even if I am a clanless Vagabond:

But what does a human normally do, if it can’t get anything with talking? It gets louder. In a MMO, the human begins to spam:

He can’t give spammers a chatban (or just don’t know how to?), but he can tell to the players to shut up:

How you may noticed, some UnitedForce League members asked Fugen a few times to change the League Master, because the Master was banned. Then Fugen called his players “ingrates”:

…and he even offended roar-users (roar-users = paying players):

How I said, Fugen didn’t feel like chatbanning a spammer… But as soon someone offends a GM or VGM, he will get one (we know that already, don’t we?):

But the people didn’t stopped:

And then:

Ahhh, now everything makes sense… 😆

However; back to the UF issue:

How you see, Fugen is already unable to write right. Either he just taked too much morphin, or he is too angry about the players. But there’s one thing irritating me: Why Raven? Why not another GM? Ravenclaw isn’t the only GM, so why does Fugen mention especially him?

Anyway; Like every other Acclaim Staff member, Fugen thinks he is right and every player is dumb. And then Fugen asked the probably most stupid question of all GMs ever:

What about the GMs who don’t want complainers“!?
How you see, that was the point were I had to give him an answer.

Just a matter of time“!? How I wrote then… Over 3 years. The patience of the players is over, slowly but surely.

Here you can see again what the Leaders of 9Dragons think about you, if you are a problem for them. They do a bad job, and then they even don’t like to face the complaints. They say to paying players to shut up. Is that the leader you want?

Well, I wanted to wait a bit, until I would reveal the informations about Fugen. But today on Bardo I saw this one:

Seems like there is nothing more I can get from it. The players are talking already about it. So I made a decision:

We will reveal the informations about the new Game Manager [GM]Fugen tomorrow! If you want to know who this Fugen is in real life, then stay tuned. Tomorrow you will get some answers.

Oh, and a little Message to Fugen & Hermit:
I gave you a chance, didn’t I? So don’t cry about it.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


36 responses to “[GM]Fugen knows no professionalism

  1. Fugen miserable failed again. he is not a man of game industry that is why he do the things he did, he don’t knwo what is all about a game. soon he will put an end to this game.

  2. It is time to reveal who is Fugen in real life and I bet some of you will laugh so much, he is not someone which 9dragons need, he is not a pro he is just another of Hermit slaves. What Legend wrote is a mirror of who Fugen is. He don’t know much about this game and I think he don’t care. He is just pay to make money.

  3. How to ask him to be a professionalism when he don’t know game industry ? He is a non qualify person for the job. He puts dumb questions. I can’t stop myself from laughing, Fugen don’t even know english.

  4. Anyone here read ‘The Idiot’ by Fiodor M. Dostoeivski? That is Fugen, an ordinary low mental fumbler.

  5. Fugen is my favourite GM of all time, he don’t know nothing except to suck it and ban players. he didn’t do nothing positive since he came on 9dragons. he made the things worse. I spoke to him once and I told him that he took too far the ban thing but he said to me if I don’t like it to quit. lame.

  6. He wants to act big but he plays with players and clients a stupid game. I don’t think Fugen will have a future in this game, he will be fired like BluFlash and Historian.

  7. I think this guy in real life is suffering from psychosis. He is not normal. Is this the way to act with your customers ? Fugen should act like a man and face players complaints. Right now he acts like a pussy.

  8. Another one will see the dust ‘soon’. One thing Fugen did on Bardo server: make himself shaving. Rolf.

  9. like bluflash, Fugen is just for acclaim earn more money 😉

    tomorrow im here>) i want see history of Mr Levitan!

  10. Fugen refers to Ravenclaw as the “solver” of problems for several reasons:
    1. Raven could solve problems indeed
    2. Players cheer his logins (like yesterday on Icy, Raven was welcomed in cheers) and this creates a cloud of envy for others GM’s
    3. Is a way of saying ” If i can do it , then ask the “loved one ” to do it.
    In case you haven;t realised my now, the players created an aura of one side competition between those 2 GM’s and also an cloud of envy. Fugen wants to be loves as Raven is but he can;t..so Raven became sort of an “enemy figure”.

    And about the players of 9D. Sorry to say this but the 9D “customer” is an idiotic breed. Is acting idiotic, it spams idiotic, shops idiotic, thinks that have the rights of the “first born”, have an idiotic language and an idiotic retarded attitude. Why this happened? Cos someone let it happent.
    The way a customer should be treated is with respect, indeed, but when this kind of “customers” step over the line, they should be ignored or treated with “gloves”?
    I am sorry but I cannot protect those players reactions. Is not correct that a GM or VGM to “swallow” all this kind of shit every single day. I wouldn’t. The only “weapon” is the ban hammer. If Fugen is too weak to lift the banhammer and lower himself at the level of idiotic “customers” than this is his problem.
    Face it. The 9D community is a pack of dogs with no Alpha. Erratic behaviour, erratic roars and attitude that you will NEVER see in any other game. No one can “handle” this with perfect diplomacy. The perfect diplomacy in this case would be the end of democracy aka silence and banhammer them like Thor.
    The game has flaws but this is not justifying the behaviour of comunity. Many of us lost patience and quitted or took a brake. This didn’t made us to swear, bash, curse , spam in roars every person from staff that logs in. We ask from staff a way of communication (a civilised one) but we offer nothing, we just demand.

