Fugen’s Contradiction

This week, the new promotion of Acclaim make the spirits “hot”. Fugen like BluFlash is not fighting for the game but for money and only for this. He begins to be hated by players. This weekend, if you buy a 90 days/ 30 days premium you get a rare relic. We talk about the marble of red shout and a phoenix flag. The red marble is drop by True General Wei and adds 10% on a weapon ( can be equip only once ) and the red phoenix flag puts +3 on all attributes, max life increase by 15% and dodge increase by 15%. You can equip more than 1, even 8. So scandal began the forum :

1.mr. hermit, can i ask a question? If someone equips 8 phoenix flags, thats [+3 all, 15% hp, 15% dodge] x 8 = [+24 all, +120% hp, +120% dodge] …so a hermit nuker with 10,000 hp, will end up with 22,000 hp and a hermit warrior with 20,000 hp will end up with 44,000 hp? Isn’t this kind of… broken? how will anyone fight against another player with 8 of these ?

2.Good question, equip up to 1 should be the right decision. Up to 8 is ridiculous, GM,please do think about this. This will violate the balance of the game.

3.amazing! so nukers can get… hmm just below cap? and wars will be able to have like 2-3k more HP than them.

4.In one weekend the GM team has eclipsed any PvP imbalance that existed in this game prior to this promotion. You only need to buy three 90 day prems to have max hp that you can meditate with if you have full buffs and 300 base con warrior. Hello 26k hp.

5.gotta love where this game is heading ^^ …richest will rule, thx to kg already, but now thx for this awesome flag.

6.2nd time rich ppl will outshine casual players, who buy premium just to be average. 1st time you ruined game balance with introduction of 4 slot weapons, but this is really stupid.

7.omg wow, acclaim are u that dead set on running this game into the ground?8 of those thing – next immortal character. seriously, think for a second

8.I strongly suggest you make that Phoenix Flag non-stackable because you really have no idea how much you will ruin this game even more. I wonder sometimes whether you guys even care about the game or are just too busy handing out uber relics to those who keep your company afloat.

9.Don’t say +15% HP is nothing on nukers with 300 con because it’s a lot. And with trigrams on 300 con nuker I can already get 12-13k~ hp fullbuffed. This will just lessen the yybs advantage that non-nuker roles had against nukers. +15% HP is nice on 300 con warrior build, which can’t meditate after getting 27k~ hp and spontaneously die at 32.5k HP.

10.i thought acclaime couldnt top the x-mas promos but ofc they could but this time it disturbes a anyways failed part of this game so called pvp!

Now, Fugen is complaining on forum at page 6 of that topic, because  : “As politely as I can put this, our players complain about practically everything that we do.”, Than he says :

We thought about gameplay balance with these items. There’s nothing stopping anybody from purchasing these packages. If you don’t buy Item Mall items or you don’t have money at the moment to purchase them, that’s not a reason for us to stop selling them.

Oh yes, someone who has no idea about 9Dragons can say something like that. Fugen with this new items, makes the pvp more unbalance than it is now. Question: Why warriors or other roles than nukers would be stupid enough to buy this promotion? There is no reason. For warriors those items are not good at anything. This promotion is all about nukers, they are now 80% of all servers. I think balance will never came, because the rest of the roles don’t count. Even the promotions are in favour of nukers.

There’s always going to be someone that has some sort of advantage over you one way or another….PvP is already unbalanced. We looked at these items and — in the case of the flags — don’t think that giving extra dodge and some extra HP and a stat-boost is doing anything much more than currently exists in the game. Not to mention that any class can use these items and get the same advantage in terms of HP, stats, and dodge.

And, we are working on something — most likely CK Def trinkets — to address the overall balance issue.

What Fugen wants to say ? He just simple tell : this game will always be unbalnce, a role will always have an advantage in detriment of others.Basically, Fugen makes negative advertising to this game. He recognize that there is no balance and also has the nerve to say that with or without these rare relics the game is the same. Then I ask him why we should buy them? His logic is at flaw.He talks about balance and not talking at all. More specifically, Acclaim will leave the game at this stage so for them to get as much money as they will need or have in plan. From the comments on the forum it is clear that many players are fed with so many lies, so many promises and so much deception from Acclaim.

Me as h12 100% warrior and a coin buyer, I will not buy nothing from this promotion. Pvp is so unblanced that does not worth to spend another coin on something that is not at any use.


30 responses to “Fugen’s Contradiction

  1. they never pay attention to players. why only 6% of players buys mall items? that is Acclaim fault too. they always lie and lie so players got tired and moved to others games. it is only their fault and now is too late.

    • 6% of players buy IM stuffs? I’m pretty sure they are way stupid to calculate all accounts including storages, or dead accounts. All players should wake up by now, since Acclaim intension is to squeeze money out of players. They don’t care anything about the game play now tho.

  2. If you want to ask Acclaim to think you mock them. I will not buy nothing from this promotion, Acclaim don’t worth nothing. And Fugen should go away he don’t know nothing about this game.