    • Of course you would not “swallow” all this kind of shit every single day. You never learned how to manage a professional company.

      Not every customer is that kind of “never statisfied” ones, you know…

      • I really dunno how to “take” your reply here….is too..metaphorical used…is it offensive?:D
        I manage a proffesional company, I have customers, I don;t have unsatisfyed ones cos I try not to (is primal goal).My customers comming back means my money flowing.
        If something happent to one of the “products” there is an insurrance (or an term certificate). In 9D you don;t have same thing. But as in any company you have support. Now, as a customer you can yell at your producer or you can talk normally.
        Projected in real life, if someone would chose the 1st attitude I would told him to fock off and chill and return after it takes a breather. I am a strong beliver that anything can be solved in civilised manner.
        Everything else that “escape” the civilised manner is useless talk. This is the reason that, even if the roars are harsh and pointy they cannot accomplish nothing using them.

  11. Well, in Fugen’s defence i can say that he started at least to take measures against hackers and bug abusers that have plagued this game. The fact that Shadowhunter was banned and now poor UF has organisation troubles should be a GM priority? Well, the fact they choose and supported a cheater as their master says it all. When he had unfair advantage over others and on top of that insulted people they didnt want to change master, eh? Anyway, is not about blacks being banned, i support all GM’s decisions in regard to hackers, no matter who they are.

    He needs to polish his communications skills a little, but i have to agree with Aki, if we are to criticise Acclame (and i think we all here do) at least do it in a civilised manner using arguments not insults (at least not all the time if u really cant help it 😛 )

    • Generalul, you as a veteran should know one thing… Trying to talk with Acclaim in a civilised manner using arguments never worked on the 3 years of 9Dragons. Do you think now they will? The answer is clear.

  12. The community is the product of Acclaim lies, I don’t think we should blaim the community for how Acclaim wanted to raise it. You may think that all are kids when they roar with complaints, many are because the veterans already left or refuse to say something. Why ? They are sick and tired of telling all over again. Acclaim raise this community of ‘mamy boys’.

  13. I agree with General Wei, what goes around comes around. At one moment Acclaim will pay for all and this is only the start. they kick away all the good people. as for Fugen I notice he don’t like to work in team. he will crack down in the end.

  14. He has a face of a pumpkin 😛 Anyway, back to the subject, I think Fugen is maeking the things in a perfunctory way.

  15. I don’t want to be mean to nobody but I believe Fugen is a bad leader. A leader leads by example, whether he intends to or not or his eg. is one of a weak man and weak communicator in public relation.

  16. Again Viva la Revolution !!! All the complaints they have a starting point, appearing from somewhere. What happens now in 9dargons is an accumulation of discontent. Fugen is just someone who came from blue and wanted to put some rules that don’t have nothing to do with the game enviroment.

  17. A good GM is a person who takes a little more than his share of the blame and a little less than his share of the credit. Fugen is not that kind of person. He only see money. Guess what, community is tired and give him a virtual face palm in roars.

  18. First Fugen must learn about this game than to come and change. He must listen to players and decide taking in count their needs too. They are the ones that pay for this game. If not for them this game will die. So Fugen, you think you can be the start of the 9d land ? No, you didn’t invented nothing so shut it up and bear with it. Be a man not a boy.

  19. Professionalism is a big word for Acclaim. They will never understand what that mean. You want to make performance with people like Fugen who don’t have a clue about this game ? It is wrong. Baning one players or 5 is not professionalism. Fugen don’t have a strategy and he is not a man of gaming. I don’t know what he do in real life but he sucks when comes to manage a game. I though at first he has a greta future but I was wrong. I only see damnation to the land with Fugen.

  20. This is a game to have fun not some prison with banning and terror. When I came from work I don’t want a judge on my tales or a visionar of a ‘new time’, I want peace and play this game. But seems I can’t with Acclaim and the people they bring in front line. All the time is a war with the community.

  21. im sorry, -Legend-
    but, when you insult somebodies spelling, try and check your grammar while you do it
    this post, make me go from a fudgie hater, to me actually liking him a little

    • ROFLMAO. Lost cause, btw. I tried to explain to them that you can’t write “W00t, he are so illiterate, becuz he writed *instert a quote here*, what stupide piple is they”. But, according to them, it’s perfectly fine to critisize a person for something you yourself are actually much worse at.

  22. Well, Raven did ask for proof for what Fugen did wrong if they are supposed to take his posisiton away from him. Try sendning all your proof to Raven? This would surely get him off the spot… And don’t send to Hermit, send to Raven or Smoke

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