  3. Fugen eg. is a stupid one. Indeed he contradict himself in that big post. The funny part is the fact that they say something than they turn it on another face. Fugen for god sake wake up and do something for this game, stop with this promotions they are not fair.

  4. I will sabotage this promotion, I will not buy this, not worth as sed said for a warrior. HP is capped so only nukers get the advantages.

  5. It is a lack of procedure from Acclaim part, but as you guys said, it is their fault that nobody buys the mall anymore. 40 euro for 1 premium and 1 relic is a lot so only those spammers will have money to buy and than to sell the relics for a lot of money.

  6. Acclaim pisses me off lately, but we can’t do nothing much because they don’t care, except buying coins… finally Legend protest with coins give some results.

  7. These promotions can be considered discrimination between rich and poor. This game is full of discrimination. If you don’t have money, you can not play.

  8. Tibetan Refinment Pack Decos — I Haven’t Gotten My Deco! is not finish yet and they want to make another stupid promotions. as Ziyi said, rich people can play this game for the rest only pain . not worth a penny to give away for this game, too many bugs and unbalance pvp, no new map or a good event, no new skill, nothing.Acclaim only wants money and give 0 in return.

  9. 9Dragons is going down, mall users number have fallen down… because… guess why … it is Acclaim fault ofc. they do it on their own and I am glad. I don’t complaint but I will jump of joy. Acclaim give 9dragons to another company ! you all suck.

  10. Oh ya, Fugen stupidity strikes back when come to money. You can’t play this game this now. I will not buy nothing from this promotion, I have the marble from TGW and my character don’t need the fag.

  11. Money are toxic. I am sorry to say, but 9dragons will die soon. Why people don’t support mall ? Prices are high and the game is lacking content and have bad support.

  12. I am no longer surprised by anything what Acclaim do for money. They don’t care about us, never did. Sedbona said it right, Fugen is doing all for money as BlueFlash did it with his imperceptibly promotions. I disagree with this way to make money and will not work, I am sure. 1 of that relic does not count at all, but 4 it does.

  13. These promotions are top blunders for Acclaim. There are two realities in 9Dragons: the rich vs. poor people, nukers vs all others roles, Fugen vs. players, money vs. play, bugs vs normal enviroment, us vs us.

  14. pbb 1st time i agree with u bones, this item is made especialy for nukers just to bring in the cash.
    many ppl (nukers) will have to buy this just to keep up with the others
    thats why they keep price of prem 4k coins and thats why u can get 8 of them,
    Just to earn themselfs some more money.
    that they wanna make money is ofc understandable..
    but they will ruin their own game with this.
    my hermit nuker with 8 of these flags would have over 20k hp, capped dodge and would never die to another warrior again.. or any other role for that matter.
    this will create a huge gap between the big-spenders and ”normal” people.

    iam not gonna attend this promotion.

  15. Great Fugen, way to go, make nukers the king of this agme and destroy the others roles. You are so way out of your mind by doing this promotion. PvP balance go down even more. I will not buy it for sure, no more money for a bugged and glitched game.

  16. Fugen just failed big time. It is sadly Acclaim think only about money. I don’t think Fugen understand something about the situation regarding those relics from the promotion. So many players left already because not everybody wants to play 9nukers. Fugen just got my disrespect.

  17. Wow, shameless promotions are back. Who the hell is this Fugen ? Fugen knows very little about this game and is big “imbecile” who wants to take out skin(money) away. I will not pay nothing for this shamless promo. Acclaim can go to hell and the game to die. I stopped to buy their lies.

  18. Read what this hypocrite Fugen is saying, in customers face :

    ” Let’s walk through the math on this one.

    Most of the posts that are vehemently against this are from people who don’t purchase premium/Item Mall items.

    Most of our players — around 94% — don’t purchase a single item from the Item Mall and never will.

    So 6% of our users purchase something. That includes folks who bought an attribute pill or one 30-day premium package when they started as well as regular purchasers who buy premium packs, scales, tears, XP cards, etc. on a regular basis.

    At most, you’re talking 6% of players who are in the market for these promo items. We’ll be generous and say that everyone who purchases something in my hypothetical example goes nuts and buys a 90-day premium package.

    94% of the people are NOT buying the package no matter what.

    Out of that 6% who are our possible market, how many do you think are going to purchase the dreaded and supposedly game-breaking 8 premium packages? I would be shocked if 1% of the people who make this purchase buy 8 premium packages. That’s a rather expensive purchase.

    So now you’ve gone from 6% to .06% of players with 8 phoenix flags (and remember, we’re positing that everyone who buys something buys one of these premium packages, which isn’t going to happen).

    Spread that out across three servers…

    And you start to see that most of you are blowing this way out of proportion. This will affect — at most — a literal handful of people.

    As I said in the main post for the promo — there’s nothing in this game, the Rules of Conduct, or Terms of Service that states that you have to be able to beat everyone at any given point in time. If you’re that concerned about it, then buy yourself 8 premium packs and even the playing field.

    And when the PvP rebalance comes and there’s some form of CK Defense added in, things as a whole will change. And that will address the bigger, overall issue of nukers beating up on non-nukers.

    And, responding to a few of the other comments or questions…

    Yes, we do look at gameplay/balance issues when deciding which items to offer for promotions. We also look at how many people are potentially going to use the items and how long we’re offering the item for. There were some other, even better items that we decided not to offer as bonuses because they gave you way too many stats and increased damage waaaaaaay too much. Guess you’ll just have to trust us on that, though.

    We do operate this game to make a profit. That’s why we have an Item Mall. The more successful the game is in terms of profit, the more staff we can hire and the longer we can operate the game. So yes, we do think about how to make money, that’s not a secret.

    We don’t look at it in the insidious and conspiracy-shrouded terms many of you think we do. “Oh, there are a lot of nukers, let’s offer this great, nuker-only item that would blow everyone else away.” That’s not something we’d ever say (or think). There’s a reason why we offer the items we do and a reason why they’re priced the way we priced them. In terms of common sense, we sell more items the cheaper they are. If we didn’t care about the game or solely cared about making a profit, we would just make things like the phoenix flag available in the Item Mall for sale and we’d price it a lot cheaper than it’s currently priced. If phoenix flags were 500 coins, we could move probably 100x the number we’re going to sell because most regular purchasers would buy 8 of them.

    And to restate the obvious — we do very little of the coding in the game. Having an item mall promotion isn’t taking resources away from fixing bugs. Bugs are being worked on. Balance is being worked on.”

    So we are morons if we will still buy Acclaim coins to support this game.

  19. Fugen is treating the customers like scumbags till none will be left. If they do only promotions for nukers, the others roles will stop playing and I guess not all warriors, healers or hybrids high levels will do a nuker. It is boring to grind all over again.

  20. Since I play this game I never such a failure. Because we have many nukers, this is in favor for nukers. The flag relic only provide dodge, no CK dodge, so warrior are losing the balance again. Fugen eat this ….I… You are a looser and a noob,have honor and resign !!!

  21. Fugen should assume this failure and resign. What is he thinking ? Is he stupid or what ? I am so pissed off. I though the things will go in a good direction but is worse. What is this all about ? He ruined the game so much.

  22. Fugen is in 9dragons only for few time and he screw up the things so much that I don’t believe will be a returning point after he will give players phoenix flag. Is it for nukers, no discussion on that subject. Guys we can sue Acclaim for fraud.

  23. definetly i quit now.
    I already was thinking about quit but now with all nuker’s with huge HP, bye bye pvp balance.
    this game on Acclaim hand’s is bullshit, they destroy game, they don’t know game, they never played game, they are DUMBAZZ’s. i h8 all staff of acclaim now.

  24. Lame promotions, but I doubt that Fugen is “inventing ” this items. If he does, than his main is a nuker and that nuker rullz…:D
    I just came back from a WoW brake and I am astonished by what I see here (in 9D) .I feel like pukeing.
    How a private FREE (no payed) server of WOW leaded by 2 devs and 3GM’s can solve a bug in 24h, removed an abused item in less than 4 minutes from complain and the BIG Co. of Acclaim does squat?
    Is indeed all about the money and no one cares how they come and from whom as long as they come. And this is lame. This is the reason why many left game in the past few days and took the decision not to return (me, Po1son, Hanshi-Dan, even Main-Event). We are sick to fill Acclaim pocket. And many ppl I knew in 9D moved to wow’s private server and enjoyed pvp and a game after a long time of pain.
    We realised that playing another game, on a private server, for free and being treated corectly, where bugs are solves, cheaters are perma banned and publicly announced, overpowered abused items removed and a quality support is nothing we can compare with 9D.
    Actually myself I have been so thrilled that I donated money to that server. I prefer to give them to a private WoW server that treats its customers like it should than to give them to Acclaim. And for this I recive: not overpowered classes, no bugs that stay more than 24 h, no lame community, no fucked up roars, no idiotic GM’s, no Item mall, no need to push money to attend FULL pvp maps, battlegrounds and arenas.

    Now the big picture is clear. Only money counts, fock the players and even the game. I wonder why some ppl still pay for this, why they still linger. I liked 9D, spent 3 years here but a time comes when must say STOP. And I said STOP when I saw that whatever I do , no matter how much money i push i cannot compete with : nukers with all the relics they need, goldbuyers,protected hackers, cheaters, abusers and +11/+12 weapon buyers. The worst things that could happened allready did. I have a bad taste thinking at it but I asked myself ” what I am still waiting for”? Cos I wait on my money, cos if no money than 50% of game is lost. This is not a grind fest with no quests. There is also Pvp, pvp bosses, pvp events, war, svs…etc. With no way to attend this except being deadmeat, how can u enjoy a game? Grinding endlessly with no quests? No thank you.

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